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Select lender that will offer amount needed to buy chosen property

Use data on education loan defaults to rank courses

Not just car, get a good deal on auto loan as well, advise experts

Prepay home loan to tackle 190-bps rise in repo rate since May: Experts

Applying for a digital loan? Stick to loan apps on RBI's white list

Term plan works better for covering home loan liability, say experts

Loans against sovereign gold bonds may help reduce borrowing cost: Experts

Personal retail loan disbursements rise 42% at end-March 2022: Study

Parents' income, child's record count in getting education loan: Experts

After rate hike, ask your lender to increase home loan EMI, not tenure

Defer, reschedule or switch loan if EMIs have increased: Experts

EMIs to soar: Here's how much repo rate hike will pinch home loan borrowers

Keep recovery agents at bay by working out repayment terms with lender

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Gold loan: Low-cost option and credit score no bar, say experts

Renegotiate home loan terms after borrower's death, say analysts

Minor rise in interest rates won't impact home loan demand: Deepak Parekh

Take a home loan before March 31 to avail benefit under section 80EEA

With interest rate hikes likely in 2022, keep loan-to-value at minimum

Higher interest rates, limited tenures drive used-car loan EMIs up

Balance transfer your personal loan only if interest gap is 0.5-1% or more

Exercise due diligence, avoid digital lenders that make borrowing too easy

Forget Squid Game, here are some strategies to get out of debt in real life

Prevent auto-debit failures by registering once again, say experts

Check net savings before you transfer home loan balance: Experts

SBI cuts home loan interest rate to 6.7%, waives processing fees

Studying abroad? How to choose the right lender type for an education loan

P2P lending is for those with a high risk appetite, say analysts

Stick to regulated entities for short-term personal loans: Analysts

SBI announces 100% waiver on home loan processing fee till Aug 31

Debt cut strategies useful for borrowers but they come at a cost

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Not getting personal loan to manage an emergency? Offer collateral

Covid-19 second wave: Should you avail of RBI's relief on loan repayment?

Home loan: Go with a lender charging lower risk premium, say experts

State Bank of India slashes home loan interest rates by 25 bps to 6.7%

State Bank of India reduces home loan interest rates to 6.7%

Personal loans: Keep your EMIs at less than 50% of your after-tax pay

Cash-strapped patients with Covid-19 infection can consider loans

Two strategies to avoid a debt trap during job loss and dwindling income

Secured loans may help you tackle tighter credit norms, say experts

Switch home loan if you can reduce cost by at least 50 bps: Experts

Udyam certificate provides access to cheaper credit: Check details here

SBI cuts home loan interest rate by 10 bps to 6.7% linked to CIBIL score

A term policy is the preferred option for covering home loan liability

Borrow from RBI-registered lending apps to avoid unscrupulous operators

Going for a joint home loan with a relative can boost chances of approval

Home loan offers: Keep an eye on caveats before choosing a lender

Use 'pay later' loan facility only if interest rate is attractive

Simple interest accumulated during moratorium remains the bigger concern

How loan restructuring scheme can impact your finances: Things to know

Huge relief for home loan borrowers if govt bears part of compound interest

Work actively on improving your credit score to protect your home loan rate

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Post Covid-19 lockdowns, demand for vehicle loans is rising, says financier

Pay higher percentage of vehicle cost upfront to get loan in pandemic

Lower rates an opportunity to re-negotiate your home loan interest

When broke, apply for bankruptcy, but process could be excruciating

Interest rates to processing fee, RBI brings relief for loan app borrowers

Covid-19: Look for cheap loan options to raise cash as banks turn cautious

Other income, mortgage guarantee can help you increase loan eligibility

Moratorium could be a costly affair, use these strategies to reduce burden

A deferred free lunch for good conduct

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Flexible options to make car loan repayment easy, but interest will be high

New loans may become harder to get as lenders turn cautious in lockdown

Moratorium may make your loan expensive but will protect your credit score