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EPFO likely to declare rate of interest on EPF deposits for FY21 on March 4

Retail investors should lock in interest rates for longer term with G-Secs

Mid- and small-caps may gain from broader recovery but won't come cheap

Partial profit-booking in equities is a good option for investors

Watch out for changes in style, mandate if a new fund manager takes over

Planning to invest? Short-duration funds safer option for retail investors

Web Exclusive Direct investors in foreign equities should make a cautious start

Investors should rebalance exposure to US-focused funds; don't exit

Purchase annuities in a staggered manner to get a better rate of return

Worried about valuations? Go for a balanced advantage fund, say experts

Web Exclusive Don't exit the market over fears of a correction in high equity valuations

String of IPOs lined up, study them in detail before investing in any

Don't chase last year's outperformers in debt funds, advise analysts

Planning to invest in value funds? Performance hinges on earnings recovery

EPFO begins crediting 8.5% interest for 2019-20; to reflect from Jan 1

Interest rate on PPF, NSC, other small savings schemes unchanged for Q4

Planning to invest money? Don't enter cryptocoin trade for quick gains

For high equity exposure, investors should select aggressive hybrid funds

Web Exclusive Direct exposure to equities is fraught with risks for unseasoned investors

Consider well-diversified credit risk funds with limited exposure

Pulling out from equity funds: When is it okay and when it isn't?

What will a 'Yes' or 'No' vote mean for Franklin Templeton investors

Small-cap funds make comeback, but they are a volatile investment option

Bitcoin's heady returns come with high volatility as govt ban still looms

Investment in house on discounts ideal for high net worth individual now

Explained: How quant funds eliminate fund manager subjectivity

Don't jettison gold despite price correction to reap long-term benefits

As Sebi's peak margin norms kick in, broker default risk should decline now

Web Exclusive Stocks could yield healthy returns over 3 years if earnings growth revives

Have a claim against Karvy? Complain to stock exchange's grievance cell

Safe bet: Investors should look for less volatile medium-term gilt funds

Don't let poor three-year returns deter you from investing in ELSS

Planning to buy a car? Festive season is best time or wait till new year

Fortify your equity portfolio by diversifying into value-oriented funds

Looking for a go-anywhere fund? Opt for the new flexi-cap category

Investors should combine asset classes with low or negative correlation

Large private sector banks are safe bets for investments in BFSI stocks

If you are a conservative investor, go for target maturity debt ETFs

Investors must look at credit quality while choosing corporate FDs

Edelweiss's healthcare fund offers benefit of international diversification

Web Exclusive A new breed of number crunchers and aspiring equity players in Covid times

Don't let past year's return guide you while deciding on asset allocation

In a share buyback, make a tactical bet if price gap is attractive

Weigh your options before going passive on mid- and small-cap equity funds

When it comes to choosing a broker, give equal weight to fee and safety

MF distributor or registered investment advisor: Whom should you choose?

Make most of rupee-cost-averaging in NPS as well, with introduction of SIP

For low-cost and diversified exposure to an asset class, invest in an ETF

Focused funds: Volatile but fund manager can mitigate portfolio risk

If your multi-cap fund becomes much riskier after new Sebi rules, exit it

Don't lower guard: Not just returns, focus also on a scheme's risks

SBI MF to launch Children's Benefit Fund-Investment Plan on Sept 8

Buy annuities at a later age and avoid return of purchase price option

Shift to e-DIS method to keep securities in your demat acccount safe

Why it's about time you began investing in markets outside India

Invest directly only if you can pick stocks with good earnings potential

Avoid brokers who offer high leverage; they're very risky and could go bust

Stick to safer categories, select a fund mix that suits your risk profile

Investors should use expense ratio as elimination criterion, say experts

Don't follow the herd: Make buy-sell decisions based on asset allocation

Investors need to be wary of overpaying as stock returns are mediocre

Retail investors should worry about quality of funds, rather than size

Banking crisis could dent investor confidence

Digitisation trend makes IT a sound long-term bet, but stay cautious

Take money out to smell the roses

Don't redeem your investments during times of crisis, advise experts

With Silver rising faster than gold, here're four ways to invest and why

It's advisable to invest in value funds for balanced portfolio, say experts

Bharat Bond ETF NFO: A decent investment if you are holding till maturity

An unselective approach to investing