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Headquartered in Japan, electronics company Sony was founded by Masaru Ibuka and incorporated in 1946. The company designs and sells electronic equipment, consumer electronics products, home entertainment products, mobile communication devices and imaging products and services. The company also produces and distributes motion pictures, video games and television programmes.
Sony operates its diversified business portfolio under different brand names. Its mobile communication business, which designs, manufactures and sells mobile phones and internet-related services, is part of the Mobile Communication business, of which Sony Mobile is a subsidiary. Similarly, the company has Game and Network services, which deals in design, manufacturing, distribution and sale of home gaming products, including the popular Playstation gaming consoles — network services and software.
Besides, the company is a renowned name in the imaging segment. Under its Imaging Products & Solutions business vertical, the company deals in compact digital cameras, interchangeable single-lens cameras, digital single-lens reflex cameras and video cameras. This segment also designs and sells professional cameras used in broadcast and filmmaking industry. The company’s television, home entertainment systems, speakers, Blu-ray players, recorders, audio accessories and portable audio devices are part of its Home Entertainment and Sound business. The company also makes semiconductors and different components for cameras, storage devices and optical storages.
Moreover, the company also makes and distributes motion pictures, television productions and media networks under its Pictures branding. Its motion pictures include production, acquisition and distribution of live-action and animated motion pictures and direct-to-video content. The company also deals in music recording, publishing and distribution.
In its home country, the company also provides financial services, including life insurance for individuals and non-life insurance for businesses. The company is a known name also in digital and physical supply chain solutions to business customers in the entertainment, education, and information industries.