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Fake invoices can lead to insurance claim repudiation, shows a recent order

Insurer can't change policy terms unilaterally

Get policy terms changed during free look-in period

Insurer can't alter loss assessed by surveyor

Compensate for damage due to natural calamity

Coverage ends when goods reach destination

Insurers must reimburse Customs under marine policy

Insurer must pay declared value for total loss

Short claim procedure needed for old policies

Before choosing home insurance, check reconstruction cost: Analysts

Fidelity clause covers all employees

Dealer can't hand over vehicle without its documents

Health covers are not a last-resort offering

Pay for loss incurred to minimise damage

If error is inadvertent, claim must be paid

Can't reject claims due to discrepancies in proposal

Major shift to digital space demands data security, cyber insurance

Insurance business insecure and uncertain as Covid-19 damage claims mount

Insurance grace period may give rise to disputes

Policy change doesn't impact continuity