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Business Law & Taxation Articles

Some Budget proposals prone to litigation, may give rise to tax disputes

Takeover rules for unlisted companies only protect the price, say experts

Budget 2020: Need for an independent council to mediate with taxpayers

Taxpayer vs tax dept: Both sides need to make efforts to reduce litigation

Union Budget 2020: Cinderella treatment once again for judiciary

Budget 2020: Will taxpayer's charter help bridge trust deficit?

Unitech takeover: Despite IBC and RERA, homebuyers find no relief

Regulating artificial intelligence: Why one size won't fit all, say experts

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From Indian Bank's negligence to patent case, here are the key court orders

Takeover norms for unlisted firms may change playing field for shareholders

Split CMD position: Medicine without ailment?

Blowing the whistle: What the CCI's changed stance means for e-tailers

Pre-deposit in cheque to bank guarantee, key court orders of last week

Statutory licensing for online streaming: A case of legislative inaction

Looking at Budget with hope for making offshore funds India-friendly

Can Budget find ways to tackle tax disputes? India Inc is waiting

From GST rules to 'muddled' awards, key court orders from last week

Way out of the impasse of 'law's delay'

New GST rules to eligibility test, what's on India Inc's checklist for 2020

Nature of Tata Sons' partnership lies at the heart of Tata-Mistry drama

Why, how, and to what extent AI could enter the decision-making boardroom?

Why Indian judiciary is yet not ready for the advent of space-crunching AI

Finance organisations must focus on risk, governance to be future-ready

It's time for auditors to upgrade themselves with AI to stay relevant

Supreme Court verdicts that shook industries like telecom, coal, and mining

IBC to Central GST Act, 10 laws that changed the way India does business

CEO non-duality: Is it necessary in family business?

PMLA vs IBC: Experts explain why battle for primacy is far from over

Data Protection Bill may face legal challenges if executed, say experts

Arbitration venue to green clearance, key court orders from last week

Gangwal vs Bhatia: Onus on InterGlobe board to sort issue, say experts

From tax sops to liquor prohibition, key court orders from last week

From power tariff to restoring water bodies, here are the key court orders

Essar Steel verdict: Strengthening committee of creditors comes with riders

Unfinished agenda: Govt to introduce bill to decriminalise company law

Karvy incident aftermath: Legal shadow cast over collateral business

Lessons from Karvy fiasco: Solution lies in better implementation of rules

Narshima Rao-Manmohan Singh alternative development model outdated

Splitting MD, chairman roles: Firms divided; experts for staggered rollout

From arbitrator autonomy to transmission lines, here're key court orders

Should violations of tax, anti-corruption laws be subject to surveillance?

Individual insolvency rules: Breach of personal guarantee is quite severe

HC rulings on arbitration to drug prices, here're the key court orders

GST system redesign neither desirable nor feasible, say tax experts

From oil adulteration to IBC resolution, here're the key court orders

Online privacy: A blockchain, general data protection conundrum

Insolvency rules for FSPs: Regulator has more control than CoC, say experts

Judiciary plays hardball in making of tribunals as legal experts differ

From cheque bounce to medical trademark, here're the key court orders

Will screening test for independent directors improve corporate governance?

How govt's new AI-based system can help cos save non-compliance costs, time

Realty revival: IBC, Rera may need tweaking for booster shot to take effect

MCA floats a new testing proposal to filter frivolous independent directors

GST only needs simplification

Countering the Big Brother: Experts bat for more clarity on privacy laws

From contractor plights to discharge vouchers, here're the key court orders

Govt and businesses want greater tax certainty, says Grace Perez-Navarro

ONGC contract workers' claim to BPCL arbitration appeal: Key court orders

Centre to tweak competition law and tune it with new-age digital economy

Social media rules: Next 3 months key as intermediary norms get 'decrypted'

FRDI Bill should focus on speedy resolution of stressed financial firms

Repeal of obsolete laws: Well-intentioned but haphazard beginning

From land acquisition to canal project case, here're the key court orders

Clearing the deck: Govt removing legislative barriers to privatisation

From criminal cases to commercial suits, here're the key court orders

Run business schools like businesses

Ranbaxy to Religare: A snapshot of legal cases involving Singh brothers

For tax terrorism stain to go away, India has to resolve disputes quickly

Land compensation rule to pharma trademark case, here're key court orders