Ahmedbhai Mohammedbhai Patel, born in 1949 is a member of the Rajya Sabha and one of the senior most leaders of the Indian National Congress. He is serving his fifth term as a Raja Sabha MP.
Patel served as the Political Secretary to Congress President, Sonia Gandhi from 2001 to 2017 and is known as a master strategist in the party. He has often been referred to as the chief troubleshooter of the party. He first became a member of parliament from Bharuch in Gujarat in 1977 after Emergency had been lifted.
He became a member of the Rajya Sabha in 1993 from Gujarat. He is a senior member of the Congress Working Committee and now works closely with Rahul Gandhi.
Patel’s election to the Rajya Sabha in 2017 became contentious when two legislators of the party ditched the party. Their ballots were disqualified as they had revealed them to the BJP in public view. Patel needed 44 votes and managed to get 44 votes. The election became even more important as this had been preceded by Congress MLAs being sequestered in Karnataka to prevent them from being poached by the BJP.
He has never served as a minister in the government.