Mr Salam argues that the practice is more widely prevalent than most people allow themselves to believe, and flourishes in parts of rural India
Muslim society, writes Ziya Us Salam in nikah halala.  Many in the community blame television channels for raking it up to garner TRPs, he says.

The book is an attempt “to take the lid off this legalized form of prostitution, encouraged under the garb of faith by men of religion,” the author writes.

In the book, based on research of Islamic jurisprudence and his own investigations, Mr Salam argues that the practice is more widely prevalent than most people allow themselves to believe, and flourishes in parts of rural India.

nikah halala  continue, Mr Salam says.

iddah (that is observe the prescribed waiting period of a few menstrual cycles), then remarry her first husband.

That the woman has to consummate a marriage with another man is ostensibly a punishment for her first husband for failing to control his temper.

Nikah Halala: Sleeping with a Stranger

Author: Ziya Us Salam


Pages: 240

Price: Rs 550
talaq  in the Quran.

The practice also occurs among Muslims of subcontinental origin in the UK, but is unheard of in West Asia, including Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. In an investigation in 2017, halala  to “save marriages”, then offered themselves  “out of sheer goodwill” as a temporary husband, sometimes for a few hours  or days.

Mr Salam writes about men who use this abomination in the garb of piety “to satiate their thirst for variety in bed”. Some men charge for these services, just as there are men who do it out of a misplaced sense of piety, the author writes.

Women suffer enormous mental and physical torture not just from a husband who has divorced her in a fit of anger, but also when they have to consummate marriage with strangers, mostly elderly men. There are cases when the new husband refuses to divorce the woman after nikah halala.  How does she get back to her husband and children for whose sake she might have reluctantly agreed to such a matrimonial alliance?

Since most families wish to keep it a secret, they look for trustworthy halala with her younger brother-in-law. This time, Shabeena refused and approached the police and the courts, receiving death threats.

Sameena Begum of western Uttar Pradesh, a victim of two triple halala  and polygamy for a future date.

Sameena says she is disenchanted with the Bharatiya Janata Party, which initially supported her cause. She says UP Chief Minister Adityanath promised jobs, and announced a meagre annual allowance of Rs 6,000, or Rs 500 a month, for triple talaq victims. 

The book also recounts cases of social and economic boycott by the community where suspected triple nikah halala.  

The author also discovered as part of his research that most temporary husbands are concerned about the age of the woman. If she is over 40, suitors try to withdraw pleading busy schedules.

While men are keen to be talaq.

If men offering nikah halala, husbands because families are keen to maintain secrecy, the author writes.

Mr  Salam suggests the need to educate the young and the old alike about the injunctions of the Quran. When a child in the Muslim community learns to read the Quran in Arabic, it should be made compulsory to read the translation in the mother tongue, which over time will weaken the hold of the clerics, he writes.

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