Extend special loans to Jet to clear staff dues: Bank employees' union

Jet Airways employes at a peaceful demonstration at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Thursday | Photo: Sanjay K Sharma
Bank unions have thrown their weight behind employees of Jet and have sought special loans for the carrier for paying off dues. The unions have also asked the government to take over the grounded airline or merge it with state-owned Air India.


 They praised lenders, led by SBI, for their mature and pragmatic han­dling of the Jet case, espe­cially for not yielding to pre­ssure to extend a rescue loan.


The All-India Bank Emp­loyees Assoc­iation said on Monday that banks sho­uld come forward to extend special and exclusive loans to the company, which could be used to pay the salary dues of the staff or to make subsi­stence payments against proper collateral of lien on the accumulation in the staff fund like provident fund and gratuity.