LiveHealth seeks to ease burden off diagnostic centres through automation

LiveHealth’s platform has digitised around 72 million records
Increasing health awareness among Indians, mostly in urban centres, is mounting unprecedented pressure on diagnostic centres, testing their accuracy and speed.

LiveHealth, founded in 2013, seeks to ease the burden off diagnostic centres through automation. The Pune-based start-up is digitising laboratory workflows through its software-as-a-service(Saas) platform and makes records available on the cloud to patients and doctors.

The platform has already digitised more than 72 million records and it delivers around 50,000 digital medical records to doctors and patients every day.

It has recently raised $1.1 million during the seed round from Nexus Venture Partners. The fund will be used for expanding its platform in India, exploring international markets and strengthening the product.

Livehealth fee ranges between Rs 1,999 and Rs 11,999 per month for a provider, depending on the complexity of the offer and need. Patients can use the app to understand reports, analyse past health data, and monitor their health using health trackers.

The start-up, which is working with around 650 diagnostic centres, aims to simplify the workflow of the laboratories and reduce errors in the medical reports. It will also help scale their point of sales beyond borders, capture and maintain patient data integrity.

The company is looking to target unorganised diagnostic centres in the country.

The main challenge for the company is getting customers onboard. According to Abhimanyu Bhosale, co-founder and CEO, "Bringing customers onboard is resource heavy. When we get enterprise customers onboard, we need our team on-site to ensure we get their staff and systems ready to migrate to our systems. We are working on automating our onboarding process to distribute related challenges on-site."

With established players like Practo, it remains to be seen how much impact LiveHealth can make in the e-Healthcare segment.