Nalco banks on mobile apps for stakeholders to monitor business processes

Mobile apps are changing the way National Aluminium Company (Nalco) views its customers and stakeholders. Nalco, a central public sector enterprise to have rolled out apps for several stakeholders, believes customized apps can prove to be critical for monitoring business processes and operations in the future, besides being the brand differentiator.

“Initially, apps shall be used for sharing information with stakeholders. In the coming days, the usage of apps shall be intensified so as to be useful for monitoring of business operations and processes,” said T K Chand, Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD) at Nalco.

Nalco has been an early adopter of mobile apps as a medium to enrich customer experience. The Nalco CMD feels that in an age powered by explosion of information, a company needs to go beyond the obvious to delight stakeholders. “Great stakeholder experience is becoming a key brand differentiator. Apps provide a differentiated user experience for sharing information and conducting business”, he adds.

The NAGINAA app, a customer-focused initiative, aims at providing a unique digital experience to existing and potential customers of Nalco. It offers details about Nalco, its products, points of sale, product price, MoU (memorandum of understanding) scheme and other related information to interested parties. Existing customers can know their MoU lifting details, despatch details, truck placement plan and account summary. Customers can also provide valuable feedback using the app. The NAGINAA app has around 300 active users.

Nalco's latest app, NAMASYA, was launched at the recent conclave of state mines ministers in Indore. “The response has been encouraging. Specific communication is being sent to MSE vendors to use the app as an additional medium of information exchange and enrichment”, Chand said.

The NAMASYA app empowers MSEs (medium & small enterprises) with required information about vendor registration process, items which can be supplied by them with technical specification, vendor development programmes and training programmes of Nalco. With access to this platform, the MSEs would be able to register themselves with Nalco and take advantages of all the facilities being extended by the company for them.