Tech Mahindra partners with Avaamo to develop conversational AI platform

An employee sits at the front desk inside Tech Mahindra office building

IT company Tech Mahindra Friday announced partnership with Avaamo to develop and deliver conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform for global enterprises.

"Conversational AI is the next frontier of enhanced intelligence as humans and machines harmonise to enable connected experiences. Virtual assistants are already disrupting the customer experience space. Avaamo and Tech Mahindra have a shared vision - to implement cutting-edge AI solutions, specifically in the banking, telecom, retail and healthcare industries," Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Tech Mahindra, said in a statement.

This partnership will include developing and delivering conversational AI solutions for global enterprises.

The collaboration will help Tech Mahindra harness newer enterprise, artificial intelligence technologies and serve global markets in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Malaysia, Israel, Philippines, and Indonesia amongst many others, it added.

"We began collaborating early in 2017 and are delighted with our successes so far. Tech Mahindra is truly a global player in the tech space. As we continue to work together, we will help businesses around the world re-imagine what is possible with conversational artificial intelligence," Ram Menon, Founder and CEO Avaamo said.