War of tweets: Elon Musk hits back after Uber CEO takes a dig at Hyperloop

Elon Musk does not take criticism lying down, especially when it is directed at one of his creations. At the IIT-Delhi, Khosrowshahi was questioned on Hyperloop. He said: “Why do you need to dig tunnels for transportation when you can fly?” When Musk came to know about the comment through Twitter, he said: “If you love drones above your house, you’ll really love vast numbers of “cars” flying over your head that are 1,000 times bigger and noisier and blow away anything that isn’t nailed down when they land.”

After numerous tweets for and against Uber’s plan, Khosrowshahi tweeted to Musk: “Challenge accepted.  Improved battery tech (thx 2 @elonmusk) and multiple smaller rotors will be much more efficient and avoid noise + environmental pollution.”

Khosrowshahi also told the 700-plus students that the Uber Air (flying taxi) project could see commercialisation in 5-10 years.