Handover one-third of your professional income, Haryana govt tells athletes

Yogeshwar Dutt
Haryana Government, in a notification dated April 30, has ordered its athletes to deposit one-third of their income from professional sports and commercial endorsements to the Haryana State Sports Council. The notification says the money will be used for development of sports in the state. 

“One-third of the income earned by sports-persons from professional sports or commercial endorsements will be deposited with the Haryana State Sports Council, The money shall be used for development of sports in the state,” a notification issued by the government reads.

The order is applicable on athletes employed in any Department of the State Government or in any body controlled by the state.

The decision has not gone well with some of the top athletes from the state. Speaking to ANI, wrestler Babita Phogat said the government should have at least held discussions with athletes before releasing the notification. " Does the government even realize how much of hard work a sportsperson puts in? How can they ask for one-third of the income? I do not support this at all. Govt should've at least discussed it with us," Phoghat said.

Olympic gold medalist, Yogeshwar Dutt took to Twitter to slam the concerned officer warning that he would be solely responsible for exodus of sportspersons from the state. The notification was issued by Ashok Khemka, principal secretary to the government of Haryana, Sports and Youth Affairs Department.

ऐसे अफसर से राम बचाए, जब से खेल विभाग में आए है तब से बिना सिर -पैर के तुग़लकी फ़रमान जारी किए जा रहे है।हरियाणा के खेल-विकास में आपका योगदान शून्य है किंतु ये दावा है मेरा इसके पतन में आप शत् प्रतिशत सफल हो रहे है।अब हरियाणा के नए खिलाड़ी बाहर पलायन करेंगे और SAHAB आप ज़िम्मेदार pic.twitter.com/YazW6YLqTB

— Yogeshwar Dutt (@DuttYogi) June 8, 2018
Reacting to the notification, another olympic medalist, Sushil Kumar said the decision will affect the morale and performance of athletes.

This policy should be reviewed. Govt should establish a committee of senior sportspersons & take their input before forming a policy of this type. This will affect the morale of sportspersons & might affect their performance as well: Sushil Kumar, on Haryana Govt's notification pic.twitter.com/NXcZ9WZsWC

— ANI (@ANI) June 8, 2018
The decision will impact almost all the top athletes from the state as many of them are employed with the state government. 

Considered as India's sports engine, Haryana has been among the top-performing states in sports events. In the recently held Commonwealth Games, Haryana athletes brought home 22 out of the 66 medals won by India.