Indians resolute against coronavirus: PM Modi's speech

The Indian government has been keeping track of this situation in other countries | File photo
The world is passing through a difficult phase. This time we are facing a difficulty that has put entire mankind in difficulty. So many countries were not affected even during the first and second world wars as have been affected by coronavirus.

In these two months, 130 crore Indians have resolutely confronted the corona pandemic and have taken necessary precautions. But in the last few days a complacency has crept in. This is not correct. It is essential that every Indian is aware and alert.

Whenever I have asked something from you, I have not been disappointed. Today, I am here to ask for something from my countrymen. I need your coming few weeks and your time. Till now, science has not been able to find a solution for the coronavirus pandemic and no vaccine has been invented for it. It is natural to get worried about such a situation.

In other countries, we have seen that there has been a sudden increase in infections after the initial lull. The Indian government has been keeping track of this situation in other countries. There are some countries that took immediate decision and contained the number of infections by isolating people. Citizens have played an important role in it.

For a developing country like India with 130 cr population the growing challenge of coronavirus is not a normal situation. It will be wrong to assume that this will not have any impact on India. First is resolve and the second is restraint.

130 crore Indians will have to show resolve that we as citizens will be performing our duties and follow the directions of the central and state governments. Today we will have to take a resolve that we shall protect ourselves and others from getting affected.

Only one mantra works in such a situation, world is healthy when we are healthy.

Restraint is compulsory in such a situation. Restraint in the form of going out of our home. Today, what is known as social distancing is very necessary in tackling this problem. If you feel that you are okay and nothing is going to happen to you, then this thinking is not right. You would be doing a grave injustice to you and your family.

I request all countrymen to leave their homes only if it is essential. You should work from whether related to business or office. Those in government services, media, healthcare, their activity is essntial but the remaining members of society should isolate themselves. Senior citizens in our families should not leave their homes for the coming few weeks.

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