Ola gives befitting reply to customer asking for a 'Hindu' driver

A man named Seelam Veerapa Naidu created an uproar on micro blogging website Twitter after asking  cab service Ola to provide a 'Hindu' cab driver'. 

@SVeerapaNaidu Sorry, we do not discriminate against our drivers on the basis of their religion.

— Ola (@Olacabs) April 6, 2015

Not only was he met with the wrath of angry twitter users over the bizarre request, the cab service also gave him a befitting reply. 

@Olacabs Why Shld we see it as Discrimination instead of Customer Preference.

— Seelam Veerapa Naidu (@SVeerapaNaidu) April 6, 2015

@Olacabs @SVeerapaNaidu why should they see you as a customer instead of a giant conservative pig

— Maitri Gandhi (@justhowifeel_97) April 7, 2015

@SVeerapaNaidu @Olacabs Someday. Someday, no driver may want any Naidus to board their car out of some weird & twisted logic, like yours.

— abraR (@abrarraza) April 7, 2015

. @SVeerapaNaidu What if the driver provided by @Olacabs is Hindu, but the cab was made by Muslims or Christians, u wud be ok with that?

— Suryanarayan Ganesh (@gsurya) April 7, 2015

I can't really imagine that somebody actually tweeted this. Shows where we exactly stand in the 21st century. @Olacabs

— Daemon In Vignette (@Deckle_Edge) April 7, 2015

@Olacabs dont apologise to bigots. @SVeerapaNaidu

— Nalini (@KaneezOfPoetry) April 7, 2015
Ola's competitor cab providing service Uber also acknowledged their response on Twitter.


@Olacabs Well said, guys. #respect @SVeerapaNaidu

— Uber Delhi (@Uber_Delhi) April 7, 2015