Only 9% people approach police, 74% prefer out of court settlement

A survey by non-profit organisation Daksh reveals that most people don’t prefer police and lawyers in case of a dispute. Of the 45,500 people surveyed in 28 states, only 9 per cent either filed or tried to file a police complaint.


Of this 9 per cent, the complaint was registered for only 44 per cent people. People chose not to go to court mainly for three reasons — including high litigation cost, lack of awareness about legal procedures and long time to resolve the case.


The survey revealed that people with annual income above above Rs 500,000 preferred approaching courts. On an average a litigant spent Rs 1,097 daily as cost of litigation. Litigants spend Rs 300 billion per year to attend courts.


Among the non-court resolution, the best way was found to be negotiation with the other party followed by intervention by friends and family. Recovery of money followed by land dispute constituted the maximum disputes in the past five years.