Petrol breaches 80-mark for the first time in Delhi; diesel at Rs 72.51/ltr

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Continuing the upward run, petrol and diesel prices touched a new high as oil marketing companies announced a hike on Saturday.

In Delhi, petrol went past the Rs 80-mark for the first time ever as the prices were hiked by 39 paise. Petrol in the Capital reached an unprecedented Rs 80.38 per litre on Saturdaym while the new price for diesel will be Rs 72.51 after an even bigger hike of 44 paise.

In Mumbai, petrol prices rose by 38 paise to be sold at Rs 87.77 per litre and diesel prices were hiked by 47 paise to Rs 76.98.

Except for a halt on Wednesday, petrol and diesel rates have gone up every day since 26 August. Overall, petrol and diesel prices have gone up by Rs 2.71 and Rs 3.19 respectively in Delhi, since then.

For the past couple of weeks, opposition parties have been targetting the Modi government over falling value of the rupee and a continuous rise in the fuel prices.

The Congress has accused the government of "fuel loot" that it said had raised Rs 11 trillion ($152 billion) for the exchequer since Modi came to power in 2014.

"The mismanagement of the economy has led to high fuel prices," senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot said. "When fuel prices were rising during (the previous government), taxes were reduced to take the burden off people."


City Rate today (Rs): Rate on Friday (Rs):  Hike (paise)
Delhi 80.38 79.99 39
Mumbai 87.77 87.39 38


City Rate today (Rs): Rate on Friday (Rs):  Hike (paise)
Delhi 72.51 72.07 44
Mumbai 76.98 76.51 47