Saving citizens' human rights from terrorists must be our policy: Jaitley

Terrorists have to be dealt with firmly to protect human rights of ordinary citizens, Union Minister Arun Jaitley said on Friday. 

Raising a question as to whether fidayeens, who are willing to die and willing to kill, should be dealt with through "satyagraha", Jaitley said that a terrorist who refuses to surrender and refuses a ceasefire offer has to be dealt with as anybody taking law in his own hand. He added that this was not 'muscular', it was the rule of law.  

Every Indian is concerned as to who can hold this country together, Jaitley said, adding that an elected government, a dialogue with the people, a humane approach towards the average Kashmiri is the ultimate objective of the Indian state with which few can disagree. 

"At times we get caught in the idioms that we create. One such phrase is muscular policy in Kashmir. To deal with a killer is also a law and order issue. It can't wait a political solution," said Jaitley. 

"A fidayeen is willing to die. He is also willing to kill. Should he be dealt with by offering Satyagraha before him? When he advances to kill, should the security forces that confront him, ask him to sit on a table and have dialogue with them?" Jaitley questioned.

He said the policy that should be followed in Kashmir has to be to protect the ordinary citizen of the Valley; get him freedom from the terror; provide him with a better quality of life and environment.

It is paramount to protect India's sovereignty and the right to life of its citizens, he said.

The Maoist-sponsored human rights organisations only espouse the cause of separatism and violence, be it Kashmir or Chhattisgarh, and have brought a bad name to a very precious and valuable concept of human rights, Jaitley added. 

Our policy has to be to save the human rights of every Indian -- be it a tribal or a Kashmiri -- from terrorists, Jaitley said.