10 unseen clean India ads of Modi's Swachh Bharat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicks off the Swachh Bharat campaign in New Delhi's Balmiki Basti on Thursday
You have heard Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak about clean India. But you might not have seen many of the advertisements made by the government to promote the programme. From amusing to informative to outright bizarre, here are some of the ads you might have never seen:


Are you a dog?


This one takes the cake – quite literally. It uses a powerful animal-human analogy to influence the human mind.

Anushka’s tip: Do it behind closed doors


Using Anushka Sharma to close the doors while taking a dump was surely an attractive way to tell people to cover up while engaging in the act.


Live like a slum dweller, poop like a pauper


The personification of poop was aimed at giving slum dwellers a dose of their own medicine. This one sends a very powerful message.


Keep calm and clean your desk


And you thought the Modi government was only shaming slum dwellers. Here is a dig at millennials and the corporate class, intended to sway their behaviour towards cleanliness of their office spaces.


Don’t be a dirty rat in your office


Not just the corporate class, the Modi government also targeted those working in government offices. This one was meant to humiliate that dirty guy in the office.


Jump on the wagon, do not spit on it


The government went from some cheekiness to outright spookiness. This one was aimed at railway travellers who like to dirty their wagons.


Life is a circus, not a dumpster


Ever read the tales of Noddy as a kid? This one is sure to take you to wonderland. Only if India’s circuses looked like this!


Dirty more, score less, Mitron!


The Modi government also thought it would act like a good teacher for a bad kid. This one tells people in urban areas to clean up or be prepared to lose marks. And that too 30 per cent of it. Sorry Madam!


Be professor Modi’s pet


After playing good teacher for a bad kid, the government now played good teacher for a good kid – promising to give you 40 per cent more marks for cleaning up. Thank you Madam!


Your dog can’t clean its mess, so you must


Well, we started with a dog and we will end with one. This time, the Modi government is asking people to not only clean their dog’s excrement, but also urge others to do so. Bow bow to making everyone else like your dog, too.

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