After start-ups, agritechnology revolution on the cards for Karnataka

Karnataka, the de facto start-up capital of India, is fast becoming a hotbed for agritechnology. Emerging technologies such as drones, GIS mapping and smartphone based tools are being utilised to reduce crop loss and increase productivity in the agri-rich state.

“We see immense potential for innovation and applying emerging technology in agriculture. We need to connect the technology set-ups and tech companies with farmers so that the ecosystem becomes better,” said Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary to Department of IT, on the sidelines of an agritech summit organised by the Karnataka government on Wednesday.

To further the cause of technology-driven solutions, the Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services has invested Rs 30 million in 21 start-ups so far. In January, the Karnataka government had approved funding grant to 44 more start-ups of which 16 were agritech startups.

Apart from Karnataka, the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh government too had organised a similar event last year aimed at bringing cutting edge technologies in the agriculture sector to the aid of small and marginal farmers in the state.