Doorstep delivery of services in Delhi: Step-by-step guide on how to use it

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Hate standing in queues to avail of government services and certificates? Come this August, citizens of Delhi will get 100 public services, including issuance of driving licences and caste certificates, at their doorstep under the Delhi government's proposed scheme, news agency reports said earlier this month.

The state government has claimed that no Delhiite would have to stand in queues for the services listed under the scheme. 

The Delhi government will begin this scheme with services related to driving licences and registration certificates of vehicles, the Times of India reported on Tuesday. You may have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 50 for the services, added the report.   

Here are the services you can avail of at your door-step

The project aims to provide doorstep delivery of public services like issuance of caste certificate, marriage registration, birth and death certificate. They also include the issuance of driving licences, transfer of ownership of vehicles, old age pension, and new water and sewer connections. Other services related to ration cards, domicile, duplicate RC and change of address in RC will also be covered under the scheme. 

How many services are covered under the scheme?

On July 3, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that the state Cabinet had earlier approved doorstep delivery of 40 services, but now another 30 public services were also being added. 

He added that another set of 30 services would be added within a period of one month of the launch. 

This would bring the total to 100 services being covered under the scheme.  

How the government will provide these services

The government will rope in private agencies for executing the scheme. These agencies will depute Mobile Sahayaks. They will also set up call centres for the scheme. The concerned Mobile Sahayak will be given a stipulated time frame to complete the required tasks depending upon the nature of the service being availed of by the customer.

Here's how you can avail of various services at your doorstep:

While announcing the scheme in November last year, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had outlined how the ambitious initiative would work

  • The request for a document will be made through a call at a designated call centre 
  • A Mobile Sahyak from the government-appointed agency will visit the applicant's residence to get the required documents 
  • The Mobile Sahyak will be equipped with all necessary machines such as biometric devices and a camera 
  • He or she will will complete all the formalities for the applicant
  • The Mobile Sahyak will hand over the certificate at the applicant's residence 
  • For home delivery of services, the applicant will be charged a nominal fee 

However, this does not mean that you can avail of every service under the scheme without having to step out of the house at all. In practical terms, here's how it will go:

1) If a person wants to apply for a driving licence, he or she will have to call the designated call centre and give the required details.  

2) Subsequently, the agency will assign a Mobile Sahayak who will visit the applicant's residence and get the required details and documents. So far, so good. You haven't had to step out of the house.

3) However, the applicant will have to visit the MLO office once to undergo a driving test. 

The above example illustrates how in some cases, you will still have to make your way to offices in cases where your physical presence is necessary -- such as for taking a driving test.