Talks will help take education system forward, says Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen
Nobel laureate Amartya Sen on Tuesday said continuous discussion among stakeholders was required to take the education system forward.


“Only talks can enable us to find out merits and demerits in our education system. Any deficiency and lacunae in our education system can be traced and defined through continuous discussion only,” Sen said.


“Discussion among teachers themselves, among teachers and students and among students themselves, thus, lead to expansion of knowledge. The basis of education is discussion,” Sen said, after launching the report of Pratichi Trust, an organisation headed by him.


He said education and health sectors in the country had not progressed the way they should have.


“We need to correct the course. And for this, again we need to raise our voice assertively,” the eminent economist said.


Referring to the impasse at Jadavpur University, he said, “I had started teaching there in 1956... As I said, no mistakes can be corrected without discussion, we must also discuss the subject of debate at JU. Why the things which should have happened are not happening. Where is the need?” Sen also said there was little mention in the media about the present state of affairs in the education and health care sectors.


“The state of affairs in education and health is barely mentioned and overshadowed by reports on entertainment.


I have no issue with entertainment stories, I am ready to be entertained but not at the cost of such reports being edged out. We need to protest such trends,” he added.