Exit polls: Jolt for TDP as Jagan's YSRCP looks set to form govt in Andhra

Exit poll surveys conducted by some local agencies in Andhra Pradesh have predicted a clear majority for the YSR Congress in the Assembly elections, which was conducted along with the Lok Sabha polls. 

According to exit poll surveys conducted by the Center for Psephology Studies (CPS)-Foundation for Rural and Social Development (FRSD), AARA and the People’s Pulse agencies, the YSR Congress is going to get a decisive mandate to form the next government in Andhra Pradesh.

Exit polls conducted by CPS-FRSD have predicted an overwhelming 133-135 seats to the YSR Congress in the 175-member state legislative assembly. The survey predicted just 37-40 seats for the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP). According to the survey, the opposition YSR Congress is expected to get 49.4 per cent of the votes polled in the Assembly elections, while TDP is expected to bag a 41.2 per cent vote share. Going by the vote share pattern, the gap between the winner and the loser has widened to 8 per cent as compared to just 2 per cent in the previous Assembly elections.

The exit poll survey predicted just 0-1 seat for Jana Sena Party of actor-politician Pawan Kalyan with a 7.3 per cent vote share. Other surveys predicted a drubbing for Jana Sena, as the fight between two major political parties was intense this time. 

Aara, another local election survey agency, gave 120-125 seats to YSR Congress and less than 50 seats to the ruling TDP. It gave 20 of 25 Lok Sabha seats to YSR Congress, predicting an overwhelming majority for the opposition party. 

People’s Pulse’s exit poll predicted 112 seats for YSR Congress, 59 for TDP and 4 for the Jana Sena. 

According to the survey, YSR Congress and TDP are expected to get a vote share of 45.4 per cent and 42.3 per cent, respectively. It has predicted 8.4 per cent vote share to Jana Sena and 3.9 per cent vote share to others.