Myths and Beliefs about Pregnancy

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There are numerous dos and don’ts, advices and instructions that are given to a pregnant woman by relatives and others, especially in India. The internet is also swarming with information and tips, sometimes by gynecologists and other times stuff that are just hearsay. Some of these myths include theories on how to choose the date of birth or sex of your child or how best to have a fair or healthy baby and much more. Unravel the truth and split facts from fiction by understanding the below mentioned pregnancy myths.

Expected mom has to eat for two - This is probably one of the first tips that a pregnant lady hears when she announces her pregnancy. In reality and especially during the beginning of pregnancy the quality of what one swallows is far more important that the amount. In fact increase in diet can make one gain weight quickly without any particular effect on the baby's health.

Pregnant women have weird food cravings - Watermelon in December or chocolate at middle of night, it is believed all pregnant women get weird and sometimes crazy cravings. But the said phenomenon is not universal, some women feel no particular craving throughout their pregnancy and the cravings are not related to health of the baby in any way.

Round belly means it's a girl and long belly means it's a boy - A woman with a round belly is associated with a female birth. And if the future mother has a belly rather forward then it is believed that the baby is a boy. There is nothing scientific in the said assumption; it is just a myth that has made its way in some people’s minds.

If one moisturizes the skin well there would be no stretch marks - If only it was so simple, in fact it's all about hormones. If one already tends to have stretch marks on the breasts or thighs then there is a good chance that one will have them on your stomach too. But this should not prevent one from moisturizing the skin very regularly, in order to limit the damage.

If it moves all the time, it's going to be an active baby - Although the baby may be always moving in the belly but it does not necessarily mean that he will be hyper active baby when he comes into the world. Nothing can predict in advance the character of a child; one will only experience after birth what kind of child it will be.

Impact of the full moon on birth - There is a belief in some people that the dates of full moon are often linked to date of deliveries. But there is no scientific proof that can prove this theory.

Heartburn during pregnancy means the baby will have lot of hairs - Heartburn is related to the upward rise of the stomach, pushed by the growing uterus. They are more common from the second trimester of pregnancy. There is no relation whatsoever between heartburn and a hairy baby. Simple hygienic diets will help one limit them.

Wear a sheath early in pregnancy - A soft belt can sometimes help support your stomach, but be careful not to wear it continuously. In fact, the abdominal muscles will no longer perform their work, if they are permanently supported by a sheath.

Pregnant women shouldn’t indulge in sports - Combat sports and rigorous physical activity should indeed be avoided. But if one can take care of herself when she is pregnant, then there is no question of stopping all sports activities. On the contrary, some activities are quite suitable for the pregnant woman such as walking, soft gymnastics or swimming.

At the end of the pregnancy, the baby does not move anymore - Beware of this misconception that is formed due to the weight gain of the baby, more importantly in late pregnancy. Indeed the baby has less room to move than the 2nd trimester of pregnancy but one will always feel an activity or some movement several times a day. If one does not feel any movement for 24 hours, it is best to consult the gynecologist.

At end of pregnancy, one should indulge in some physical activities to give birth more quickly - Giving birth is a natural process that will start when the time comes. Indulging in cleaning or other activities at the end of the third trimester will not facilitate the delivery in any way.  

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