IPL 2018: Delhi bowlers hand Chennai bitter defeat, DD beat CSK by 34 runs

Delhi Daredevils bowler Sandeep celebrates wicket of Chennai Super Kings batsman Suresh Raina during an IPL 2018 match in New Delhi. Photo: PTI
In the 52nd match of Vivo Indian Premier League (IPL 2018)  Chasing 163, Chennai Super Kings never seemed in a position where they could win the game as Delhi Daredevils beat them by 34 runs. The Delhi bowlers kept it really tight for the CSK batsmen. Except for Ambati Rayudu, no other batsmen could handle the pressure of the par total. This win doesn't change any positions for the teams in the VIVO IPL points table.  


IPL 2018 Match 52 DD vs CSK SCOREBOARD

Chennai Super Kings Innings update: Over by over

Chennai Super Kings playing XI for today's match: Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Sam Billings, MS Dhoni(w/c), Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Lungi Ngidi

Over 1: Shane Watson and Ambati Rayudu to open for CSK. Trent Boult to start off for DD. Dot to begin with. Another dot, Powerful flick, no run. Two runs. CSK: 3-0

Over 2: Sandeep Lamichhane comes to the attack. CSK: 5-0

Over 3: Boult is back, SIX to Watson. CSK: 14-0

Over 4: Avesh Khan comes to the attack, just two runs. Cracking shot CSK: 20-0

Over 5: Patel comes to the attack, Single. Dot ball. Just two from the over. CSK: 22-0

Over 6: Avesh Khan continues, Rayudu hits it for a six. IN the air, did not carry. Pulled again by Rayudu for four. Cut for no run. Another pull, goes for six. Another short ball, goes for six. 22 runs from the over. CSK: 44-0

Over 7: Amit Mishra comes to the attack, mis-hit by Watson. Mistimed by Watson, Caught in deep. Amit Mishra Strikes. Suresh Raina comes in, edges, chance put down. CSK: 46-1

Over 8: Maxwell in the attack, Dot ball. One run. Single again. CSK: 50-1

Over 9: Mishra to continue, Single taken. Steps out, hits it back to Mishra. Another dot. This time Rayudu finds the gap, four runs. SIX. Chance of a run out missed. CSK: 62-1

Over 10: Harshal Patel continues, bad ball on the leg side, glanced for four Flicked for single. 50 up for Rayudu. SIngle to Raina.Hit high in the air, Rayudu is gone, Maxwell takes a brilliant catch. He goes for 50. DD: 70-2

Over 11: Sandeep Lamichhane to Dhoni, one run taken. Raina took a single off the second ball. Dhoni came down the ground and took one run. Another single taken by Raina. Dhoni pushed the ball down to long-off for a single. Raina took a single to end the over. CSK: 76-2

Over 12: Maxwell continues, Raina hits in the air and it is four. One run. Dhoni cuts for four. Single. Dot ball. Another dot. CSk: 86-2

Over 13: Mishra continues, just one for Dhoni.  Raina pulls for one. Quick single. Another single. CSK: 90-2

Over 14: Lamichhane comes to the attack, Raina hits it hard but is caught in the deep. He goes for 15. Sam Billings comes to the crease. Hit to the long-on, on two bounces to Boult. Trying to reverse sweep, Billings fails, almost drags the ball onto the stump. Leading edge, just short of the fielder. CSk: 92-3

Over 15: Mishra continues, Powerful stroke for one. That is experience. Mishra strikes again. Billings is gone for 1. Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in. One run. Good ball. Dot to finish. CSK: 94-4

Over 16: Sandeep comes to bowl his last, Jaddu steps out and wacks it for six. Two runs. Jadeja takes single. One run to Dhoni. One run to Jadeja. Dot to finish. CSK: 105-4

Over 17: Harshal comes to the attack, swing a  miss for Jadeja. One run. Good ball. Another dot. Just one to Dhoni. Just one to Jadeja. Only 3 runs come from the over. CSK: 108-4

Over 18: Boult in the attack, Pulled, just for one. Dhoni swings and it goes to the keeper. Swing and a miss, dot ball. Three runs for Dhoni. One run. Dhoni hits it hard and a good catch in the deep. He goes for 17 from 23 balls. CSK: 113-5

Over 19: Bravo comes to the crease. patel continues, Hit too high in the air, SIX for Jaddu. Two runs. Single. Awkwardly pulled by Bravo, one run. Swing and a miss. CSK: 124-5. Need 39 from 6 balls. 

Over 20: Boult comes back, one run. Bravo hits high in the air, caught. DD win by 34 runs

Delhi Daredevils bowler Sandeep celebrates wicket of Chennai Super Kings batsman Suresh Raina during an IPL 2018 match in New Delhi. Photo: PTI
Chennai Super Kings Innings analysis after 20 overs

Chasing the target of 163, Ambati Rayudu and Shane Watson opened the innings for Chennai Super Kings while Trent Boult bowled the first over and conceded only 3 runs. Sandeep Lamichhane came to bowl the 2nd over and bowled an economical over for 2 runs. Trent Boult the continued from the other end and did bowl with good line and length but Shane Watson was able to hit a six of the 3rd ball. Delhi Daredevils looked good in first three over and Avesh Khan too started the 4th over with some good bowling but didn't able to finish the over on high as Rayundu crunched the 5th ball for four. Harshal Patel bowled the 5th over with brilliant line and length and conceded only 2 runs but none of the DD bowlers looked threatening to take any wicket. Avesh Khan asked to bowl the last over of the powerplay and greeted by a six in the cow corner region. Rayudu took full advantage of Avesh Khan speed and wayward deliveries hitting 3 sixes and a four to collect 22 runs. After 6 CSK were 44/0

Amit Mishra came to bowl the 7th over and got the wicket of Shane Watson while hitting a big shot and get caught at the long-off. Mishra would have got the second wicket off the next ball but Pant dropped Raina. Maxwell bowled the 8th over and conceded only 4 runs as the run-rate jumped to 9.59. Amit Mishra continued from the other end and Rayudu the aggressor hit a four and a six of the 4th and 5th ball to maintain the run-rate. DD had a chance to get Rayudu run-out but Maxwell missed the direct throw. Ambati Rayudu took advantage of wayward bowling by and helped the first ball of 10th over for four in the fine leg region. CSK batsmen were chasing the below-par score with a cool head as they took single and doubles after hitting the boundary of the first ball. Ambati Rayudu completed his fifty in 28 balls and continuing his terrific form but the overconfidence got better of him as he got perished while trying to hit another six, a mindless batting. After 10 CSK were 70/2

After getting the wickets of CSK openers Shreyas Iyer asked leggie Sandeep Lamichhane and Dhoni, Raina pushed him for singles only as the young leggie only conceded 6 runs. Maxwell went for 10 runs in his second over as Dhoni got better of him and smashed him for 2 fours. Amit Mishra bowled the 13th over and didn't allow the two CSK greats, Dhoni and Raina, to hit any big shot as he conceded only 4 runs. Sandeep Lamichhane got the wicket of Raina to gave CSK 3rd breakthrough in the 14th over of the innings. Sam Billings replaced Raina in the middle and took a single off the first ball he faced. Lamichahane nearly got the wicket of both Billings and Dhoni as he got the leading edge but the ball reached the fielder with a bounce. Lamichhane gave away only 2 runs in his 3rd over. At last Mishra got his second wicket as he dismissed Billings. The match was hanging in the balance as the required rate jump past the 12 runs per over and CSK were 4 down. But CSK had the likes of Dhoni, Bravo and Ravindra Jadeja in their bag. Amit Mishra only conceded 2 runs and the required rate jumped over 13 rpo.

Sandeep Lamichhane dispatched for a six of the first ball followed by a double thanks to the missed field. The youngster came back brilliantly as he didn't allow Dhoni or Jadeja to hit another big shot in the 16th over. As both the DD spinners were bowled out the onus was on the pace battery to take Delhi Daredevils home. Harshal Patel with the worst economy rate in IPL 2018 bowled the 17th over and gave only 3 runs in his 3rd just opposite to his record as the required rate zoom past 18 runs per over. Boult came to bowl the 18th over and Dhoni failed to score any bigshot and got perished of the last ball of the 18th over. A horrible performance from the likes of Dhoni's calibre as he scored only 17 runs with a strike rate of 73.91, a completely out of sorts performance by a great player. As the required rate reached 25 runs per over, Harshal Patel bowled the 19th over and conceded only 11 runs despite hit for a six off the first ball, brilliant performance by Harshal Patel who holds the record of the highest economy rate in IPL 2018. CSK needed 39 runs in the last over and only managed to score 4 runs and Delhi Daredevils won the match by 34 runs

Delhi Daredevils innings update: Over by over

Delhi Daredevils playing XI for today's match: Prithvi Shaw, Glenn Maxwell, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Vijay Shankar, Abhishek Sharma, Harshal Patel, Amit Mishra, Avesh Khan, Sandeep Lamichhane, Trent Boult

Over 1: Prithvi Shaw and Shreyas Iyer to open the innings for Delhi, Deepak Chahar to start it for Chennai. Starts off with a wide. Good ball. Driven, straight to the fielder. Good movement of the ball, no run. Another dot. Short ball, Prithvi swings for four. Swing and a miss. Movement. DD: 5-0

Over 2: Lungi Ngidi is in the attack, flicked on the leg side by Iyer for a double. Nicely driven to the third man region, well fielded, just one. Swing and a miss again for Shaw. Classic cover drive and equally well fielded by Harbhajan. Just one. DD: 9-0

Over 3: Chahar continues, dot ball. Bouncer, wide given. Prithvi is struggling, swinging and missing. Finally, Prithvi connects one and it goes for six. Slashed, just one. Single to finish the over. DD: 18-0

Over 4: Ravindra Jadeja comes to the attack, just one. In the air, no man's land. Again in the air, safe. Hiit firmly, Thakur drops it. Missed it. DD: 24-0

Over 5: Chahar comes to the attack, in the air, Prithvi is gone, caught on the boundary line. He made 17. Rishab Pant comes in, single. Chance of a runout. Cut for four. On the pads, appeal, not out. Uppercut for four. DD 33-1

Over 6: Thakur comes to the attack, Pant flicks for two. Good straight drive for no run. Swing and a miss. And again. Nicely pulled for four. Dot to finish. DD: 39-1

Over 7: Ravindra Jadeja to Shreyas Iyer, pushed into the leg side for one run. Pant dabbed the second ball for a single. Another single taken by Iyer. Harbhajan fielded brilliantly to save 3 runs. Iyer cut the 5th ball for a four. DOT ball to end the over. DD: 47-1

Over 8: Harbhajan Singh in the attack, Iyer steps out just one. Tried to take single, sent back. Cut, just for one. Pant drives for four. 50 up for DD. Single taken. DD: 54-1

Over 9: Dwayne Bravo in the attack, starts off with a wide. Swing and a miss. In the air, two runs. Dot ball. DD: 60-1

Over 10: Bhajji to continue, Pant wacks him for a six. Rishabh tries reverse sweep, misses. Brilliant cut for four. Dot ball. Mis-hit goes for six. One run to finish. DD: 77-1

Over 11: Ngidi comes to the attack, one run. Iyer makes room for himself and misses the ball, clean bowled. Glenn Maxwell comes to the crease. Single taken. Single to Rishabh Pant. Slashed hard, in the air, goes to third man and is caught. He goes for 38. DD: 81-3

Over 12: Vijay Shankar comes to the crease. Jadeja comes back, one run to Maxwell. Another single to Vijay. Single to Maxi. Shankar misses. DD: 84-3

Over 13: Bravo is back, wide ball. Slower one, single to Maxi. Bouncer. Single to Maxwell. Shankar hits a cracking four. But this time he fails to dispatch the full toss. DD: 93-3

Over 14: Jaddu is back, appeal for stumping against Maxwell. Maxwell does a Maxwell and is dismissed. Tried to reverse sweep and is clean bowled. Abhishek Sharma is the new man in. Just one. DD: 95-4

Over 15: Thakur continues, one run. In the air, just didn't carry. In the air, Harbhajan takes a dolly. Abhishek gone for 2. DD: 102-5

Over 16: Lungi is back, one run. Mix-up could have been out. WIDE. Harshal Patel wacks it for four. DD: 110-5

Over 17: Thakur continues, dot balls. In the air, just short, one run. Bouncer and Shankar wacks it for a six. Dot. D: 118-5

Over 18: Bravo continues, SIX, what a shot. One run. DD: 130-5

Over 19: Thakur continues, One run. Weird looking shot, just one. DD: 136-5

Over 20: Bravo continues, SIX. Another SIX. Bravo is being bashed. Single. Another six, what an over. SIX to end. 26 from the over. DD: 162-5

Delhi Daredevils innings analysis after 20 overs

Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni won the toss and asked Delhi Daredevils to bat first. Prithvi Shaw and Shreyas Iyer opened the innings for DD while Deepak Chahar bowled the first over. Chahar who returned after an injury in the previous match against SRH bowled good out swinging delivery and didn't allow the world cup winning U-19 captain to swing his arm. Still, Shaw managed to score a boundary in the over. CSK continued to bowl the good line and length as Lungi Ngidi conceded only 4 runs in the 2nd over. Prithvi Shaw gave DD flying start at the top of the batting line-up in most of the matches struggled today against swinging deliveries but the youngster made the full advantage of bad balls and hit a four and a six in first 3 over. While Shreyas Iyer who was opening for the first time in IPL 2018 looked rusty and failed to make an impact. After 3 DD were 18 for no loss. 

Ravindra Jadeja came to bowl the 4th over and DD batsmen looked to take advantage of fielding restriction as they hit most of the shots in the air but didn't manage to get a boundary. Shardul Thakur did drop Shaw of the last ball of 4th over but he took the catch in the next over and Prithvi Shaw was dismissed for 17 runs. Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant were at the crease while Deepak Chahar continued to impress in his 3rd over before he hit for 2 boundaries of the last 2 balls. Shardul Thakur came to bowl the last over of the powerplay and beaten Rishabh Pant outside off in most of the occasions before Pant pulled the last ball for four. After 6 DD were 39/1.

Ravindra Jadeja bowled the 7th over and conceded 8 runs thanks to brilliant fielding by Harbhajan who saved a boundary at the short third-man region. Shreyas Iyer did manage to hit a four of the 5th ball to maintain the run flow. Harbhajan did bowl some good deliveries but Pant muscled the 4th ball for four as DD were scoring at the run-rate of 6.75 rpo. For the first time in IPL 2018, Dwayne Bravo was asked to bowl inside 10 over mostly to curb the Pant effect who played some mind-blowing innings in IPL 2018. Bravo conceded only 6 runs in his first. After 9 DD were 60/1

Harbhajan came to bowl the 10th over and Pant greeted him with a six. Pant continued to swing hard and managed to hit a four and another six to end the over as Bhajji conceded 17 runs in his 2nd over. Shreyas Iyer struggling innings came to an end in the 11th over as Ngidi bowled him of the 3rd ball. Maxwell replaced Iyer at the middle and started his inning with a single. Ngidi gave Delhi Daredevils second blow in his 2nd over as he got the wicket of dangerous Pant of the last ball. Now it's up to Maxwell to show his hitting ability given Rishabh and Shreyas the top scorer for DD were back to the pavilion. The Australian did look to apply himself at the crease and dealt mostly in singles and tried to have a partnership with Vijay Shankar. Bravo bowled the 13th over and conceded only 4 balls before Vijay Shankar hit a brilliant straight drive for four. Maxwell did try to hit some bigshot but failed to do so And the horror run for Maxwell continued as he got bowled in the 14th over while trying to reverse sweep of Jadeja. Abhishek Sharma joined Vijay Shankar in the middle after Maxwell's wicket. Shardul Thakur came to bowl the 15th over and got the wicket of last match hero Abhishek Sharma who was undone by a short ball. Harshal Patel joined Shankar at the middle and took a single off the first ball. Shankar helped the last ball in the leg side for four to end the over as Shardul conceded 7 runs in his 2nd over. Lungi Ngidi bowled the 16th over and didn't bowl any bad delivery of which DD lower order can score a big shot before Harshal Patel slapped the last ball for a four. Shardul Thakur came to bowl the 17th over and gave away only 1 run in first 3 balls before Vijay Shankar dispatched the 5th ball for a six but ended the over with a brilliant Yorker. After 17 Delhi Daredevils were 118 for 5. 

Dwayne Bravo bowled the 18th over and Harshal Patel flicked the first ball for a six. Bravo came back brilliantly and never allowed DD batsmen to hit any bigshot. The CSK bowlers kept the run rate in check in last few overs. Bravo bowled the last over and greeted with a six. Delhi Daredevils batsmen showed late resilience as they collected 26 runs with the help of 4 sixes in Bravo's over as they set the target of 163 runs for Chennai Super Kings

Here are a few things to know about the Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Daredevils (CSK vs DD) match to be played at Ferozshah Kotla ground in New Delhi, the two teams' players who could prove handy, and who has said what before the clash:


Delhi Daredevils CEO disappointed with poor show: After Delhi Daredevils once again failed to reach the Indian Premier League (IPL) play-offs, the capital franchise's CEO Hemant Dua on Sunday expressed disappointment and blamed injuries to key players for the team's poor show. The Shreyas Iyer-led side suffered their ninth loss in 12 games on Saturday, which also shattered their hopes of advancing to the next stage of the cash-rich Twenty20 cricket league. The last time Delhi managed to reach the play-offs was in 2012. Delhi have never won the IPL title, having reached the semi-finals in 2008 and 2009. Dua, disappointed with the team's performance this season, however, said that the squad comprises of youngsters, on whom the success of the team depends. In a series of tweets, the CEO said: "It's been another tough year and yes we have failed again in front of you #DD fans! I have read all your tweets and we are as disappointed as you all are! I know you might not believe but that's the truth." "We all want to win and no one wants it more desperately than all of us here at @DelhiDaredevils ... we have hired the best coaches and bought players which are the best and most of you agreed post auction," he added. Dua further said the injuries to pacers Chris Morris and Kasigo Rabada hurt his side while a few other players took time to get in touch. "Injuries took away @Tipo_Morris and @KagisoRabada25 and few of our senior players were not in form or took while to click," he said.


What Suresh Raina said about aged team tag given to Chennai Super Kings (CSK): Suresh Raina has quashed talks about Chennai Super Kings (CSK) being an 'aged team' in Indian Premier League, as he on Thursday said experience is also an equally important characteristic and cited team's performance in the league, wherein they qualified for playoffs for the record ninth time on Tuesday. "People have been saying that our team is quite aged, but you need experience. All credit goes to Dhoni as you can see he is playing freely. In the IPL, he has shown that he can still play very well despite being 35-36," Raina told ANI. Currently, CSK has players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Dwayne Bravo, Shane Watson, Imran Tahir and Harbhajan Singh, who all are over 34 years old. In fact, Tahir is touching 40. In regard to the tournament, wherein the CSK has qualified for the playoffs, Raina said the job is still half done as their main aim is to clinch the IPL trophy again. "Nobody remembers the runner-up. Everybody looks up to the winner. If we win this time, then the harsh memories of the finals that we lost in previous editions of IPL will go away," said Raina, who was here to launch a store of a sports shoe company. Out of the eight IPL editions, they have played, the yellow brigade has reached finals six times, but only twice they have managed to win the coveted trophy.


Ambati Rayudu can play both pacers and spinners equally well, says Dhoni: Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni today heaped praise on Ambati Rayudu for helping his side beat Sunrisers Hyderabad in an IPL match with an unbeaten century, saying he's someone who can score runs equally well against both pacers and spinners. Opener Rayudu smashed his maiden IPL century, a 100 not out which he made from 62 balls with the help of seven fours and seven sixes as CSK chased down the target of 180 with one over to spare. "Even before IPL started I had to make space for Rayudu because he is somebody I rate him very highly. He can play both the fast bowlers and spinners very well. Most teams look to exploit the opener with spin bowling. He is someone who doesn't look like a big hitter but almost clears the field every time he plays the big shot," Dhoni said after his side beat the Sunrisers by eight wickets. Dhoni was, however, surprised that ball did not swing much when his side batted. "I thought the ball will swing more in the second half than what it did for us. The swing was not there, that was a surprise. We got off to a good start. Watson and Rayudu hit boundaries whenever there was an opportunity. Otherwise, 180 against SRH would have been a tough chase," Dhoni said.


Delhi Daredevils participate in DD-The Crest-Celebrity Golf Tournament: In a great showcase of skills transcending boundaries, The Crest, DLF5 hosted a one of its kind golf extravaganza 'DD - The Crest - Celebrity Golf Tournament' at DLF Golf and Country Club, Gurugram. The golf tournament was played between the Delhi DareDevils team and the residents of DLF5. The entire team of Delhi DareDevils including their coach Ricky Ponting, captain Shreyas Iyer, Gautam Gambhir, Glen Maxwell, Rishabh Pant and other players took to golf at the unique nine-hole tournament organised by The Crest, DLF5 and Delhi DareDevils. Delhi Daredevils coach Ricky Ponting was all praises for the world-class amenities of the course. Emerging player Rishabh Pant mesmerized the crowd by taking the first shot with a bat instead of a golf club.


The team head to head ahead of today’s IPL match between Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Daredevils (CSK vs DD):



Matches – 18, Delhi Daredevils won – 6, Chennai Super Kings won – 12


At the Feroz Shah Kotla Ground:

Matches – 6, Delhi Daredevils won – 2, Chennai Super Kings won – 4
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