IPL 2018: Mumbai Indians beat KKR by 13 runs, keep playoff hopes alive

Mumbai Indians opener Suryakumar Ashok Yadav plays a shot during the Indian Premier League (IPL) match against Kolkata Knight Riders in Mumbai on Sunday. Photo: PTI
In the 37th match of the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018, Kolkata Knight Riders won the toss and decided to bowl first.

Mumbai Indians won yet another contest and remained alive in the IPL 2018 after defeating Kolkata Knight Riders in today's match at the Wankhede Stadium. Batting first, Mumbai put up a target of 182 runs and Kolkata was short of 13 runs at the end of their 20 overs. Mumbai bowlers performed well and managed to get the victory for the team.

Earlier, Mumbai cruised to a brilliant start as Suryakumar Yadav and Evin Lewis started the attack early. Kolkata bowlers could not get an early breakthrough and the batsmen maintained the dominant position throughout. The runs were flowing with around 10 per over. KKR got their first breakthrough in the 10th over as Russell took the wicket of Lewis on a slower delivery. Mumbai Indians were 95/1 after 10 overs. Suryakumar Yadav made his fifty, Rohit Sharma failed again as he was caught after scoring 11 runs. Pandya and Suryakumar Yadav were taking the innings ahead. Russell removed Suryakumar Yadav in the 15th over. The run rate slid off a bit but Mumbai had enough overs left to bring it back on track. The remaining batsmen added runs for the team and took the total to 181 after 20 overs. Chasing the target of 182, both the openers Shubman Gill and Chris Gill got out. KKR were 47/1 after the end of the powerplay.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Over by Over

Kolkata Knight Riders playing XI: Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, Mitchell Johnson, Prasidh Krishna, Kuldeep Yadav. Prasidh Krishna, Nitish Rana in for Rinku Singh and Shivam Mavi

Over 1: Mitchell McClenaghan to Lynn, one run taken. Shubman took single of the 2nd ball. Lynn failed to score a run of the remaining 4 balls. KKR: 2/0, Chris Lynn: 1(5b), Shubman Gill: 1(1b)

Over 2: Jasprit Bumrah to Gill, one run taken. Lynn played two dot balls. Lynn hit 2 consecutive fours off the next 2 balls. Riper of a delivery went four 4 byes to end the over, MI: 15/0

Over 3: McClenaghan to Gill, superb straight drive went for four followed by a single. Lynn hit the next ball for 4 followed by another four. Lynn got out of the 5th ball while trying to hit the 3rd four. Dot ball to end the over. MI: 28/1, Chris Lynn c Bumrah b McClenaghan 17 (13b 4x4 0x6)

Over 4: Hardik Pandya to Shubman Gill, OUT. Nitish Rana came to the crease. Uthappa took a single of the 2nd ball. Rana beaten outside off followed by superb cut shot for four. Rana left the 5th ball to the keeper. Another ball left alone to end the over. KKR: 32/2, Shubman Gill c Krunal b Hardik 7 (5b 1x4 0x6)

Over 5: McClenaghan to Uthappa, 2 runs taken. DOT ball. Single taken in the third-man region. Rana cut the 4th ball for double. Rana has beaten off the 5th ball. Rana cut the last ball for 6 over the third-man fielder. KKR: 44/2, Nitish Rana: 12 (7b), Robin Uthappa: 4 (5b)

Over 6: Hardik to Uthappa, DOT ball. Markande dropped the sitter, Uthappa got a lifeline. DOT ball. Uthappa took 2 runs of the 4th ball. Bouncer, no run. Another bouncer declared WIDE. Dot ball to end the over. KKR: 47/2, Nitish Rana: 12 (7b), Robin Uthappa: 6 (11b)

Over 7: Krunal to Rana, one run taken. DOT ball. Krunal hit a six off the 3rd ball followed by a single. Rana hit the 5th ball for 4. KKR: 60/2

Over 8: Markande to Rana, gone for 4. Rana took a single off the next ball. Uthappa played 2 consecutive dot balls. Uthappa hit two consecutive sixes to end the over. KKR: 77/2

Over 9: Krunal to Rana, single taken. 2 runs taken off the next ball. Uthappa played 3 consecutive dot balls and hit the last ball for 4 to end the over. KKR: 84/2, Robin Uthappa: 31 (23b), Nitish Rana: 24 (13b)

Over 10: Ben Cutting to Rana, one run taken. Uthappa took single of the next ball. DOT ball. Another single taken by Rana. Dot ball to end the over. KKR: 91/2

Over 11: Bumrah to Rana, no run. Rana took a single off the next ball. Uthappa took single of the 3rd ball. DOT ball. Another single to end the over. Single taken by Uthappa to end the over. KKR: 95/2, Robin Uthappa: 38 (28b), Nitish Rana: 28(20b)

Over 12: Cutting to Uthappa, Dot ball to start with followed two consecutive fours to 2nd and 3rd ball. Uthappa pulled the 4th ball to brought his fifty. Fourth 4 of the over by Uthappa. Dot ball to end the over. KKR:111/4, Robin Uthappa: 54 (34b), Nitish Rana: 28(20b)

Over 13: Markande to Rana, DOT ball. Rana swept the 2nd ball for a single. Uthappa got out while trying to hit six but finds fielder at long-off boundary. Dinesh Karthik came to the crease. Markande bowled two dot balls. Rana took single to end the over. KKR: 113/3. Robin Uthappa c Cutting b Markande 54 (35b 6x4 3x6)

Over 14: Hardik to Rana, one run taken. Karthik took a single off the 2nd ball. Hardik strikes for Mumbai Indians as Rana failed to put the ball into the stand. Andre Russell came to the crease. Karthik took single off the 5th ball. Two consecutive single to end the over. KKR: 118/4, Nitish Rana c Bumrah b Hardik 31 (27b 3x4 1x6)

Over 15: McClenaghan to Karthik, 1 run taken. Russell took a single off the 2nd ball. DOT ball. McClenaghan gave away 2 runs in his last 4 balls. KKR: 122/4

Over 16: Markande to Russell, no run. Took single of the next ball. DOT ball. Another single taken single. Russell hit the 5th ball fo 4 followed by dot ball to end the over. KKR: 128/4. Dinesh Karthik: 6 (8b) and Andre Russell 8 (8b)

Over 17: Jasprit Bumrah to Karthik, one run taken. Russell took single of the 2nd ball. Another single of the 3rd ball. Russell got out while trying to pull the ball. Karthik hit the next ball for four over the point fielder. Bumrah bowled a yorker down the leg side which went for four. KKR: 139/5, Andre Russell c Krunal b Bumrah 9 (10b 1x4 0x6)

Over 18: Hardik to Narine, no run. SIngle of the next ball. DOT ball. Karthik cut the next ball for four to bring the deficit down to 38 runs. Another dot ball of the over. A single taken to end the over. KKR: 145/5, Dinesh Karthik: 17 (16b), Sunil Narine: 1 (2b)

Over 19: Bumrah to Karthik, lower full toss no run. Full toss and Karthik hit a six just over the mid-wicket fielder. Karthik declined a single. Bouncer, no run. Karthik hit a four straight down the ground. Duminy dropped a sitter which went for four. KKR: 159/5

Over 20: Krunal to Narine, hit straight down the ground for 4. Narine OUT trying to hit another big shot. Dot ball. Karthik hit the ball over the third-man fielder. Karthik failed to see KKR home as MI won the match by 13 runs.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Analysis

Chris Lynn and Shubhman Gill opened the batting for KKR, Mitchell McClenaghan came for the first over. Just two runs came off the first over. Jasprit Bumrah took the next over, the fourth ball went to the third man for a four, Lynn went for a four yet again in the next ball, the last ball also went for a boundary. Lynn hit a hattrick of fours in the third over by McClenaghan. The bowler took his revenge in the next ball by dismissing Lynn. Hardik Pandya removed Shubhman Gill on the first ball of the next over, Nitish Rana replaced him. McClenaghan came for the 5th over, apart from doubles, Rana hit him for a six on the last ball.Hardik took the 6th over, Uthappa was dropped on the second ball. Just 3 runs came in the over. Krunal Pandya took the 7th over, Uthappa went for a six and Rana hit a four after that. 

Bumrah came for the 10th over and conceded just 4 runs off it. Ben Cutting took the 11th over, Uthappa hit four consecutive boundaries in the over. Markande got Uthappa’s wicket in the next over and Dinesh Karthik came after him, just 2 runs came off the over. Hardik Pandya got Nitish Rana on the third ball of the next over. Andre Russell came in after that, 5 runs came off the over, all in singles. McClenaghan was back into the attack in the 15th over, he gave 4 runs and the ball was in Markande's hands, 6 runs came off it, including a boundary. Bumrah came next and managed to get the wicket of Russell on the fourth ball, Karthik hit two consecutive boundaries after that. Pandya took the 18th Karthik hit a boundary on the fourth ball. KKR needed 37 in the last two overs. Bumrah came for the second last over, Karthik hit a six on the second ball, a boundary came off the second last ball. Another four came off the last ball. Krunal Pandya took the last over, a boundary came on the first ball, Narine was out in the next ball. 19 runs were required in the last 4 balls. Karthik hit a boundary on the second last ball but nothing much could be done after that. Mumbai won by 13 runs in the end.

Mumbai Indians: Over by over

Mumbai Indians playing XI: Evin Lewis, Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Rohit Sharma, JP Duminy, Krunal Pandya, Hardik Pandya, Ben Cutting, Mitchell McClaneghan, Jasprit Bumrah, Mayank Markande. No change

Over 1: Nitish Rana to Suryakumar Yadav, one run taken. Evin Lewis not able to score of the remaining 5 balls as Rana bowled with good line and length. MI: 1/0

Over 2: Prasidh Krishna to Suryakumar Yadav, dot ball to start with. Yadav cut the 2nd ball for 4. Dot ball. Another dot ball. Single taken off the 5th ball. Lewis took double to end the over. MI: 8/0

Over 3: Mitchell Johnson to Suryakumar Yadav, dot ball. Pulled the 2nd ball for 6 in square leg region followed by a glorious cover drive for 4. Dot ball. Yadav cut the 5th ball for 4. Single to end the over. MI: 23/0

Over 4: Sunil Narine to Yadav, dot ball. Another dot ball. Single taken. No run. Two consecutive four to end the over. MI: 32/0

Over 5: Prasidh Krishna to Yadav, no run. Yadav took a single off the 2nd ball. Lewis took a single off the 3rd ball. Another single taken. Lewis pulled the 5th ball for 6 in the square leg region. One run taken to end the over. MI: 42/0

Over 6: Piyush Chawla to Evin Lewis, full toss muscled for 6. Inside out shot went for 4. Lewis edged the 3rd ball for 4. Yorker, no run taken. Dot ball. No run taken to end the over. MI: 56/0

Over 7: Kuldeep Yadav to Suryakumar, late cut, two run taken. One run taken of the second ball. Another single taken. Suryakumar hit the 4th ball for 6 over mid-wicket field. Two dot balls to end the over. MI: 66/0

Over 8: Nitish Rana to Lewis, single taken. Suryakumar hit the 2nd ball for four. Single taken, intelligent batting. Outside edge went for four. WIDE. Rana dropped extremely hard catch, one run taken. Suryakumar hit a four in the cover region to end the over. MI: 82/0

Over 9: Kuldeep to Lewis, dot ball. Single taken, Another single taken by Suryakumar. Dot ball. One run taken by Lewis. Cut the last ball for 4 to end the over. MI: 89/0, Suryakumar: 47 (28b) and Lewis: 41 (26b)

Over 10: Andre Russell to Lewis, two run taken. Evin Lewis OUT of the slower ball. Rohit Sharma came to the crease, no run taken. Rohit took a single off the 4th ball. WIDE. One run taken by Suryakumar. Quick single taken by Rohit to end the over. MI: 95/1 Evin Lewis: 43 (28b 5x4 2x6)(OUT)

Over 11: Chawla to Rohit, dot ball. Rohit hit the 2nd ball for four, took single of the next ball. Suryakumar took one run of the next ball. Rohit took double of the 5th ball. Dot ball to end the over. MI: 103/1 Rohit Sharma: 9 (8b), Suryakumar Yadav: 49 (30b)

Over 12: Sunil Narine to Suryakumar, one run taken to complete 4th IPL 2018 fifty. Rohit took double of the next ball. Dot ball. Rohit Sharma out while trying to hit six Rinku Singh completed the catch to dismiss MI skipper. Hardik came to the crease. Suryakumar took single of the 5th ball. Risky double taken by Hardik to end the over. MI: 109/2, RG Sharma c sub (Rinku Singh) b Narine 11 (11b 1x4 0x6) OUT

Over 13: Chawla to Suryakumar, started the over with 4 runs followed by a single. Dot ball followed by a six. Single taken of the next ball. Suryakumar took single to end the over. MI: 122/2, Suryakumar Yadav: 57 (35b), Hardik Pandya: 9 (4b)

Over 14: Johnson to Suryakumar, beaten outside off. Single taken. Hardik took single of the 3rd ball. Another single taken by Suryakumar. DOT ball, Hardik took single to end the over. MI: 126/2, Suryakumar Yadav: 57 (35b), Hardik Pandya: 9 (4b)

Over 15: Andre Russell to Hardik, single taken. Tired shot by Suryakumar got his wicket. Krunal pulled the first ball for four. Krunal failed to score of the next two balls. Single taken to end the over. MI: 132/3, Suryakumar Yadav c Karthik b Russell 59 (39b 7x4 2x6)

Over 16: Prasidh to Krunal, single taken. Hardik took a single off the 2nd ball. Dot ball. Krunal took a single. Hardik hit 2 consecutive fours to end the over. MI: 143/3, Hardik Pandya: 21 (11b), Krunal Pandya: 7 (7b)

Over 17: Narine to Krunal, no run. Single taken by Krunal of the next ball. hardik took single off the 3rd ball. Krunal hit a muscled the 4th ball for 6 but got out of the next ball while trying to do the same. Duminy came to the crease and beaten outside off, no run. MI: 151/4, Krunal Pandya c Shubman Gill b Narine 14 (11b 1x4 1x6)

Over 18: Johnson to Hardik, Wide. Single of the first ball. Duminy took double off the 2nd ball but beaten outside off of the next ball. Bouncer, no run. WIDE. Leg bye taken. Single taken by Hardik off the last ball. MI: 158/4, Hardik Pandya: 24 (14b), JP Duminy: 2 (5b)

Over 19: Narine to Hardik, single taken. Duminy hit the second ball for 6 followed by two quick runs. Single taken. Hardik took single off the 5th ball. Duminy took single to end the over. MI: 170/4,  Hardik Pandya: 26 (16b), JP Duminy: 12 (9b)

Over 20: Prasidh to Duminy, dot ball. Single taken off the next ball. Hardik edged the third ball for four. WIDE. Another edge went for four in the third-man region. DOT ball as Hardik's bat slipped from his hand. Single taken to end the over. MI: 181/4,  Hardik Pandya: 35 (20b), JP Duminy: 13 (11b)

Mumbai Indians innings analysis

Suryakumar Yadav and Lewis came to open for Mumbai Indians and Nitish Rana just gave a single off it. Yadav hit a boundary off Prasidh in the next over, JOhnson came for the third over, Yadav started the hitting, including a six and two boundaries. Lewis swung into action in the next over and hit Sunil Narine for two consecutive boundaries. Prasidh took the 5th over and after some singles, he hit a six. Lewis smashed a six and two boundaries in the next over off Piyush Chawla. Kuldeep Yadav started well but Yadav hit him for a six on the 4th ball.

Mumbai Indians were 66/0 after 7 overs. Suryakumar Yadav 33 (23) and Evin Lewis 33 (19) were at the crease. The run rate was 9.4 per over.

Nitish Rana came for the 8th over, the batsmen continued the attack. It was a big over for Mumbai as they collected 16 runs off it. Kuldeep Yadav came for the 9th over and apart from singles, a boundary came off the last ball. Russell took the much needed wicket of Lewis on the second ball of the 10th over, capttain Rohit Sharma came to replace him. Piyush Chawla came for the 11th over, Rohit hit a boundary on the second ball, the rest of the over went in singles and doubles. Sunil Narine took the 12th over, Suryakumar Yadav brought in his fifty by taking a  single on the first ball. Rohit sharma faced another failure with the bat and was caught on Narine's fourth ball. Hardik Pandya came to replace the captain.
Piyush Chawla was brought in to bowl the 13th over, Yadav hit a boundary off the first ball and Pandya went for a six later. Johnson gave away only 4 runs in 14th over

Mumbai Indians were 126/2 after 14 overs. Suryakumar Yadav 59 (38) and Hardik Pandya 11 (7) were at the crease. The run rate was 9 per over.

Andre Russell took the 15th over and Suryakumar Yadav's wicket in the second ball, Krunal Pandya came to replace him and went for a boundary on his first ball. Russell gave 6 runs off the over. Prasidh came for the 16th over, his slower balls kept the batsmen from scoring any big shots but the Hardik decided to go for two boundaries on the last two balls. Sunil Narine came for the next over, Krunal Pandya was caught on the fourth ball. jp Duminy came next. Johnson came for the 18th over singles were coming in. In the 19th over, Johnson came and 12 runs came off it. Prasidh took the last over, a boundary came off the 3rd ball, a boundary came after a wide. Mumbai Indians scored 181/4 after 20 overs.

Here are a few things to know about the Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders (MI vs KKR) match to be played at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, the two teams' players who could prove handy, and who has said what before the clash:



What Uthappa said about Sunil Narine’s bowling and batting: Kolkata Knight Riders vice-captain Robin Uthappa has praised the all-round skills of his team-mate Sunil Narine but said that the West Indian has been doing better in the bowling department this IPL 2018. "Sunil (Narine) is someone who has always enjoyed batting, someone who's always been a batsman who can bowl than a bowler. But what he bowled and what he does with his bowling skill is that his batting got overshadowed," Uthappa told reporters ahead of KKR's match against Mumbai Indians.


What Piyush Chawla said about youngster Shubman Gill: Seasoned Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) wrist spinner Piyush Chawla feels Shubman Gill is a special talent following the young batsman's unbeaten 57 that helped the team beat the more-fancied Chennai Super Kings (CSK) by six wickets in an Indian Premier League (IPL). "Before the start of the matches, during our camp...I had said that he is a special talent. Today he proved it," Chawla said. Nitish was injured and he was doing well for us. We needed somebody who can graft the innings and he did exactly the same, what the team demanded from him," Chawla said when asked about Gill being pushed up the order. "Batting at No.7, I guess if you see the team combination, it's a team game so team comes first," he added.


What Rohit Sharma said about Mumbai Indians chances in the IPL 2018: After a much-needed victory over Kings XI Punjab (KXIP), Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma believes his side is still alive in the tournament and could make it to the play-offs. "I think we are still alive. Good performance tonight, and a much-needed win for us. We needed everyone to come and put a collective effort." "We started well with the ball. To restrict their batting unit on this pitch at this ground was a great effort. And to chase it down the way we did was really nice," the Mumbai skipper added. Explaining his decision to bat lower-down the order, the 31-year-old said: "The way we went about our chase in the first 10 overs, I felt we needed momentum. So, Hardik, the way he plays, was suited to do that."


Ajit Agarkar blames MI middle order for team's poor run: Former India pacer Ajit Agarkar today blamed the Mumbai Indians' middle order for the defending champions' poor show in the Indian Premier League. He also wanted MI skipper Rohit Sharma to open or bat at number three. MI are languishing in the last spot with just four points and are staring at an early exit. "Their (MI) bowling attack is quite potent, (but) they haven't again delivered. Their batting has kind of let them down - their middle order. They just somehow have missed the important moments in a game and have probably let themselves down," Agarkar said.


KKR have a strong core for next 5-7 years, says Robin Uthappa: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Vice Captain Robin Uthappa feels that the team now has a strong core group of players who can deliver for the next 5-7 years. "I think we have got a side that can hold strong core for the next 5-7 years easily," Uthappa told KKR's official website on the eve of their Indian Premier League (IPL) away tie against Mumbai Indians. "So for me, I think that is commendable to have that kind of side. It's commendable to have decision maker to have such setup," he added talking about KKR having a young set of players this time and miminal squad.


Brett Lee calls Shivam Mavi future of Indian bowling: Former Australian pacer Brett Lee has heaped praise on rookie Kolkata Knight Riders fast bowler Shivam Mavi, saying he is the future of Indian bowling. Mavi, who was part of the World Cup-winning U-19 team led by Prithvi Shaw, had impressed everyone with his performance. Now, he is part of the Kolkata Knight Riders in the ongoing Indian Premier League and has taken three wickets in seven games so far. "I think Mavi has got everything. His actions are beautiful and he packs himself as a fully furnished bowler. "With youngsters like Mavi, it's extremely important to play with confidence, enjoying the spirit of the game," Lee, a Star Sports Select Dugout expert, was quoted as saying in a media release. "He knows what he is doing and it looks like he really enjoys his cricket. I think Mavi for me is the future for Indian bowlers," added Lee, who in his prime troubled even top-notch batsmen with his pace.


Team head to head ahead of Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders (MI vs KKR) match



Matches – 22, Mumbai Indians won – 17, Kolkata Knight Riders won – 5


At the Wankhede Stadium:

Matches – 8, Mumbai Indians won – 7, Kolkata Knight Riders won – 1
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