IPL 2018: Chennai Super Kings beat RCB by 6 wickets, climb table top

Chennai Super Kings' Ravindra Jadeja with his teammates celebrates the dismissal of Royal Challengers Bangalore's captain Virat Kohli during an IPL cricket match in Pune. Photo: PTI
In the 35th match of the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018, Chennai Super Kings defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune and moved to the top of the VIVO points table. RCB were in the pursuit of remaining alive in the tournament to qualify for the playoffs but this defeat reduced their chances as remained at the sixth spot of the VIVO points table. Earlier, Chennai Super Kings won the toss and decided to field against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

RCB suffered an early setback as McCullum and then Kohli and de Villiers took an early exit and were a damp squib for the team. Parthiv Patel played a good knock and completed his half-century, but he was not getting any help from another end as no batsmen could manage to stay in front of CSK bowling attack. On a day when RCB needed their captain to lead the batting department, came the disappointment for the team as he departed on a meagre score.

Jadeja and Harbhajan wreaked havoc by taking wickets at regular intervals and more than half of the team vanished soon, surrendering to the attack by CSK bowlers.

Chasing a low score, Chennai Super Kings started on a good note but soon Umesh Yadav removed Watson's off stump on a beautiful yorker. Chennai batsmen were restricted up to an extent from hitting big shots. Rayudu took the initiative started the hitting.

Raina's interesting dismissal pumped energy into RCB's squad. The next few overs after that went fine for CSK as Rayudu was still going strong and they had enough balls and wickets in hand. Just then, M Ashwin removed Rayudu. Despite the opposition nearing their target, RCB fielders maintained an active presence on the field. Chances came for dismissal but the same fielders could not rise to the occasion. A slight come back from RCB but overall the match was in CSK's clutches. Victory looked imminent for CSK as RCB did not have a good defending total.


Chennai Super Kings innings update: Over by over

Over 1: Ambati Rayudu and Shane Watson will open the innings for CSK. Tim Southee to start it off for RCB. First ball four. Dot ball. Another dot ball. Brilliant stuff. Another shot for four. Single. Onto the pads, dot ball. CSK: 9-0

Over 2: Yuzvendra Chahal is the new bowler. Dot ball. Another dot to Watson. Another dot, superb stuff. Tried to take a run, turned back. Maiden over by Chahal. CSK: 9-0

Over 3: Umesh Yadav comes to the attack, Dot ball. Rayudu hits huge six, utilised the bouncer and the speed, went over the keeper's head. Sent back. Slower bouncer, didn't go all the way. Brilliant yorker, WHAT A BALL. CLEAN BOWLED. CSK 18-1

Over 4: Southee continues, Dot balls. Slashed for single. Raina flicks for a double. Single to Raina. Single to end the over. CSK: 23-1

Over 5: Umesh Continues, swing and a miss. Brilliant bowling. Good shot, nicely times for double. Just tree from the over. CSK: 26-1

Over 6: Southee continues, mis-field, one run. Raina makes room and tries to hit it over the in-field, gets just one. Nicely pulled over the in-field for four. SIX. Drive on the off side for no run. Classic cover drive for four. CSK: 42-1

Over 7: Siraj comes in, Just one. Raina hits it for a huge six, sheer power. Run out opportunity missed. CSK: 51-1

Over 8: Chahal comes to bowl. Dot ball. Short pitch ball to Raina, he hits it for four. Single. Another easy single. Single again. Dot to finish. CSK: 58-1

Over 9: Umesh comes in, Raina works it behind the wicket for four. Huge appeal, not out. Straight to the fielder. Raina hits at long, superb catch by Tim Southee. Raina goes for 25. CSK: 62-2. Dhruv Shorey is the new man in. 

Over 10: Siraj continues, single. Another single. Dot ball. Single taken. Rayudu pulls it for a huge six. SK: 71-2

Over 11: Colin de Grandhomme comes to bowl. Single. Another single. Short pitch on the leg stump, got the treatment it deserves, four runs. Single. Missed. Sent back. CSK: 78-2

Over 12: M Ashwin is in the attack. Out! Rayudu gone. soft dismissal. Mahendra Singh Doni comes in, WIDE. Dot ball. WIDE. Cuts for no run. Still can't get off the mark, Dhoni. Wicket Maiden. CSK: 80-3

Over 13: Colin de Grandhomme continues., Shorey is gone, brilliant catch at point. He got out for 8. Dwayne Bravo comes in. Dot ball. Just a single. CSK: 82-4

Over 14: Ashwin comes in, Dhoni hits a powerful stroke, just two. Single. Chahal dropped it. Almost an edge. Dot to finish. CSK: 86-4

Over 15: Colin continues, Brilliant bowling, very tight line. CSK: 89-4

Over 16: Ashwin continues, Dot ball. Bravo pulls for SIX. One run. Dhoni misses. Four, through covers. Stumping, appeal. Turned down. CSK: 100-4

Over 17: Colin continues, Single. CSK 106-4

Over 18: Chahal continues, bowls a wide. Dot ball. Pulled from outside the off for a SIX. NO BALL. FREE HIT. SIX, powerful hit. Here is another one. SIX. Single. CSK win by 6 wickets. 
Chennai Super Kings innings analysis after end of match

Southee took the first over and Shane Watson and Ambati Rayudu opened for CSK. Watson hit 2 boundaries in the first over. Yuzvendra Chahal came for the second over and bowled a maiden as Watson could not hit the ball for runs. Umesh Yadav took the third over and, Rayudu smashed a six on the second ball. After taking the strike, Watson tried to hit hard but the ball landed short of the boundary rope and he managed two runs. Umesh Yadav removed the off stump in retaliation in the next ball and Watson was off to the pavilion. Raina came in. Tim Southee took the 4th over and the batsmen made 5 runs off it in singles and a double. Yadav returned for the 5th over and started with a swinging delivery. Yadav continued his good line and length, the batsman took just 3 runs off it. Southee came next to bowl and the batsmen rotated strike in the first two balls but then Rayudu decided to go for a boundary and then a six on the next ball the last ball went for a boundary. Chennai were 42/1 after 6 overs. Ambati Rayudu 24(15) and Suresh Raina 6 (7) were at the crease. The run rate was 7.0 per over.

Mohammed Siraj came for the 7th over, Raina after being silent for a while, sent the ball past the boundary rope for a six, escaped a run out on the next ball. Chahal was deployed to get a breakthrough by the captain, Raina smashed him for a boundary on the second ball and then the batsmen took singles. Umesh Yadav came next and Raina went for a four on the short length delivery. Yadav got his revenge back on the 4th ball as Southee took a brilliant catch close to the boundary rope. Chennai were 62/2 after 8.4 overs. The run rate was 7.15 per over.

Mohammed Siraj came for the 10th over and batsmen managed singles off it and Shorey hit a six on the last ball. Colin de Grandhomme took the 11th over, Rayudu hit a boundary on the third ball. M Ashwin took Rayudu's wicket on the first ball of the 11th over. Dhoni came to bat and fielders maintained that he didn't score a run. Barring two wides, M Ashwin didn't give any run in the over. Colin de Grandhomme came for the 13th over and got Shorey's wicket on the second ball, Mandeep took a good catch at backward point. Dwayne Bravo replaced Shorey and was dropped by Parthiv Patel on the 4th ball, just two runs came from the over. M Ashwin came for the 14th over, Chahal dropped Bravo on the 4th ball and an appeal in the next ball went in vain. 

Chennai were 86/4 after 14 overs. Dwayne Bravo 2(5) and M S Dhoni 4 (10) were at the crease. The run rate was 6.14 per over.

Colin de Grandhomme was good with the ball as just 3 runs came in the 15th over. M Ashwin gave 1 runs in the next over as Dhoni and Bravo picked the ball well. Colin de Grandhomme returned for the 17th over and the batsmen took singles only, adding 6 more runs. Chahal returned to bowl his third over and Dhoni smashed him for a six on the second ball. Chahal bowled a no-ball on the next delivery and Dhoni looked set to hit big on the free hit, the story went that way only. Another six followed in the next ball, three in a row for Dhoni and 2 runs were needed now but Dhoni took a single and gave Bravo the chance to hit the winning run on the last ball, Bravo did the formality and Chennai won the match by six wickets.

Royal Challengers Banglore innings update: Over by over

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) playing XI: Parthiv Patel(wk), Brendon McCullum, Virat Kohli(capt), AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Colin de Grandhomme, Tim Southee, Murugan Ashwin, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal. Quinton de Kock, Manan Vohra, Washington Sundar out, AB de Villiers, Parthiv Patel, Murugan Ashwin in the team

Over1: David Wiley to Parthiv Patel, no run. Inside edge on to pad, another dot ball. Single in the leg side region. Brendon McCullum on the strike. One run taken by McCullum. Leg-bye taken. McCullum hit the last ball for four. RCB: 7/0


Over 2: Lungi Ngidi to Parthiv Patel, inside edge went for single. Wide. McCullum danced down the pitch top edge, OUT. Parthiv Patel a Dot ball. Slogged the 4th ball for four just over mid-on fielder followed by another four in the mid-wicket region. Dot ball to end the over. RCB: 17/1


Over 3: David Wiley to Virat Kohli, Dot ball to start with. Single is taken of the second ball. Parthiv took a single of the 3rd ball. Dot ball. Another single taken. Six by Parthiv to end the over. RCB: 26/1

Over 4: Lungi Nigidi to Kohli, leg bye taken. Parthiv patel 3 dot balls followed by single. Kohli took a risky single if Rayudu missed the direct throw. RCB: 29/1


Over 5: Shardul Thakur to Virat Kohli, dot ball followed by 4 over the bowler head. Another dot ball. Single taken. Pull shot by Parthiv 2 runs. Another short ball, this time went for single.


Over 6: Ngidi to Parthiv, beaten outside off. Slower ball on the pads flicked for 6. Dot ball. Parthiv tried to hit big shot deceived by a slower ball. Another swing and a miss. Slapped the ball in cover for 4 to end the powerplay. RCB: 47/1

 Over 7: Ravindra Jadeja to Virat Kohli, BOWLED. ABD took a single. Double taken by Patel. Single taken. 2 dot balls to end the over. RCB: 51/2

Over 8: Harbhajan to Parthiv, Four to start with. Bhajji dropped Parthiv single taken. ABD stumped out. Big two of RCB back to the dug-out. Mandeep played to dot balls. Single taken to end the over. RCB: 57/3

Over 9: Jadeja to Mandeep, Single taken. Parthiv took single of the 2nd ball. Mandeep played 2 dot balls. Followed by 2 singles to end the over. RCB: 61/3

Over 10: Harbhajan to Parthiv, cut the ball for four. Single taken, Mandeep took single of the third ball. Another single taken. Two dot balls to end the over. RCB: 68/3


Over 11: Jadeja to Patel, single taken. Mandeep took single of the the 2nd ball. Dot ball. Single taken. Mandeep took quick 2 runs. Jadeja took the wicket of Mandeep at the last ball of the over. RCB: 73/4


Over 12: Harbhajan to Parthiv, no run. Single taken. Grandhomme, no run. Single taken by Grandhomme. Another single taken. Four to end the over. RCB: 80/4


Over 13: Jadeja to Parthiv, single taken. Another single taken. Parthiv got out of the 5th ball, a big blow to RCB. Murugan took single to end the over. RCB 85/5


Over 14: Harbhajan to Murujan, stumped by Dhoni. Tim Southee came to the crease, dot ball. another dot ball. Single taken of the 4th ball. No run of the 5th ball. Single to end the over. RCB: 87/6


Over 15: David Wiley to Grandhomme, out. Southee took single of the 2nd ball. Yadav played 3 dot balls and took a single to end the over. RCB: 29/7 

Over 16: Lungi Ngidi to Umesh Yadav, Run out. Southee took single of the 2nd ball. Siraj played 2 dot balls. Leg bye taken of the of the 5th ball. Single to end the over. RCB: 92/3


Over 17: David Wiley to Southee, no run. Double taken by Southee followed by another dot ball. Inside edge went for four. Some luck for RCB. Another dot ball. Southee took a single to keep the strike. RCB: 99/8


Over 18: DJ Bravo to Southee, cover drive for four. Ball in air fall short of long-on fielder, one run taken.  Another single taken by Siraj. Southee squeezed the Yorker for single.  Siraj took single of the 5th ball. 5 runs to finish the over as overthrow went for four. RCB: 112/8


Over 19: Bravo to Southee, single not taken. Six of the second ball. Southee Edged the 3rd ball for four as Ngidi good attempt goes in vain. Dot ball outside off. Single taken. Southee decline to take a single as bowl went to 3rd man region. RCB: 123/8


Over 20: Bravo to Southee, deceived by a slower ball. Southee declined single and Siraj fell but throw went over the bowler’s head. Double taken of the 3rd ball. dot ball. Single taken of the 5th ball. Siraj out while trying to take double. RCB: 127/9

Royal Challengers Banglore innings analysis

Parthiv Patel and Brendon McCullum opened the batting for RCB while David Willey took the bowling charge in the first over. The bowler appealed for LBW in the second ball but umpire turned it down. Slight swing was also seen, compelling Parthiv to change the strike. A boundary came on the last ball by McCullum. Lungi Ngidi came and ended McCullum's inning on his second ball. RCB Captain Virat Kohli came at number three, Parthi swung into action and went for two consecutive boundaries, RCB got 10 runs in the over. The third over started with singles and Pathiv ended it with a six. RCB were 26/1 after 3 overs. Parthiv Patel 17(11) and Virat Kohli 2(4) were at the crease.

Parthiv took the strike after a single by Virat Kohli on the first ball of the third over, three dot balls followed and the batsmen settled with two singles after that. Shardul Thakur came for the 5th over and Kohli sent the ball for a boundary. Parthiv Patel couldn't hit the last two balls for boundaries even after good attempts, but added 3 runs off them. Lungi Ngidi took the 6th over and Parthiv hit a six on the second ball towards backward square leg, Ngidi made a come back with two dot balls. Parthiv sent the last ball for a boundary.

RCB were 47/1 after 6 overs. Parthiv Patel 31(23) and Virat Kohli 8(10) were at the crease. The run rate was 7.8 per over.

Ravindra Jadeja bowled RCB captain Virat Kohli on the very first ball of the 7th over his team was in celebration mode, except the bowler himself. The 8th over started well for RCB as Parthiv was in a punishing mode, veteran leg-spinner Harbhajan Singh took his revenge on the third ball as he cleverly sketched out dangerous de Villiers' departure with Dhoni who stumped him. Jadeja came for the ninth over and RCB managed just 4 runs off it. RCB were 61/3 after 9 overs. Parthiv Patel 41(29) and Mandeep Singh 3(7) were at the crease. The run rate was 6.78 per over.

Harbhajan Singh took the 9th over and Parthiv Patel was in no mood to waste any ball, he hit a four on the first ball, three singles followed. Jadeja came next to bowl and kept it to singles only for the batsmen. Jadeja struck on the last ball, removing Mandeep Singh. Harbhajan Singh came for the 12th over and RCB collected 7 runs from it, including a boundary. Parthiv Patel brought up his fifty in the same over. Jadeja was brought in in the next over and he fulfilled the expectations of his captain by removing the dangerous Parthiv Patel. Murugan Ashwin came next and took a single. Harbhajan Singh took the 14th over and ended Murugan Ashwin's inning on the first ball again by partnering with Dhoni who stumped him. Tim Southee came next, the run rate took a plunge after regular wicket fall. Harbhajan gave just 2 runs from his over nad finished his quota of 4 overs. Colin de Grandhomme gave away his wicket to Willey on the first ball of the 15th over. Umesh Yadav came next and struggled to touch the ball with the bat. Just 2 runs came from Willey's over. RCB were 89/7 after 15 overs. Umesh Yadav 1 (4) and Tim Southee 2 (4) were at the crease. The run rate was 5.9 per over.

After the strategic time out, Lungi Ngidi started the bowling and Umesh Yadav was run out on the first ball. Mohammed Siraj came next but nothing much happened in the over after that. David Willey took the 17th over and Southee managed a boundary on the 4th ball and took a single on the last ball.

Southee hit Bravo for a boundary on the first ball of the next over, Singles followed after that and RCB gained 5 runs on the last ball, courtesy an overthrow after LBW appeal by Bravo. Shardul Thakur came to bowl the 19th over and Southee smashed a six on the second ball, the next ball flew for a four after Southee hit an unusual shot. Southee flayed the 5th ball for a single and Siraj ended the over without any run. Bravo took the last over and comedy of errors were observed in the second ball, Siraj went for a single but Southee sent him back, Ngidi threw the ball for towards Bravo but it was an overthrow, Siraj, got up after stumbling in the middle and returned to the non-striker's end. Southee took a double on the next ball. Siraj was run out on the last ball of the RCB innings in an attempt to convert a single into two runs. RCB scored 127/9 in 20 overs with the run rate of 6.35 per over.


Chennai Super Kings playing XI: Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(capt&wk), Dhruv Shorey, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, David Willey, Harbhajan Singh, Lungi Ngidi, Shardul Thakur. Faf du Plessis, KM Asif, Karn Sharma out; Dhruv Shorey, David Willey, Shardul Thakur in the team

Here are a few things to know about the Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (CSK vs RCB) match to be played at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune, the two teams' players who could prove handy, and who has said what before the clash:

AB de Villiers fit, de Kock to miss today's game, says Vettori: Royal Challengers Bangalore head coach Daniel Vettori said their star player AB de Villiers would play today’s match against Chennai Super Kings. However, de Villiers' compatriot Quinton De Kock has flown back home to attend a wedding. The RCB batting mainstay had missed last the two games due to viral fever. "AB is fit. Quinton is away from this game. He has returned home for a wedding. He's unavailable for this match. Easy decision for us to make," Vettori told reporters on the eve of the match.


What CSK head coach Fleming said after KKR’s match: Defending his players after the loss to Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in an Indian Premier League (IPL) game here, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) head coach Stephen Fleming said the team has performed well so far and changes are not required after just one bad game. Poor fielding and bowling let CSK down against KKR at the Eden Gardens. "We were exposed and I think sometimes it reflected on the bowling. Certainly, we were on the backfoot with some good fielders making mistakes, it hit down a little bit. Look, that can happen in a long tournamentÂ… It's not a great performance by any means but we have got hours rather than days to rectify. A loss just is a little slap on the face and hopefully it has not affected in day and half's time and there's still going to be hardwork," Fleming said.


What Virat Kohli said after victory over Mumbai Indians: Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli said the win against Mumbai Indians was very important as the team desperately wanted a victory at this stage of IPL 2018. we needed that win. Very important win at such an important stage of the tournament. In the last couple of games, we were picking up. Tonight was an occasion we needed that two points. This is the push we needed," Kohli said.


What Australian veteran Mark Waugh said about RCB death bowling: Former Australian batsman Mark Waugh has attributed the poor performance of the Virat-Kohli led Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the ongoing edition of the IPL to their death bowling. "Death bowling is a major area of concern for RCB currently as their bowlers are too expensive towards the end," Waugh, a Star Sports Select Dugout expert, was quoted as saying in a media release. "They have had chances to win games but they just can"t find the right set of combination in the last couple of overs which is affecting the team's results," added Waugh, who played 128 Tests for Australia and scored 8,029 runs.


Chopping and changing not required after one bad game, says Fleming: Sloppy fielding and lacklustre bowling let Chennai Super Kings down against Kolkata Knight Riders but coach Stephen Fleming strongly backed the side, saying one bad game does not mean it's time for "chopping and changing" . One of the best fielders of Indian cricket, Ravindra Jadeja, dropped Sunil Narine twice on six, off KM Asif's successive deliveries. “We got to be careful that we don't get too carried away after one bad game where the bowling looked a little bit off. It's too easy to start chopping and changing after one bad game. Look those guys bowled us to a win in the last game. You just got be careful and not be too knee-jerk and make sure that you run the sequence long enough to see true form come through," Fleming said.


Crucial win over MI birthday gift to Anushka, said Virat Kohli: Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli has dedicated his side's much-needed win over Mumbai Indians in their last IPL game to his actress wife Anushka Sharma, who celebrated her 30th birthday. "We should take this confidence forward. My wife is here and it's her birthday. This was a little gift for her. It was very important to achieve these two points in front of her," Virat said.


Here is how CSK and RCB compared head to head in IPL matches played so far


Matches played: 22,

Chennai Super Kings won: 14,

Royal Challengers Bangalore won: 7,

No Result: 1
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