IPL 2018: Kolkata beat RCB by 6 wickets; Chirs Lynn scores match-winning 68

Kolkata Knight Riders Chris Lynn and Subhuman Gill celebrates win over Royal Challengers Bangalore during IPL 2018 match at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru on Sunday | Photo: Reuters
In the 29th match of Vivo Indian Premier League (IPL 2018) Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) by 6 wickets at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. KKR pulled up a great show with the bat and chased the target of 176 runs on the last over. RCB bowlers could not get an early breakthrough and dropping Chris Lynn on 7 runs cost RCB the match as he went on for a match-winning knock. There was a little contest in the last few overs as wickets fell, but overall it looked like a one-sided match as RCB bowlers and fielders failed to perform. After winning today's match Kolkata Knight Riders consolidated their position in Vivo IPL points table with 8 points.


Kolkata Knight Riders innings update: Over by over

Over 1: Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine to open for KKR. Tim Southee to start off for RCB. Single to Lynn. Chance, Kohli just couldn't reach it. KKR: 5-0

Over 2: Umesh Yadav is into the attack. SIX, FOUR. what an over. KKR: 18-0

Over 3: Southee continues, two fours. Brilliant stuff. In the air, safe again. KKR 29-0

Over 4: Yuzvendra Chahal is into the attack. Swept for four by Lynn. Lynn hits it in the air, M Ashwin puts it down. KKR: 36-0

Over 5: Umesh is back, four to Lynn. Dot ball. And another one. SIX, down the ground. Cracking shot, stopped. Just one. Dot ball. KKR: 47-0

Over 6: Chahal continues, almost took the off stump. Missed again. Lynn gives himself room and wacks it four. Missed again, almost hit the wicket. KKR: 51-0

Over 7: Siraj is into the attack, bouncer, wide. Single to Sunil. Single again. Dot ball. Cracking shot for four. Lynn is on fire. KKR: 59-0

Over 8: Murugab Ashwin is into the attack. Sunil Narine hits it to the long-off and he is gone. Brilliant start for Ashwin. Uthappa is the new man in, one run. Swept for one. In the air, almost gone, but goes for six. What turn. KKR: 67-1

Over 9: Siraj is back, bouncer, given wide. One run to Lynn. Dot ball. Single to Lynn. Flicked off the pads for four. Single, that was risky. Dot to finish. KKR: 74-1

Over 10: Ashwin continues, Four, brilliant timing. Reverse swept for four. Single. Swept for four now. Single taken. 14 came from it. KKR: 88-1

Over 11: Chahal continues, just one. Uthappa, wacks it for six. Easy singles. Runs coming very easily. Dot ball. Single taken. KKR 98-1

Over 12: Umesh is back. Dot to start off with. Cut for one. Bouncer. Flicked for four. KKR: 106-1

Over 13: Aswhin back in the attack, Uthappa hits it in the air, taken on the ropes. He goes for 36. Chirs Lynn trying to hit it hard. Six runs from the over. KKR 112-2

Over 14: Chahal is back and Lyn hits a furious four. Swing and miss. Reverse swept for no run. Well swept and well fielded, just two. Single to Lynn, 50 for him. Single to end the over. KKR: 120-2

Over 15: Southee is back, dot to start with. Single. Another single. Just four runs. KKR: 124-2

Over 16: Murugan Ashwin comes to bowl. Dot ball. Single. Single but could have been taken. Another single. Huge turn. Swept for four. KKR: 133-2

Over 17: Siraj to continue. Starts with a wide. Driven for one. Driven by Rana for four. Rana looks in trouble. Rana is retired-hurt. Andre Russell is the new man in, he is out the first ball. Karthik comes to the crease. Wide again. Single. Karthik on strike. Chance of run out, no direct hit, another one missed. Two runs. Four to Karthik. KKR: 147-3

Over 18: Southee is back. Greeted with four. Single. Very quick double. Four more to the total. Chipped in the air for one. Double to finish. KKR: 161-3

Over 19: Siraj to bowl the penultimate over. Double to start off with. In the air, SIX. Pulled, two runs. Swing and a miss. What a catch by KOHLI. KING KOHLI takes a blinder. Shubman Gill is the new man in. 

Over 20: Yadav to bowl the final over. Lynn hits it for four. KKR win by 6 wickets.   

Kolkata Knight Riders innings analysis after end of innings

Tim Southee came for the first over and conceded 5 runs, Umesh Yadav was attacked as soon as he came to bowl for the second over. Narine smashed him for a four and a six and rotated the strike after that. Yadav did get Narine's top edge but the batsmen were safe. Southee started the third over and Narine was on fire, smashing two boundaries in the first two balls. KKR were 29/0 after 3 overs. Sunil Narine 23 (14) and Chris Lynn 3(4) were at the crease. 

The fourth over started with a boundary by Chris Lynn, a chance came to eliminate Lynn but he was dropped on the 4th ball. KKR picked 7 runs off it. Umesh Yadav came for the next over, Lynn smashed the first ball for a six and repeated the same on the fourth ball. Chahal came for the sixth over, Lynn smashed a boundary on the fourth ball. Mohammed Siraj just gave 4 runs in the sixth over. KKR collected 51 runs in 6 overs. Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine were at the crease.

After the brief halt as rain intervened, the match started with Lynn cutting Siraj's ball for the boundary. Murugan Ashwin gave the first and the much-needed breakthrough to his team on the first ball of his over. Uthappa hit a shot on the long-off, fielder was just short of catching the ball and it went for a six. After 8 overs, KKR were 68/1. Mohammed Siraj came for the 9th over, Uthappa went for a boundary on the fourth ball. KKR collected 74 runs in 9 overs. Chris Lynn 31(27) and Robin Uthappa 12 (8) were at the crease.

The 10th over started well for KKR, Uthappa smashed two back-to-back boundaries and Chris Lynn came on the 5th ball and hit another boundary. Chahal came for the 11th over, Uthappa smashed him fir a six on the second ball. KKR were 98/1 after 11 overs. Umesh Yadav came for the 12th over, the batsmen could not get much from the first five balls, Uthappa smashed him for a six on the last ball. KKR were 106/1 after 12 overs. Robin Uthappa and Chris Lynn were at the crease.

The 13th over started well for RCB as M Ashwin removed Robin Uthappa on the second ball. Nitish Rana replaced Uthappa and the remaining balls went in singles and doubles. Chahal was hit for a four by Lynn on the first ball of the 14th over. Lynn brought up his fifty. Southee started the 15th over and the batsmen managed a few singles. KKR were 124/2 after 15 overs. Chris Lynn and Nitish Rana were at the crease.

Thre was a chance of a dismissal on the 3rd ball of the 16th over. Rana picked Murugan's googly but the fielder missed the catch. Rana went for a four on the last ball of the over.  Siraj came for the 17th over and Rana hit him for four on the second ball. Russell came in for Rana as he was out due to some pain. Russell was out on golden duck. Dinesh Karthik walked in. Thre was a chance of a run out on the 5th ball, but Karthik was safe. He scored a boundary on the next ball. It was a good start on the 18th over as Lynn hit a boundary on the first ball. The ball raced away for a boundary on the 4th ball as Karthik continued hitting. Karthik went for a six on the second ball of the 19th over, Kohli took a breathtaking catch on the second last ball and ended Karthik's innning. KKR needed 4 runs in the last over and Shubhman Gill ended it in style with a boundary. KKR won the match by Six wickets.

Royal Challengers Banglore innings update: Over by over

Over 1: Brendon McCullum and Quinton De Kock to open. Piyush Chawla to start off. One run. RCB: 1-0

Over 2: Sunil Narine comes in. Dot ball. Swept well for four. Swept finer for four again. Dot ball. RCB: 9-0

Over 3: Mitchell Johnson into the attack, just one. Single again. McCullum steps out, wacks it for four over covers. Wide down the leg. Single to McCullum. Dot ball. Over the infield for four. 14 came from the over. RCB: 22-0

Over 4: Chawla back, McCullum sweeps for four. Single taken. Powerful cut, misfield, one run. Single. RCB: 29-0

Over 5: Narine is back, Good single. Swing and a miss, one run. Dot ball. Four to De Kock. Edged, missed. Single. RCB: 36-0

Over 6: Shivam Mavi comes to bowl. Inside edge onto the pads.  One run. Dot ball. Cracking shot for one. Bouncer, wide not given. Drive, well fielded. RCB: 40-0

Over 7: Kuldeep Yadav into the attack. McCullum and De Kock dealing in singles. Last ball and McCullum wacks it for six. RCB: 52-0

Over 8: Chawla continues, De Kock steps out, just for one. Edged by McCullum for four. Superb cut for four. McCullum at his brilliant best. Cuts again for no run. Pulled for six. What a powerful shot for six. RCB: 67-0

Over 9: Yadav continues, De Kock plays high in the air, fails to reach the distance, gone for 29. Virat Kohli is the new man in. Single to McCullum. Single to Kohli. Dot ball. RCB: 71-0

Over 10: Andre Russell comes in, McCullum takes single. Lofted in the air, just one. McCullum pulls and edges to the keeper. Gone for 38. Wide. Manan Vohra is the new man in. BOWLED. Golden Duck for him. RCB: 74-3

Over 11: Kuldeep is back.Mandeep Singh is the new man in. Single to Kohli, Single to Manan. RCB: 79-3

Over 12: Russell to continue, WIDE. Dot ball. Single to Kohli. Cracking shot for four. RCB: 88-3

Over 13: Kuldeep to continue, single. Another single to Kohli. RCB: 91-3

Over 14: Johnson is back, glorious cover drive for four by Kohli. Played fine for one. Single to Mandeep. Another single. 100 up for RCB. RCB: 100-3

Over 15: Narine is back, Kohli greets him with a four. Powerful straight drive for two. Another quick double. Dot. Very quick double for Kohli. RCB: 109-3

Over 16: Mavi continues, Kohli hits it for four. Missed it. Another dot. Single. RCB: 118-3

Over 17: Narine continues, Dot. Just short of the fielder, one run. Mandeep hits a huge SIX. Good single. Just one to Kohli. Mandeep sends it down the ground for SIX. RCB: 133-3

Over 18: Russell is back, Kohli hits a huge six. One run to him. Mandeep pulls, caught on the ropes. Gone for 19. Superb running, two runs taken. Colin de Grandhomme is the new man in. Another double. 50 for Kohli. Flicked for six, effortless Kohli. RCB: 150-4

Over 19: Mavi continues, no run. Single to Colin. Single to Kohli. Double to Colin. Straight to the fielder, two runs. Two wides. Single to end the over. RCB: 159-4

Over 20: Johnson to bowl the last, brilliant two for Kohli. Single. SIX, what a shot by Colin. Swing and miss, single taken. Dot ball. SIX! RCB: 175-4

Royal Challengers Banglore innings analysis after end of innings

Put in to bat first, Brendon McCullum and Quinton de Kock opened the innings for Royal Challengers Bangalore. Piyush Chawla Chawla came to bowl the first over and gave only 1 run as he didn’t allow de Kock and McCullum to score big shots. Sunil Narine came to bowl the 2nd over and Quinton de Kock hit 2 consecutive boundaries of him, sweeping square in the leg-side region. Mitchell Johnson came to bowl the 3rd over and McCullum fast hands brought first four of the over. Quinton de Kock hit the last ball of the over for 6 to collect 14 runs from the first over of Johnson. Piyush Chawla came to bowl the 4th over and McCullum hit the first ball for 4 in the leg-side region. Chawla pulled it brilliantly and conceded only 2 runs in the remaining five deliveries. Dinesh Karthik brought back Sunil Narine to get a wicket in the powerplay but de Kock swept the 4th ball for four to show his intentions, still Narine conceded only 7 runs in his second over. Shivam Mavi came to bowl the 6th over of the innings and gave only 4 runs, brilliant bowling by a youngster.

After the end of the 6th over Royal Challengers Bangalore scored 40 runs with Quinton de Kock (24 runs off 21 balls) and Brendon McCullum (13 runs off 15 balls) on the crease.

Kuldeep Yadav started the 7th over and the over was going fine, McCullum smashed him for a six on the last ball. Piyush Chawla came for the 8th over, McCullum couldn't hit the ball and changed the strike McCullum came and smashed two boundaries, after a dot ball, he smashed the ball for a big six to the long-on. After 8 overs, RCB were 67/0. Both the batsmen have maintained a decent strike rate so far but RCB would have to increase the pace. Kuldeep Yadav got the first breakthrough and removed De kock on the first ball of the next over. Captain Virat Kohli came to the crease, took a single. Just 3 runs came from the over.

Russell came for the 10th over and got a wicket, McCullum was out on the 5th ball, Karthik took a good catch. Vohra came next and Russell bowled him, grabbing two wickets in two balls, Russell had pushed RCB under pressure. Mandeep and Kohli were at the crease now, Kuldeep Yadav came to bowl. The duo decided to rotate the strike for the next two balls. Andre Russell returned for the 12th over, 3 singles were taken in the over, Mandeep was dropped by Raina on the 4th ball, RCB gained a single on it, Kohli came on strike and hit a four in the next ball.

RCB were 89/3 after 12 overs, Virat Kohli and Mandeep Singh were at the crease

Kuldeep Yadav came for the 13th over, the bastmen tried hitting big but could add 3 singles in the over. Kohli started the 14th over with a boundary, hitting Johnson with calculated timing. The next five balls went in singles. RCB were 100/3 after 14 overs. Sunil Narine was back into the attack, Kohli greeted him with a boundary. Kohli further added 2 doubles, making it a good over already. Narine manages to halt the flow in the next two balls, Kohli takes a single on the last ball. RCB were 109/3 after 15 overs, Virat Kohli and Mandeep Singh were at the crease

Shivam Mavi gave two boundaries in the 16th over, Kohli started hitting the boundaries as the inning was nearing towards the end. Narine took the 17th over, Mandeep hits a six this time. Kohli brought his fifty and went for a six just after that. Russel got Mandeep’s wicket in the same over. Shivam Mavi took the 19th over, De Grandhomme needed time to settle. Mavi bowled a good over with no big hits on it, still, RCB managed 9 runs off it. Johnson came for the last over of the innings, Kohli picked quick 2 runs from the first ball. De Grandhomme went for a big shot on the third ball and succeeded in clearing the ropes, stole a single on the next ball. Kohli hit a six on the last ball and took the total to 175/4.

Here are the squads for both the teams:

Royal Challengers Bangalore playing XI for today's match: Quinton de Kock(w), Virat Kohli(c), Manan Vohra, Brendon McCullum, Mandeep Singh, Colin de Grandhomme, Murugan Ashwin, Tim Southee, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal. Change: AB, Washington Sundar, Negi, Corey Anderson, out. Tim Southee, Manan Vohra, Brendon McCullum, and M Ashwin in. 

Kolkata Knight Riders playing XI for today's match: Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Shubman Gill, Andre Russell, Shivam Mavi, Piyush Chawla, Mitchell Johnson, Kuldeep Yadav. Change: No change.

Here are a few things to know before the Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders (RCB vs KKR) match to be played at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, the two teams' players who could prove handy, and who has said what before the clash:


Mavi, Avesh reprimanded for breaching code of conduct: Fast-medium bowlers Shivam Mavi and Avesh Khan, playing for Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils respectively, were reprimanded for breaching the IPL Code of Conduct. They were issued reprimands for two separate incidents during the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils at the Feroz Shah Kotla. "Both Mr Mavi and Mr Khan admitted to the Level 1 offense under 2.1.7 of the IPL Code of Conduct for Players and Team Officials and accepted the sanctions," the Indian Premier League said in a statement. For Level 1 breaches of the IPL Code of Conduct, the match referee's decision is final and binding. Mavi was smashed for 29 runs in the DD innings' final over as the home team thrashed KKR by 55 runs to break its run of reverses.


What Virat Kohli said after CSK chased down 205 at Chinnaswamy: Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli called it "criminal" after his bowlers' profligacy in the death allowed Chennai Super Kings to chase down 205 in the Indian Premier League. "The way we bowled is just not acceptable. Just not good enough on the day, 72/4 and giving away runs like that for just 1 wicket is criminal. Something that we need to address going forward because we haven't bowled well. If we cannot defend even 200, it's a problem somewhere. We have to back the guys and have enough confidence in them and they need to be clear in their head to execute things. The pitch played really well, spin played a massive factor. Some quality batting with both sides getting 200,” Kohli said after the match.


Virat Kohli fined 1.2 million for slow over rate against CSK: Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli has been fined Rs 1.2 million for maintaining slow over-rate during their Indian Premier League (IPL) against Chennai Super Kings on Wednesday night. The hosts had put on board a challenging 205 for eight but riding on MS Dhoni's power-packed 34-ball 70, Super Kings overhauled the formidable target with two balls to spare. "As it was his team's first offence of the season under the IPL's Code of Conduct relating to minimum over-rate offences, Mr. Kohli was fined Rs 12 lakh," an IPL press release said.


What Dinesh Karthik said after KKR lost to DD: KKR skipper Dinesh Karthik expressed disappointment over his team's second successive loss. "220 is a big task, if the dew had come in, it would have made it easy for us but today was that sort of a day where there was no dew. I thought they really batted much better than us," Karthik said. The 32-year-old also accepted that his side didn't play a good game cricket on Friday. "If Russell starts hitting, he gives us hope but he is also a human being. We need to put our hands up and say we didn't play good cricket," said Karthik.


Head to head after today’s match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore:


Matches – 22, Royal Challengers Bangalore won – 9, Kolkata Knight Riders won – 13


Trivia ahead of today’s match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore:

  • In the previous match between these two teams, Nitish Rana dismissed Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers off consecutive deliveries.
  • KKR’s opening partnerships this season: 16, 19, 16, 7, 1, 6 & 19. Average – 12.00.
  • RCB have leaked the most runs through boundaries this season; they’ve conceded 64.57% runs through boundaries.
  • KKR have the highest boundary percentage with the bat this season; they’ve scored 64% of their runs through boundaries this season.
  • Virat Kohli has a strike-rate of 92.53 against Sunil Narine, while AB de Villiers has a strike-rate of 97.82 against Piyush Chawla.

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