IPL 2018: RCB beat SRH by 14 runs, jump to 5th spot on points table

Royal Challengers Bangalore AB De Villiers takes the catch of Alex Hales of Sunrisers Hyderabad during their IPL T20 cricket match 2018. Photo: PTI
In the 51st match of the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018, RCB defeated SRH by 14 runs in a nail-biter and moved to the 5th spot of the VIVO IPL points table. Kane Williamson played a great knock, scoring 81 runs, and Manish Pandey accompanied him but somewhere, de Villiers and Moeen Ali's knock overshadowed it. The suspense only ended in the last over after Williamson fell on the first ball, the match kept swinging in either direction and just when it looked that Williamson's side was closer to seal the victory, RCB swung back in, courtesy, the last two overs by Tim Southee and Mohammed Siraj.

Earlier, Sunrisers Hyderabad won the toss and invited Royal Challengers Bangalore to bat first. Bangalore suffered an early loss in the form of Parthiv Patel, AB de Villiers was at his best today, he made his intention clear right from the start. Rashid stunned Kohli. The dominance was oscillating from one side to the other. Dhawan committed a gaffe by crossing the boundary rope after taking Moeen's catch, AB de Villiers and Moeen made their fifties, the bowlers had no respite, Rashid finally got breakthrough, de Villiers and Moeen Ali were back into the pavilion. Sarfaraz and Grandhomme played an important cameo. Chasing the target of 219 runs, Hyderabad had a fine start soon, Dhawan and Hales were dismissed. Williamson yet again played a great knock and Pandey accompanied him but they just fell short of a few runs.


Here are the squads for both the teams:

Royal Challengers Bangalore playing XI for today's match: Virat Kohli (C), Parthiv Patel (W), Moeen Ali, AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Sarfaraz Khan, Colin de Grandhomme, Tim Southee, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal.

Sunrisers Hyderabad playing XI for today's match: Shikhar Dhawan, Alex Hales, Kane Williamson (C), Manish Pandey, Deepak Hooda, Shakib Al Hasan, Shreevats Goswami (W), Rashid Khan, Basil Thampi, Siddarth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma.

Sunrisers Hyderabad innings update: Over by over

Over 1: Umesh to start it off for RCB, no run. Just three runs from the over. SRH: 3-0

Over 2: Tim Southee is the new man in. Welcomed with a six. Dot balls. Single to Dhawan. Another six. One run. RCB: 17-0

Over 3: Umesh continues, six.and a four. Swing and a miss. Brilliant catch, Hales is gone for 19. No, the decision is overturned. He is not out. SRH: 28-0. 

Over 4: Chahal comes to the attack, just four runs from the over. SRH: 32-0

Over 5: Siraj comes to bowl, gets wacked for six. Two runs. Dropped again. Six to finish the over. SRH: 47-0

Over 6: Chahal is back and soft dismissal of Shikhar Dhawan. Kane Williamson is the new man in. Glanced for four. Dot ball. Bad ball hit for four. SRH: 56-1

Over 7: Umesh continues, just one in three balls. Another dot. Just four from it. SRH: 60-1

Over 8: Moeen Ali is the new bowler. Down the leg for one. Dot ball. Nice hit and what a stunner, amazing catch by the superman De Villiers. 

Over 9: Manish Pandey is the new man in, one run. Pathetic fielding. Another four. Not a good night for Southee. SRH: 74-2

Over 10: Ali continues, Back to back fours. SIX. Big over. SRH: 91-2

Over 11: Chahal continues, just two runs. SRH: 94-2

Over 12: Siraj is back, dot balls. SIX. 100 up for SRH. Another four. Single to Willaimson. Dot. SRH: 105-2

Over 13: Colin comes to the attack, just one. Single. 50 for Williamson. One run. SIX. SRH: 117-2

Over 14: Umesh continues, brilliant stop. Four, cracking shot for four by Williamson. SIX. What a shot. Utter dominance. SRH: 130-2

Over 15: Colin comes to bowl, Four, four and six. What an over. Six to finish the over. 22 runs for the over. SRH: 152-2

Over 16: Chahal to bowl his last. Four. WIDE. One run. SRH: 164-2

Over 17: Southee is back, Well bowled, just one. Dot ball. Mis-field, two runs. Just one. Another single. Just sox from the over. SRH: 170-2

Over 18: Siraj comes back and Manish hits him for a six. Another four. One run. Another single. WIDE. Dot.  Good ball. SRH: 184-2

Over 19: Southee comes back, WIDE. Four. Pandey hits 50. One bounce four. One. Dot. Four. SRH: 199-3

Over 20: Siraj to finish it off. 20 from 6. High in the air, takes it. gone. Dot. Just one. Kohli drops it. just one. Double. One to finish. SRH: 204-3. RCB win by 14 runs

Sunrisers Hyderabad innings analysis after 20 overs

Umesh Yadav bowled the first over and gave just 3 runs off it. SRH openers Dhawan and Hales looked to hit Tim Southee in the second over, hitting 2 sixes in it. Yadav came for the third over, Hales smashed a four and a six off it, he was given not out on a catch taken by Southee on the 5th ball. Chahal was brought in for the 4th over, the batsmen settled with 4 singles off it. Mohammed Siraj came for the 5th over, Dhawan hit him for a six, two singles followed. A catch was dropped by Kohli and the last ball went for six. Chahal got the first breakthrough on the first ball of the 6th over, dismissing Dhawan by taking a soft catch. Williamson played a soft stroke for a boundary and Hales hit the last ball for a four. After 6 overs, SRH were 56/1. Kane Williamson 5 (3) and Alex Hales 33 (18) were at the crease. The run rate was 9.33 per over.

Umesh Yadav returned for the 7th over, just four singles came off the over. Moeen Ali came for the 8th over, AB de villiers took a wonderful catch towards deep mid wicket, Hales was sent back, it was an unbelievable one by de Villiers. Manish Pandey replaced Hales. Southee toook the 9th over, Williamson smashed two boundaries off it. Moeen Ali returned for the 10th over, Williamson got two boundaries off the first two balls, the third one was sent for a six, 17 runs came off the over. 

Chahal came for the 11th over, just 3 runs came off it. Siraj came for the next over, Williamson hit a six followed by a boundary. SRH bagged 11 runs off the over. de Grandhomme took the next over, Williamson brought in his fifty with the help of a double, singles followed after that, Pandey ended the over with a six. Umesh Yadav bowled his last over, Williamson managed to steal a boundary on the third ball and ended the over with a six. Pandey hit two boundaries off de Grandhomme, Williamson smashed a six towards deep sqaure leg, Pandey hit a six on the last ball.  SRH were 152/2. Kane Williamson 76 (35) and Manish Pandey 21 (16) were at the crease. The run rate was 10.13 per over.

Chahal came to bowl his last over, Pandey pulled the short ball for a four, 12 runs came off his over. Southee came for the 17th over, managed to save runs, 6 came off it. Siraj came for the 18th over, Pandey smashed the first ball for six, the next went for a four, 14 runs came off the over. Southee came to bowl the second last over, the first ball went wide, a misfield went for four, Pandey completed his fifty also. The second ball went for a boundary too, singles came off the next two balls, the last ball went for a four. 20 runs were needed off the last over, Siraj bowled it,  Williamson hit the ball in the air, Grandhomme took the catch, the match had turned in a different direction. The third ball went for a single, RCB was closer to victory now. Kohli dropped Hooda on the fourth ball, 2 runs came off the 5th ball, the last one went for a single, RCB won a nail-biter.

Royal Challengers Banglore innings update: Over by over

Over 1: Virat Kohli and Parthiv Patel to open the innings for Royal Challengers Banglore. Sandeep Sharma to start it off for Sunrisers Hyderabad. There is some swing and well driven by Parthiv, and it was dropped. Again a nice drive but no run. Glanced and it hit the umpire. Just one. Oh what a shot by Kohli, beautiful shot for four. Cheeky single. Top edge, it is very high in the air, brilliant catch, Parthiv gone for 1. RCB: 6-1

Over 2: Shakib comes to the attack, AB De Villiers comes to the crease. He is dealing in boundaries. Two back to back boundaries. Leading edge, just did not carry. Single taken. Nice turn seen, just one to Kohli. One run to ADB. RCB: 17-1

Over 3: Sandeep continues, One-handed square cut for four by ABD. And here is another four over the cover boundary. Rare dot ball. Late cut for no run. Single to De Villiers. Dot to finish. RCB: 26-1

Over 4: Shakib continues, ANB hits a four, over mid-wicket. One run to him. Kohli takes a single. In the air, just one. Nicely driven for one. RCB: 34-1

Over 5: Rashid Khan comes to the attack, Kohli misses. Kohli tries to take a single, almost himself runout. Wonderful shot and what an exceptional fielding. Pulled for 4 by Kohli. Clean bowled, Kohli misread the line. He tried to dispatch him out of the park and missed it completely. Moeen Ali is the new man in. Single to end the over. RCB: 39-2

Over 6: Siddharth Kaul is the new bowler. Dot to Moeen. Another dot. Single. What a shot by ABD, hit straight through the line for maximum. Waiting forever for a decision on six or four. FOUR, given. Good shot for one. Good yorker. RCB: 44-2

Over 7: Rashid continues, one run to Moeen. ABD reverse sweeps for four. Pulled for four. 50 up for RCB. Missed by Moeen. Lucky, very lucky for Moeen, the ball barely missed the off stump. Swings and misses. RCB: 51-2

Over 8: Basil Thampi comes to the attack, What a six by Moeen Ali, over the fence, good shot. Here is another one, on the leg side this time. Single taken, good start for Moeen. Ferocious pull by De Villiers for four. He is not going to miss it. Pulled again, one bounce to the fielder. One run. RCB: 70-2

Over 9: Shakib is back, Moeen hits it but straight to the man at long-on. Single to ABD. Just three from the over. RCB: 73-2

Over 10: Sandeep Sharma is back, two run. Swing and a miss. One run. Good shot just for one for RCB. In the air, caught, oh Shikhar crossed the rope. RCB: 84-2

Over 11: Rashid is back and Moeen hit him for a six. Two runs. One run. Dot ball. One to end the over. RCB: 94-2

Over 12: Kaul is back, Two runs. Powerful shot for four. He pulls and finds the gap for four. Single. What an amazing hook by Moeen, brilliant six. Single to finish the over. RCB: 112-2

Over 13: Thampi continues. Moeen hits a ferocious boundary, 50 for him. Single to Moeen. WIDE. Four to ABD. Magnanimous, that is what that six was by ABD. Just one. RCB: 130-2

Over 14: Sandeep continues, One run to Moeen. WIDE. Wide outside the off and ABD hits it for four. Just obe this time.Swing and a miss by Moeen. Mis-hit, over the bowlers head, goes for six. Flicked, just for one. 14 runs from the over. RCB: 144-2

Over 15: Rashid continues, one run. ABD sweeps, and he is caught on the boundary, brilliant catch by Dhawan. He goes for 69 from 39. Colin de Grandhomme comes to the crease. Moeen hits it for four. And he is caught behind. Mandeep Singh is the new man in, dot ball. RCB: 149-4. 

Over 16: Thampi is back, two runs for Colin. Slashed hard and it goes for four over the third man who was inside the circle. Cut, two runs. SIx, over long-off, what a shot. Very slow delivery, swing a miss. Another slow ball and no run. RCB: 163-4

Over 17: Shakib continues, Single to Mandeep. Colin cuts for one. Double for Mandeep. Late cut, one run. Brilliant save,  just two for Colin. SIX, what a huge shot. RCB: 176-4

Over 18: Kaul to continue, Mandeep hits it hard, but Dhawan takes it. Good shot. Colin hits it for six. Wonderful shot. Swing and a miss, one run. Cuts, pathetic mis-field, goes for four. One run. Cuts late Colin, just one. 

Over 19: Thampi continues, SIX. What a start to the over. Single to Colin. Sarfarz hits a four. 200 is up for RCB. Creative scoop for six, that is beautiful to watch. Single. One run to finish the over. 19 from the over. RCB: 208-5

Over 20: Kaul to finish it off. Too high in the air, dropped by captain Kane. Two runs. What an amazing catch. Sarfaraz on strike. Top edge, just two. One run. Single to Southee. Four to finish the innings. RCB: 218-6

Royal Challengers Banglore innings analysis after 20 overs

In the 51 st match of the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018, Sunrisers Hyderabad won the toss and invited Royal Challengers Bangalore to bat first. Parthiv Patel and captain Virat Kohli opened the batting for Bangalore and Sandeep Kumar opened the bowling. The over started on an interesting note as Parthiv was dropped by Hooda on the very first ball. The second ball hits the umpire else it would probably have gone for four, Kohli hit his first ball for a boundary the gave the strike to Parthiv who was caught this time as the ball came short and top edge led the ball to fielder's hands. AB de Villiers started the second over hitting two consecutive balls for boundaries off Shakib Al Hasan. In the third over, Sandeep was smashed for two consecutive balls, he managed to get two dots after that.

Shakib came for the fourth over, de Villiers directed the first ball for a boundary, the batsmen remained calm after that, taking singles only. Rashid Khan was deployed in the 5th over, Kohli fumbled initially, the bowler got three dot balls, Kohli pulled the fourth ball for a boundary but Rashid struck back and dismissed Kohli in the next ball, the bowler had the last laugh. Moeen Ali replaced Kohli. Siddarth Kaul came for the 6th over, de Villiers smashed the fourth ball for a boundary after taking the strike. After 6 overs, RCB were 44/2. AB de Villiers and Moeen Ali were at the crease. The run rate was 7.33 per over.

Rashid Khan was brought in again, this time de Villiers was on strike, he reverse sweept the ball towards third man for a boundary, changed the strike after that. Rashid kept Moeen guessing whether where would the ball fall, RCB collected 7 runs off the over. Basil Thampi came next to ball the 8th over, Moeen welcomed him with a six and gave the same treatment to the next ball, de Villiers went for a four on the 4th ball. Shakib Al Hasan took the 9th over, the batsmen took singles off the first three, the bowler got dot balls in the next three ones. After 9 overs, RCB were 73/2. AB de Villiers 40 (25) and Moeen Ali 20 (14) were at the crease. The run rate was 8.11 per over.

Sandeep Sharma came for the 10th over, a minor confusion took place during running between the wickets, still the batsmen got 2 runs, singles followed after that. Moeen smashed the ball towards the boundary rope, Shikhar Dhawan took the catch but crossed the boundary with the ball in hands to get some balance, giving 6 runs to Bangalore. Rashid Khan came for the next over, Moeen smashed him for a six followed by a double. Siddarth Kaul came for the 12th over, de Villiers took quick double and then hit two consecutive boundaries, he also completed his fifty. Moeen got the strike and smashed Kaul for a six on the 5th ball. After 12 overs, RCB were 112/2. AB de Villiers 53 (33) and Moeen Ali 46 (24) were at the crease. The run rate was 9.33 per over.

Thampi came for the 13th over, Moeen welcomed him with a boundary, a single followed. AB de Villiers anticipating a slower hit the ball towards fine leg for a four, the next ball was picked and sent towards heaven. RCB collected 18 runs off the over. Sandeep came for the next over, de Villiers reached out to the ball and hit it for four, Moeen got the strike soon and continued the streak of hitting sixes. Rashid Khan finally got a breakthrough, Dhawan took a good catch near the boundary, de Villiers was back into the pavilion. Just a ball after, Moeen too succumbed to Rashid's clever bowling, the attempted sweep landed in the keeper's gloves. Two wickets in a short span. 

Mandeep Singh and Colin de Grandhomme were the two new batsmen after Bangalore lost two quick wickets. Thampi came for the 16th over, Grandhomme went for a boundary, soon he went for a bigger shot, a clean six. Shakib returned for the 17th over, kept the first two balls low,  the batsmen ran for singles, Hooda managed to save a six but Grandhomme hit the next ball into the fence. Kaul got  the better of Mandeep on the very first ball of the 18th over, Dhawan took the catch this time. Grandhomme hit a six on the next ball, a slower resulted in a single. A misfield led to a boundary in the next ball. RCB gained 13 runs from the over. In the next over, Thampi was hit for a six on the first ball by Grandhomme, Sarfaraz hit the third ball for a boundary, 200 runs came up for Bangalore, an innovative shot by him went for a six in the next ball. Kaul came for the last over, Grandhomme smashed it into the air, Williamson dropped the catch. the next ball went like a bullet but Rashid took a brilliant single handed catch in the deep mid-wicket. Tim Southee came next to bat. Another chance came for a catch in the next ball but Sandeep dropped it, singles came after that but a boundary came off the last ball. Bangalore set the target of 218 runs for Hyderabad.

Here are a few things to know about the Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Banglore (SRH vs RCB) match to be played at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Banglore, the two teams' players who could prove handy, and who has said what before the clash:

How RCB decimated KXIP by 10 wickets in the previous match: In the 48th match of the VIVO Indian Premier League 2018 (IPL) Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated Kings XI Punjab by 10 wickets at the Holkar Cricket Stadium in Indore. Deviating from the usual, RCB's success was marked by a bowling attack that derailed Punjab's inning. After decimating Punjab's inning to just 89 runs, RCB had captain Virat Kohli and Parthiv Patel wreaking havoc on opposition bowlers. With this defeat, KXIP slipped to 5th position on the VIVO IPL points table.

How SRH again lost to CSK: In the 46th match of the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018, Chennai Super Kings won the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad and remained in the second spot in the VIVO IPL points table. Rayudu continued his top form and smashed a brilliant century that enabled the team to reach the target of 180 runs. The usual formidable bowling attack from Hyderabad looked pale today and much of that goes to the wicket condition. Despite the win, there was no change in the position of the teams on the VIVO IPL points table.

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