IPL 2018: Pant's efforts in vain as DD lose by 13 run; CSK top points table

Chennai Super Kings KM Asif with team mates celebrate the wicket of Colin Munro of Delhi Daredevils during IPL 2018 cricket match in Pune. (Photo: PTI)

In the 30th match of the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL 2018), Rishabh Pant was the sole batsmen who fought till the end for Delhi. He needed someone to provide support from the other end but it never came. He perished on 79 runs, but only after he had tried all the shots in his arsenal to collect runs. It was almost over after Pant fell and Chennai was just waiting for the final bell to ring but Vijay Shankar had some other plans and he ensured that the interest stays till the last over. He completed his fifty but the match had already slipped from Delhi's reach. Earlier, Wickets kept falling for Delhi at regular intervals, Rishabh Pant and Vijay Shankar stayed in the middle and added 88 runs during their partnership but still, the match seemed to be running out of Delhi's reach. Chennai Super Kings won the match and added 2 points in their tally and are now at the top of VIVO IPL points table.

Delhi Daredevils innings update: Over by over

Over 1: Prithvi Shaw and Colin Munro to open for DD and Lungi Ngidi to start off for CSK. One run to Shaw. Dot ball. Munro steps out and swings, misses. Another dot. Good line and length by Ngidi. DD: 1-0

Over 2: KM Asif is the new bowler, WIDE to start off with. Shaw hits it in the air and gets a four. Straight down the ground for four. In the air, Shaw is out, he went for another four, failed to go over the in-field. Shreyas Iyer is the new man in. Single of the last ball. DD: 11-1

Over 3: Ngidi continues, Single. Dot to Munro. Slashed hard, just for one. Dot. Shreyas Iyer gives himself room, four. Dot to finish. DD: 17-1

Over 4: Shane Watson is into the attack, Single to Munro. Iyer pulls over in-filed. two runs. Single to Iyer. Munro flicks for six. Swing and a miss. Over the in-field for four. DD: 31-4

Over 5: Asif continues. single to Iyer. Dot ball. Cracking square cut for four. Beautiful straight drive for four. Uppercut., SIX. Hit high in the air, GONE. Asif picks up his second wicket. DD 46-2

Over 6: Rishab Pant is the new man in and greets Watson with a six. Four, brilliant cut between slips. Tryin to touch the bouncer. Single.Single to finish it off. DD: 59-2

Over 7: Jadeja comes into the attack. Pant takes single. Another single taken by Shreyas Iyer followed by one run by Pant of the 5th ball. Shreyas Iyer out, Pathetic running between the wickets.

Over 8: Glenn Maxwell is the new man in. Harbhajan Singh is the bowler. Three Dot balls. Inside edge for four. Driven for one. DD: 68-3

Over 9: Jadeja continues, Maxwell plays it back to Jadeja. Single to Maxwell. Single to Pant. Brilliant shot for four. Maxwell swings and misses, Jadeja hits. Maxwell gone for 6. DD: 74-4

Over 10: Vijay Shankar is the new man in. Harbhajan continues, Dot ball. Single to Shankar. Single taken. DD 78-4

Over 11: Jadeja continues, single. Pant hits a four. Cheeky single. Pant walks down the pitch and a SIX. DD: 92-4

Over 12: Bhajji continues, Single to Shankar. Single to Pant. Dot ball. Single. Another single. DD 97-4

Over 13: Jadeja comes in, Dealing in singles. Dot ball. Just one. DD 104-4

Over 14: Bhajii comes in, Pant tries to hit it, fails. SIX for Pant. Well fielded. Well played for four behind the wicket. In the air, just short of the fielder. DD: 117-4

Over 15: Bravo comes in. Single. Shankar hits a six. Good shot. Single. Single. Single again. Flicked for single. DD: 128-4

Over 16: Asif is back. Full toss for two, should have been put away by Pant. Single to Shankar. Down the ground for four. Struck hard for two. Brilliant shot for four., SIX to end the over. 

Over 17: Bravo continues, single. Four, good shot. Dot ball. Flip over the keeper for two. Down the ground for four. DD: 157-4

Over 18: Ngidi continues, one run. Pant hits a four, brilliant shot. Swing and a miss. Pant departs, he made 79. Shankar hits it in the air, Dhoni drops it. Missed again. DD: 165-5

Over 19: Bravo continues, Singles. WIDE. Good shot for SIX. another SIX. Onto the pads, missed. SIX again. DD: 184-5

Over 20: Ngidi starts with a wide. Single. SIX, the match is not over. 50 for Shankar. WIDE. Two runs. Shankar, takes a single. One more single. One run. DD: 198-5. CSK win by 13 runs.

Delhi Daredevils innings anaysis after end of innings

Chasing the mammoth target of 212 set by Chennai Super Kings, Prithvi Shaw and Colin Munro opened the innings for Delhi Daredevils. Lungi Ngidi came to bowl the first over and bowled brilliantly to concede only one run. Debutant KM Asif came to bowl the second over and started with a wide. Shaw hit two brilliant fours straight down the ground before getting out to play the similar shot. Prithvi Shaw scored 9 runs in 5 balls with the help of 2 fours. Shreyas Iyer came to crease after the loss of first wicket. Asif gave away 10 runs in his first over. Ngidi continued from the other end and bowled with great line and length before Delhi Daredevils made room and hit a four in the cover region. Ngidi conceded 6 runs in his second over.

After the end of the 3rd over Delhi Daredevils were tottering at 17 runs for the loss of 1 wicket with Shreyas Iyer (6 runs off 6 balls) and Colin Munro (1 run off 7 balls) on the crease.

Watson came to bowl the 4th over of the innings and DD batsmen looked to up the ante after the loss of Shaw as they scored 14 runs with the help of a four and six by the Munro. KM Asif came to bowl the 5th over of the innings and Munro caressed the 3rd ball of the over for four over the point fielder followed by a four and six before losing his wicket off the last ball. Asif conceded 15 runs in his 2nd over but took a prized wicket of Colin Munro. Rishabh Pant came to bat after the wicket of Colin Munro who scored 26 runs off 16 balls with a strike rate of 162.50. Watson came to bowl the last over of the powerplay and Pant greeted him with a six and four before taking a single. Watson conceded 13 runs in his 2nd over.

After the end of the 6th over Delhi Daredevils were 59 for 2 with Rishabh Pant (12 runs off 4 balls) and Shreyas Iyer (11 runs off 11 balls on the crease.

Ravindra Jadeja came to bowl 7th over and Pant, Iyer took 5 singles before a terrible mix-up between them which costs DD’s captain wicket. Iyer scored 13 runs off 14 balls with the help of only one four. Glen Maxwell came to the crease after the wicket of Iyer. Harbhajan continued from the other end and conceded only 4 runs as the required run-rate for Delhi Daredevils jumped to 12 runs per over. Jadeja came to bowl the 9th over and hit for a boundary of the 4th ball but he bowled a brilliant delivery to get the wicket, Maxwell. Delhi Daredevils were in a great trouble as they lost 4 wickets under 10 overs.

Vijay Shankar came to the crease after the wicket of Glen Maxwell. Harbhajan continued from the other end and gave only 4 runs in his 2nd over. Jadeja came to bowl the 11th over and conceded 14 runs as Pant looked to hit some big shots and succeeded in doing so. Harbhajan continued to bowl the economical over from the other end as he gave only 5 runs in his 3rd over. After getting hit for 14 runs in his previous over Jadeja pulled it back for CSK and conceded 7 runs in his final over of the innings. Harbhajan came to bowl the 14th over and Pant hit the second ball for 6 over the long-on boundary. Shankar too joined the party and hit a four as Delhi Daredevils batsmen collected 13 runs from the Bhaji’s last over. Bravo came to bowl the 15th over and Shankar hit a brilliant shot to fetch 6 six runs over the long-on boundary. Bravo gave away 11 runs in his first over.

After the end of the 15th over Daredevils scored 128 runs for the loss of 4 wickets. Daredevils needed 84 runs from 30 balls with a required rate of 16.80 runs per over, a mighty task given the bowling strength of CSK

KM Asif came to bowl the 16th over and Pant hit a boundary over the bowler’s head to complete his fifty. Asif conceded 18 runs in his 3rd over as Pant took the charge and hit 2 fours and a six to end the over. Bravo came to bowl the 17th over and conceded 11 runs as Pant tried to score big runs and collected 2 boundaries in doing so. Lungi Ngidi came to bowl the 18th over and Pant hit the second ball of the over for four straight down the ground. Pant got perished while trying to match the required run-rate. He scored 79 runs off 45 balls (7 fours and 4 sixes) with the strike rate of 175.55. Ngidi conceded 6 runs in his 3rd over. Bravo came to bowl the 19th over and Shankar hit 3 powerful sixes to finish the over. DD needed 28 runs in the last over. Ngidi came to bowl the last over of the match and Shankar hit the second ball for six. Ngidi conceded 14 runs to win the match for CSK. 

Chennai Super Kings innings update: Over by over

Over 1: Shane Watson and Faf du Plessis to open for CSK. Trent Boult to open the attack for Delhi Daredevils. Huge appeal for LBW turned down, DD goes for the review. Turned down, bat first. DD lose review on the first ball of the match. FLicked off the pads for four. Dot ball. Single. Another dot. CSK: 6-0

Over 2: Avesh Khan is into the attack. Starts off with a dot. Very good line and brilliant carry to the keeper. Appeal for LBW against Faf. Straight to the fielder. Just a single from the over. Brilliant start for Avesh Khan. CSK: 7-0

Over 3: Boult continues, width on offer on the off side, Faf slashes and gets a four at third man boundary. Good shot but straight to the fielder. Flicked off the pads for one. Brilliant placement for four, good shot. Swing and a miss. Missed the full toss. CSK: 16-0

Over 4: Rahul Tewatia is the new bowler, Runs coming in singles. Faf gives himself and hits it over the in-field for four. Good shot. One to finish the over. CSK: 25-0

Over 5: Liam Plunkett comes to the attack. One run. Dot ball, straighter one. Pulled over the leg side for SIX. And here is another one. Quick single. Vry creative shot by Faf for a six over fine leg. 20 runs came from the over. CSK: 45-0

Over 6: Avesh Khan continues, Dot to begin with. That was very high in the air, and it crossed the rope. HUGE SIX. One run. Good shot but straight to the fielder. Awkwardly pulled behind the wicket for four. CSK: 56-0

Over 8: Amit Mishra comes to the attack, Single to Watson. Single again. Swing and a miss. Double. CSK: 76-0. 

Over 9: Tewatia is in the attack. SIX. Single to Watson. Very lucky for Faf to get away with it. And swing of the bat and same result. SIX. Dot to finish. CSK: 91-0

Over 10: Mishra continues, single. Dot ball. Good shot for one. Single. CSK: 96-0

Over 11: Vijay Shankar to Shane Watson went for one run. 2nd ball was beamer went for a single. Watson was not able fully utilize the free hit as he scored only one run. Third ball went for no run. Du Plessis took double of the 4th ball. Du Plessis got out of the 5th ball as he was caught at long-off. Raina came to the crease and took a single. CSK: 102/1

Over 12: Glen Maxwell to Raina, bowled what a ball. Maxwell to Rayudu one run taken. Dot ball. Watson took double of the 4th ball followed by a single. Rayudu took single of the last ball. CSK: 108/2

Over 13: Vijay Shankar to Rayudu, beaten outside the off stump twice. Hit the 3rd ball for four over the cover fielder. Wide outside off stump. Single taken of the 4th ball. Watson hit the 5th ball of the over for four in the backward point region followed by another four in the extra cover region to end the over. CSK: 123/2

Over 14: Amit Mishra to Rayudu, four to start the over followed by single. Another single of the 3rd ball. Rayudu took another single. Watson out, caught at long-off boundary. Dhoni took single of the last ball. CSK: 131/3

Over 15: Avesh Khan to Dhoni, single taken. Raydu took single of the 2nd ball. Dhoni took a legbye. Rayudu took double of the 4th ball. Single taken. Dot ball to end the over. CSK: 137/3

Over 16: Amit Mishra to Rayudu, single taken. Dhoni took quick double. Dhoni took a single of the third ball. Another single taken. Dhoni hit a flat six over long-off of the 5th ball. Dhoni took single to end the over. CSK: 148/3

Over 17: Boult continues, Flat SIX by Dhoni. Straight six this time. Pulled for four. Single towards fine leg. Good shot for four. Dot to finish the over. CSK: 170-3

Over 18: Plunkett continues, Four. Single to Rayudu. Cheeky single to Dhoni. Rayudu steps out and wacks it for six. Between third man and keeper for four. What an over. CSK: 187-3

Over 19: Avesh Khan to bowl the penultimate. Single to Dhoni, Munro puts down a dolly. Single to Rayudu. Single again. Dot ball again. What a full toss, dispatched for SIX by Dhoni. CSK: 198-3

Over 20: Trent Boult to finish it off, outside leg, wide not give. Single to Rayudu. Full toss to Dhoni, goes for a huge six. Dhoni steps out, beautiful four. Rayudu is run out. Double to end the innings. Dhoni completes 50. CSK: 211-4

Chennai Super Kings innings analysis after end of innings

Delhi Daredevils skipper Shreyas Iyer won the toss and elected to bowl first, Shane Watson and Faf du Plessis opened the innings for Chennai Super Kings. Trent Boult came to bowl the first over and gave away 6 runs. Iyer asked Avesh Khan to bowl the second over and he bowled brilliantly as he didn’t allow Faf du Plessis to score a run in the first 5 balls. Avesh gave away 1 run in his first over. Trent Boult continued from the other end and a thick outside edge of the first ball went for a four in the third-man region. Watson glides the 4th ball of the over for four between third-man and backward point fielder. Boult gave away 9 run in his 2nd over.

After the end of the 3 over,s CSK scored 16 runs with Shane Watson (9 runs off 7 balls) and Faf du Plessis (7 runs off 11 balls) on the crease.

Rahul Tewatia came to bowl the 4th over and bowled with great line and length before du Plessis hit the 5th ball for four over the cover fielder. Tewatia conceded 9 runs in his first over. Liam Plunkett came to bowl the 5th over and Watson hit 2 consecutive sixes off the 3rd and 4th ball in the leg side region. Du Plessis scooped the last ball of the over for four over the fine leg fielder. Plunkett conceded 20 runs in his first over. Avesh came to bowl the last over of the powerplay and conceded 11 runs after bowling a brilliant first over. 

After the end of the 6 overs, CSK scored 56 runs with Shane Watson (31 runs off 17 balls) and Faf du Plessis (24 runs off 19 balls) on the crease.

Liam Plunket came to bowl the 7th over of the innings and Watson continued his power hitting as he again hit two consecutive sixes to collect 15 runs off the over. Amit Mishra came to bowl the 8th over of the innings and given the match situation bowled brilliantly to concede only 5 runs. Rahul Tewatia came to bowl the 9th over and Watson greeted him with a six to complete his half-century. Watson looked brilliant as he kept hitting big-shots as CSK batsmen collected 15 runs with the help of two gigantic sixes. Amit Mishra came to bowl the 10th over of the innings and put the lid on the run flow as he conceded only 5 runs. CSK batsmen were scoring at the rate of 9.50 runs per over.

After the end of 10th over CSK were 95 for no loss with Shane Watson (64 runs off 31 balls) and Faf du Plessis (30 runs off 29 balls) at the crease.

Vijay Shanker bowled a fullish outside off stumps and du Plessis smashed it to deep mid wicket, the ball landed on the fielder's hands but it was a no-ball, Watson came on the crease but could not take the advantage of the free hit. Vijay Shankar was lucky on the 5th ball as he dismissed du Plessis, Boult took a clean catch. Suresh Raina came to bat on number three and Glenn Maxwell bowled him for a golden duck.

Ambati Rayudu came next. The batsmen did not go for any big hit in the over and made 5 runs off it. Vijay Shanker continued his second over, Rayudu went for a boundary over extra cover on the third ball, the next ball was a wide. Watson picks a full toss and scores a boundary on the second last ball of the over. The last ball saw the same treatment by Watson.
Mishra was beaten for a boundary by Rayudu on the first ball, the batsmen rotated the strike in next three balls. Mishra picked the prized wicket of Shane Watson on the 5th ball. MS Dhoni came next. CSK were 131/4 after 14 overs. MS Dhoni 1(1) and Ambati Rayudu 13(9) were at the crease.

Avesh Khan started the 14th over for Delhi Daredevils, a chance for a run out came on the third ball but Dhoni was quick to cover the distance. CSK got 6 runs from the over. Mishra came for the 16th over and runs were coming mostly in singles but then Dhoni went for a big six on Mishra's googly. Dhoni brought up the 17th over in style as he smashed Boult for two boundaries and a six on the first three balls.

Rayudu followed the same by hitting a boundary on the 5th ball. Plunkett took the ball for the 18th over, Rayudu scored a boundary in it and then hit a beautiful six down the pitch. He ended it with a boundary on the last ball. CSK were 187/3 after 18 overs. MS Dhoni 31 (14) and Ambati Rayudu 38 (20) were at the crease.

Avesh Khan started the 19th over and Dhoni was dropped on the first ball, the next few balls went in singles only and Avesh tempted Dhoni with a full toss and the batsmen went for a six, sending the ball into the crowd. Trent Boult came for the last over, Dhoni smashed a six on the third ball. The next ball went for a boundary. Rayudu was run out on the second last ball of the match as Dhoni showed no interest in taking a single, Rayudu had to come back but he couldn't. two runs came off the last ball.

Here are the squads for both the teams:

Delhi Daredevils playing XI for today's match: Prithvi Shaw, Colin Munro, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Glenn Maxwell, Vijay Shankar, Rahul Tewatia, Liam Plunkett, Amit Mishra, Avesh Khan, Trent Boult

Chennai Super Kings playing XI for today's match: Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Faf du Plessis, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Karn Sharma, Harbhajan Singh, Lungi Ngidi, KM Asif

While DD would be fighting for survival, CSK would be equally keen to get back to winning ways after losing by eight wickets to Mumbai Indians in their adopted home ground in Pune. Delhi Daredevils, which were struggling with Gautam Gambhir at the helm, found the elusive winning formula in their previous game when they comprehensively defeated formidable Kolkata Knight Riders at Ferozshah Kotla Stadium. Ricky Ponting-coached Delhi Daredevils, at the bottom of the Vivo IPL points table at present with just two wins in their seven games, however, need to continue winning to keep themselves in the hunt for the play-offs.


It would be an uphill task for the Daredevils to beat CSK at their adopted home ground but they cannot afford to lose, either. Among other things, the Delhi outfit would hope that skipper Iyer continues to lead from the front as he did with a match-winning 93 against KKR. Besides Iyer, other batsmen like opener Prithvi Shaw, Rishab Pant and all-rounders Glenn Maxwell and Colin Munro too will have to play their part to perfection. Australian Maxwell has been getting starts but is unable to convert them into big scores. It would interesting to see whether the DD again leave out Gambhir, who is out of form and did not figure in the playing eleven against KKR, in today’s match. Delhi Daredevils’ varied bowling stock too clicked in the last match and if the star-studded CSK batting line-up has to be checked, the visitors will have to bowl out of their skin.


On the other hand, returning to the Indian Premier League after serving a two-year suspension, CSK has been the team to look out for IPL 2018. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is back among runs with his traditional late flourish while in-form Ambati Rayadu, Shane Watson and Dwayne Bravo are also capable of making a mockery of the Delhi Daredevils bowling attack. The pleasing part for coach Stephen Fleming is that Suresh Raina has finally found his touch with an unbeaten 75 in a losing cause against Mumbai Indians. With Sam Billings and Ravindra Jadeja in the side, CSK have depth in their batting. But CSK bowlers were hammered by Mumbai Indians and will need to regroup and come strong against Delhi Daredevils. Pacer Shardul Thakur needs to quickly get over from the mauling he received at the hands of Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma along side leg-spinner Imran Tahir. To make matters worse for CSK, Deepak Chahar, who could not complete his third over in the game, has been ruled out for a few weeks after sustaining a hamstring injury. On the spin front, veteran Harbhajan Singh will be crucial to choke up runs in the middle overs.


Here are a few things to know before the Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Daredevils (CSK vs DD) match to be played at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune, the two teams' players who could prove handy, and who has said what before the clash:



Avesh Khan reprimanded for breaching code of conduct: Fast-medium bowlers Shivam Mavi and Avesh Khan, playing for Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils respectively, were reprimanded for breaching the IPL Code of Conduct. They were issued reprimands for two separate incidents during the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils at the Feroz Shah Kotla. "Both Mr Mavi and Mr Khan admitted to the Level 1 offence under 2.1.7 of the IPL Code of Conduct for Players and Team Officials and accepted the sanctions," the Indian Premier League said in a statement. For Level 1 breaches of the IPL Code of Conduct, the match referee's decision is final and binding. Mavi was smashed for 29 runs in the DD innings' final over as the home team thrashed KKR by 55 runs to break its run of reverses.


Deepak Chahar out of IPL for 2 weeks with hamstring strain: What comes as a big blow for Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings (CSK), fast bowler Deepak Chahar could be ruled out of the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), for at least two weeks with a hamstring strain. Chahar sustained the injury during the match against Mumbai Indians (MI) on Saturday. "He (Chahar) has had hamstring injuries in the past, he has a pretty good idea when he is in trouble," Fleming said. "Conservatively, it's probably a couple of weeks, which is a bit of a blow," Fleming added.


Need to work hard to get used to Pune pitch, says Fleming: Robbed off home advantage for the entire 2018 season, Chennai Super Kings will have to work hard in their adopted home venue here to be a force to reckon with in the ongoing Indian Premier League, said the team's head coach Stephen Fleming. Fleming rued the fact that his players will need time to get used to the Pune pitch. "We are going to be careful that we don't get carried away by the loss. The biggest thing for us is to get to know the pitch here, it is not Chennai. We picked the side which was going to be Chennai-based so we are learning as much as anyone," said Fleming after CSK lost by eight wickets to Mumbai Indians. "We have to work extra hard to get home advantage. We have learnt a little bit again today and we have only got a day to make sure we try and get the right combination," he added.


Amazing feeling to win my first game as skipper, says Shreyas Iyer: Newly-appointed Delhi Daredevils' skipper Shreyas Iyer was elated to register a win in his first game as the leader as he credited the entire team for a thumping 55-run victory over Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in an Indian Premier League (IPL) match on Friday. "Obviously a great feeling getting on the winning side. It is an amazing feeling winning my first game as a skipper. All of us contributed for this win. We wanted to bowl first. So, a nice toss to lose. It gave the batsman the freedom to express themselves," the Delhi skipper added.


How Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings compared head to head against each other in IPL games played so far:



Matches played: 17

Chennai Super Kings won: 12

Delhi Daredevils won: 5


Some trivia ahead of today’s match between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils:


9 of the last 13 IPL matches played in Pune – dating back to 2016 – have been won by the team chasing.

Trent Boult has now picked up at least one wicket in each of his last 10 IPL matches.

CSK have lost the fewest wickets among all teams this season – 37. They have the highest overall scoring rate too – 9.54.

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