IPL 2018: Delhi choke again as SRH win by 7 wickets, top points table

Sunrisers Hyderabad batsman Kane Williamson plays a shot during an IPL T20 cricket match against Delhi Daredevils in Hyderabad. Photo: PTI
In the 36th match of the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018, Sunrisers Hyderabad defeated Delhi Daredevils by 7 wickets and moved to the top spot of the VIVO IPL points table. Delhi Daredevils won the toss and opted to bat first at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. The match was crucial for Delhi, placed at the seventh spot of the VIVO points table, as it needed to remain in the tournament and a defeat could set a virtual exit for them. Delhi suffered an early setback as Maxwell has to face a dramatic exit. Prithvi Shaw, in a usual fashion, started hitting and gave a great start, Çaptain Shreyas Iyer too joined soon. Delhi got the desired start despite Maxwell's early departure The much-needed breakthrough for Hyderabad came in Rashid Khan's (11th) over and Shaw was off to the pavilion but only after scoring his fifty. The run rate slid a bit from the path. Iyer was dropped by Saha and it proved costly for SRH  as he went on to make 44 runs. Pant lost his wicket at a crucial point as Rashid struck again. 

Overall, Delhi lost a good opportunity to put up a big total and much of the credit goes to SRH bowlers who maintained a leash on the batsmen. Chasing a target of 164 runs, Sunrisers Hyderabad started maintaining a low profile in the first few overs. Maxwell dropped a simple catch and denied an early wicket to Delhi. Delhi was reaping benefit from bowlers' efforts. However, Avesh Khan's one over spoiled the equation for Delhi as he gave away 27 runs. The run rate was shot up to 10 per over. Hales was trapped in Mishra's web at last and Delhi got its first breakthrough. The run rate was brought down by a significant margin as Delhi bowlers were keeping a tight vigil on the run flow. Mishra struck again and ended Dhawan's inning. Boundaries were restricted up to an extent but runs came through singles and doubles for SRH. The run also came down to near 7 per over. Delhi Daredevils bowlers had a big challenge ahead as they had to continue the same. Williamson accelerated the pace and went for big shots, but it soon halted again. Yusuf Pathan came and did the needful. Sunrisers Hyderabad emerged as the winners in the end.

VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL2018) Match 36 SRH vs DD SCOREBOARD


Sunrisers Hyderabad innings update: Over by over

Over 1: Trent Boult to start for DD. Shikhar Dhawan and Alex Hales to open for SRH. Dot ball. Good ball onto the body. No run. First runs. Good shot for no run. SRH: 1-0

Over 2: Avesh Khan comes in. Short of the length ball, pulled for four. Swing and a miss. Clever shot, gone for four, third man was in the circle. In the air, DROPPED. Maxwell drops it. Dot ball. Cut for one. DD: 11-0

Over 3: Boult continues, one to Dhawan. Dot ball. Double. Wide. 8 from the over. SRH: 19-0

Over 4: Maxwell is the new bowler, just four form his over. SRH: 23-0

Over 5: Liam Plunkett is the new bowler, Hales fails to put the wide one away. Glanced behind the wicket for four by Hales. One run. Dhawan pulls for one. Single. Four to end the over. SRH: 34-0

Over 6: Avesh Khan is back, bowls a no ball. FREE HIT. Dhawan utilises it, wacks the ball for six. Onto the leg, just one. SIX, Alex Hales hits a perfect six. Over long-off for a SIX. Good usage of powerplay. Yorker, Hales fails to put it away. HUGE SHOT. SIX. SRH: 61-0

Over 7: Amit Mishra comes in, keeps it tight. Just three runs from five balls. Dot to finish. SRH: 64-0

Over 8: Dan Christian comes in, just one. Another single. Dot ball. Another single. SRH: 69-0

Over 9: Amit Mishra is back, one run. Full toss, four, Well swept. WHAT A BALL, BRILLIANT. Rare gem. Amit Mishra has produced a beauty. SRH: 76-1

Over 10: Kane Williamson comes in, Christian comes in, two run. Single to Dhawan. One run to Kane. Dot ball. Single. Good shot for one. SRH: 82-1

Over 11: Mishra to continues, Dot ball. Just one. One run to Dhawan. Dot ball. Ran the first one hard, still no double. WIDE. Mishra strikes, Dhawan is out to a beautiful yorker. SRH: 86-2

Over 12: Liam Plunkett is the new bowler. Manish Pandey is the new man in for SRH. One run. Two runs. One run. DD: 92-2

Over 13: Mishra continues, Dot balls. Just one. One run. Four runs came from the over. SRH: 96-2

Over 14: Plunkett is back, Single to Manish Pandey. Pulled by Williamson, just for one. Inside edge, missing the stump. Cheeky double. Firmly pulled, just one. SRH: 102-2

Over 15: Christian comes in, slow ball, two runs. One run. Another single. Down the ground, mix-up between fielders, goes for four Another four. DD: 115-2

Over 16: Avesh Khan is back, Dot to begin with. Pulled powerfully, just one. Another dot. Single. What a SHOT over third man for six. Very quick double. SRH: 125-2

Over 17: Boult is back, just one. Another single. Dot ball. Very quick double. SRH: 132-2

Over 18: Very high in the air, Prithvi Shaw takes it. Kane is gone. Pathan comes in. Hit in the air,  dropped in the deep by Vijay Shankar, might prove very costly. Good yorker, single. Single to finish. SRH: 136-3

Over 19: Trent Boult comes in, Pathan hits it out of the park, SIX. Pathan is LBW. Reviewed. NOT OUT. Pitching outside leg. FOUR. Through point. WIDE. Just one. Flicked for one. Just one to finish the over. SRH: 150-3. Need 14 from 6.

Over 20: Dan Christian to bowl the final. Pathan hits it back to Dan, Double taken. HUGE, HIGH, SIX. Over the fine leg for four. SRH are home now. Single to Pathan, Scores level. SRH win by 7 wickets. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad innings analysis after 20 overs

Alex Hales and Shikhar Dhawan opened for Sunrisers Hyderabad, Trent Boult started the bowling attack for Delhi Daredevils. The over went well as just a single came off it. Avesh Khan bowled the second over, a boundary came off the first ball from Hales, he again cut the ball towards third man for a boundary. Maxwell dropped a simple catch on the next ball, denying Khan and the team an early wicket. Boult continued bowling in the third over, Hyderabad took 8 runs off the over. Glenn Maxwell came for the 4th over, singles kept coming. Liam Plunkett bowled the 5th over, Hales scored a boundary on the second ball, Dhawan followed the same on the last ball. Avesh Khan started the sixth over with a no ball, Dhawan took the free hit and sent the ball over the fence into the crowd. Hales replicated Dhawan and smashed a six to deep mid-wicket, the next ball saw the same fate and the ball flew to deep extra cover. the last ball also went for a six to mid-on.

SRH were 61/0 after six overs. Alex Hales 40 (21) and Shikhar Dhawan 18 (16) were at the crease. The run rate was 10.17 per over.

Amit Mishra came for the  7th over, the batsmen took singles off the next three balls,  just three came off the over and a relief for Delhi. Daniel Christian came for the 8th over, just 4 runs came off it. Mishra gave three singles and then Dhawan went for a four. Hales was trapped in Mishra's web on the last ball and Delhi got the much-needed wicket. SRH were 76/1 after six overs. The run rate was 10.17 per over.

SRH captain Kane Williamson came next to bat, Daniel Christian continued bowling in the 10th over, the batsmen kept rotating the strike. Mishra continued bowling in the 11th over, batsmen were taking runs by running between the wicket. Mishra struck again and took Dhawan's wicket on the last ball of the over. Liam Plunkett came for the 12th over, 6 came off it. Mishra continued bowling in the 13th over, boundaries were restricted still, just 4 runs came off it. Liam Plunkett came for the 14th over, batsmen took singles, they were still in search of a boundary. Daniel Christian bowled the 15th over, batsmen were still finding the boundary and they got two consecutive on the last two balls. SRH were 115/2 after six overs. Kane Williamson 16 (19)and Manish Pandey 16 (11) were at the crease. The run rate was 7.38 per over.

Avesh Khan came for the 16th over, just 2 singles came off the 4 balls but just then Kane Williamson hit the ball for six, 10 runs came off it. Trent Boult was called in for the 17th over, he denied any boundary but singles did come for Hyderabad.  Liam Plunkett came for the 18th over and Manish Pandey suffered under pressure, Prithvi Shaw took the catch. Yusuf Pathan replaced Pandey, Vijay Shankar dropped Pathan on the 4th ball,  no big hits came and SRH picked just 4 runs off it. Boult came for the 19th over and Pathan picked the first ball for a six. the next ball, Boult appealed for LBW, the umpire raised his finger, SRH went for a review and it came in their favour. The next ball went for a boundary, the next ball was a wide, three singles came off the next three balls. SRH needed 14 runs in the last over. Pathan was on strike and Daniel Christian came for the bowling. the bowler managed to stop a boundary on the first ball, but two runs came off it. The next ball went straight into the crowd for a six. The next ball went for a boundary. Single was needed off the last 2 balls, Williamson was on strike and he scored the winning run.

Delhi Daredevils innings update: Over by over

Over 1: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl for SRH. Glenn Maxwell and Prithvi Shaw to open. One over done. DD: 2-0

Over 2: Sandeep Sharma comes in, Single to Maxwell. Shaw goes over bowler's head and that is a six. Unlucky runout for Maxwell. Shaw finds the gap for four. Single. DD 15-1

Over 3: Shakib comes in, Prithvi hits it over the cover boundary for six. Dot ball. Single. Driven by Iyer for one. Cuts well, no run. DD: 25-1

Over 4: Sandeep continues, inside out, two runs. Swept for four. Prithvi is on fire. DD: 34-1

Over 5: Bhuvneshwar continues, one run. Cheeky single. Dot balls. Brilliant shot for four by Iyer. DD: 40-1

Over 6: Siddarth Kaul comes in, two runs from two balls. slower ball, SIX, There is no stopping Shaw. FOUR. Another one. Cracking square cut for four. DD: 60-1

Over 7: Shakib continues, 6 runs scored. DD: 66-1

Over 8: Rashid Khan comes in, Prithvi pulls for one. Good shot for four. Single. Single, nice strike rotation. One run. DD: 75-1

Over 9: Shakib al Hasan, continues, SIX, Iyer joins the party. FOUR. Double. 13 runs from it. DD: 89-1

Over 10: Sandeep Sharma is back, Swing and a miss. Cheeky Single. Single again. Glanced for two. Pulled,  falls short of Dhawan. DD: 95-1 

Over 11: Rashid Khan continues, mis-hit, goes straight to the fielder, OUT. Rishab Pant is the new man in. Sweeps and misses. Single to Pant, opens his account. Leading edge, one run. Dot. In the air, no man's land. DD: 98-2

Over 12: Kaul continues, one run to Pant. Dot ball. Good bouncer. Single taken. A rather quiet over. 100 up. Quick single. Dot to finish. Just three from it. DD: 101-2

Over 13: Rashid continues, straight back to him, no run. One run. Edge, dropped, it was a tough catch. SIX, over the cover boundary. Cheeky single. DD: 110-2

Over 14: Bhuvi is back, brilliantly driven for one. Pushed down the leg for one. Single. Chipped for one.Drive for one. Good double. DD: 118-2

Over 15: Sandeep is back. Single. Dot ball. Swing and a miss, it was a slower one, Pant did not read it. Pulled, just for one. Brilliant straight drive, rare mis-field by Shikhar, four runs. One run. DD: 125-2

Over 16: Kaul comes in, Iyer hits it and Dhawan completes the catch. Iyer departs for 44. Naman Ojha comes in. Single to Ojha. WIDE. Just one. Good ball in the block hole, just one. Pant hits it down the ground for four. DD: 133-3

Over 17: Rashid Khan is back, terrible run out, Naman Ojha goes for just one. Vijay Shankar comes in. No run. LBW given. REVIEWED. Umpire's call. OUT. Single. Two runs and two wickets. DD: 135-5

Over 18: Dan Christian come in for DD. Shakib is back. No run. Single. Just four from the over. DD: 139-5

Over 19: Kaul to bowl the penultimate over. One run. Another single. Run out opportunity missed. Goos shot, just one. Brilliant stop. Just seven came from the over. DD: 146-5

Over 20: Bhuvi continues, two runs. Shankar hits a good six over long-on. Yorker, just one. Just one. Runs away for four. Excellent running, three runs taken, DD finish at 163-5.

Delhi Daredevils innings analysis at end of innings

Prithvi Shaw and Glenn Maxwell opened the batting for Delhi, Bhuvneshwar Kumar started the first over. The batsmen settled with singles only and collected just 2 runs off it. Sandeep Sharma bowled the next over and Shaw hit a six to the long on. Glenn Maxwell had to face a dramatic end as the drive by Shaw went straight and just touching Sandeep Sharma's fingers hit the stumps on the non strikers end. Maxwell could not put his bat on time and fell short, hence faced an early departure. Captain Shreyas Iyer replaced Maxwell. Shaw hit a boundary in the over and took a single at the end of it. Shakib Al Hasan came for the second over and Shaw went for a six on the first ball. Sandeep Sharma came for the 4th over, the batsmen took three quick singles and ended the over with a boundary. Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled the fifth over, two singles came off the first two balls, Iyer drove the ball straight down the ground. Siddarth Kaul bowled the 6th over, the batsmen rotated the strike and then Shaw went for a hit, scoring six on the third ball. Three boundaries followed and Shaw was just two runs away from his fifty. After 6 overs, Delhi were 60/1 Prithvi Shaw 48 (23) and Shreyas Iyer 9 (10) were at the crease. The run rate was 10 per over.

Shakib Al Hasan came for the 7th over, the batsmen took six singles from it, Shaw brought up his fifty.
Rashid Khan was called in for the 8th over, Shaw pulled the third ball for a boundary. Shakib Al Hasan was hit for a six and then a boundary, Delhi collected 14 runs from it. Sandeep Sharma came for the 10th over, the batsmen took singles initially, a double came on the 5th ball. After 10 overs, Delhi were 95/1 Prithvi Shaw 65 (35) and Shreyas Iyer 27 (22) were at the crease. The run rate was 9.5 per over.

Rashid Khan came for the 11th over and got the wicket of Prithvi Shaw on the first ball. Rishabh Pant replaced Shaw, three singles came off the over. Siddarth Kaul came for the 12th over, Iyer and Pant went for singles. Rashid Khan returned to bowl 13th over, Saha dropped a slight inside edge off Iyer's bat on the 3rd ball and Iyer hit a six on the next ball. Bhuvneshwar Kumar returned for the 14th over and a double came off the first ball, four singles followed and the over ended with a double. Sandeep Sharma came for the 15th over, Iyer took a  single off the first ball, Pant took two balls to give the strike back.

Iyer hit straight down the ground and misfield by Dhawan led to the boundary. After 15 overs, Delhi were 125/2 Rishabh Pant 13 (16) and Shreyas Iyer 44 (35) were at the crease. The run rate was 8.33 per over.

Shreyas Iyer lost his wicket on the first ball of the 16th over, the ball fell short of the boundary and Dhawan rushed for it and took the catch. Naman Ojha came to bat on number five. Rashid Khan came for the 17th over and Naman Ojha was run out on the first ball due to risky running. Vijay Shakar replaced Ojha, no runs came till the 3rd ball, Pant was on the strike and Rashid appealed for LBW, the umpire raised the finger, Pant went for a review but it went in vain. Daniel Christian replaced Pant. Shakib Al Hasan bowled the 18th over, just four runs came off it. Siddarth Kaul came next to the bowl, the batsmen stuck to singles and doubles only. adding 7 runs.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled the final over, a six came at last for Delhi as Shankar hit a six on the second ball. A boundary came off the second last ball and Delhi ended with a rare 3 run on the last ball. After 20 overs, Delhi scored 163/5 with the run rate of 8.15 per over.

Here are the squads for both the teams

Sunrisers Hyderabad playing XI for today's match: Alex Hales, Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson(c), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Wriddhiman Saha(w), Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan, Siddarth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma

Delhi Daredevils playing XI for today's match: Prithvi Shaw, Naman Ojha, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Glenn Maxwell, Vijay Shankar, Daniel Christian, Liam Plunkett, Amit Mishra, Avesh Khan, Trent Boult

But having suffered a string of losses under Gautam Gambhir, who stepped down as captain on his own, the DD looked in a much better shape under young Shreyas Iyer's leadership. Delhi Daredevils have a reason to smile after they got back to winning ways, beating fellow laggards Rajasthan Royals in their last game at Ferozshah Kotla ground. Young turk Prithvi Shaw, skipper Iyer himself and Rishabh Pant have mainly been spearheading the batting unit, but the Delhi outfit would also want its foreign recruits Colin Munro and Glenn Maxwell to fire. And if that happens, they would definitely give any bowling side some reasons to worry. Among bowlers, Trent Boult has been among wickets for Daredevils, claiming 13 scalps so far. He has been impressive in death overs, too. The likes of Avesh Khan, Liam Plunkett and spinner Shahbaz Nadeem, though, need to do more.

On the other hand, Sunrisers Hyderabad are sitting at the top of the Vivo IPL points table with 12 points from eight games. Sunrisers' journey has been a fairytale one so far this season, with their bowling unit turning out to be a revelation, having defended abysmally low scores on a few occasions. The Hyderabad side boasts probably the best bowling attack in the ongoing season of IPL, comprising Siddharth Kaul, Rashid Khan, Sandeep Sharma and Basil Thampi, besides all-rounders Shakib Al Hasan, Mohammed Nabi and Yusuf Pathan.

In their last game at home, SRH bundled out formidable Kings XI Punjab for just 119 in 19.2 overs while defending a target of 132. In another instance, on April 29, while defending a modest target of 152 the Hyderabad bowlers halted Rajasthan Royals' chase at 140 in 20 overs. The most heartening about SRH's bowling show is that they have produced some brilliant performances despite missing the services of star bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the past few matches. But captain Kane Williamson expects Bhuvneshwar to be fit for today’s IPL match. Though the team lost its regular captain David Warner in the wake of the infamous ball tampering row, its new skipper Williamson has stepped up and consistently delivered the goods for the side. While Williamson emerged as the batting mainstay, SRH would hope its other batsmen, including Manish Pandey, Wriddhiman Saha, Deepak Hooda and Yusuf Pathan, to also deliver in the remaining games.


SRH head coach Tom Moody said, having done the tough work, the team is now focused to finish on a good note. "Business end of the tournament is where we want to be playing our best cricket. We feel we can still improve in all three departments," Moody said here yesterday.


Here are a few things to know about the Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Daredevils (SRH vs DD) match to be played at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad, the two teams' players who could prove handy, and who has said what before the clash:


I am not thinking about India squad, focus on IPL as of now, says Pant: Rishabh Pant's individual brilliance has not gone unnoticed in Delhi Daredevils' stuttering campaign in the ongoing IPL but the young wicket-keeper batsman says he doesn't want to think about a potential India call-up based on this performance. Pant has been Daredevils' batting mainstay this season with three half-centuries and two near-fifty contributions. Asked if this consistent show will help him secure an India jersey, Pant said, "I am not thinking about that. I am just playing IPL right now, just trying it do well in every game for the side."  Pant said his side has succeeded in curtailing the mistakes and that has been the key to its revival. They have now jumped from eight to sixth in the points table and remain in Play-offs race. "Everything is fine from our side. There are small things, we are making mistakes in every match that did not happen this time and we won the match."


We are looking at improvement and not perfection, says Williamson: Perched atop the points table, they have so far relished a stupendous performance in the IPL and Sunrisers Hyderabad captain Kane Williamson says all they have tried to do is take "small steps forward" for improvement than chase perfection. "It's been improving and that's what we want to continue. We want to continue that trend of improvement. Small steps forward rather than us looking for perfect performances," Williamson said.


Williamson hopes Bhuvneshwar gets fit for DD clash: Sunrisers Hyderabad captain Kane Williamson today hoped that pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar would be fit for their next IPL game against Delhi Daredevils on May 5. "We have had a few of days off now and obviously, he missed a couple of games. I don't think it was a serious injury, but something he did need to give rest... Hopefully, he will be fine by next game," he told reporters on the sidelines of a promotional event. Kumar missed the last couple of games of SRH owing to a back problem. Sunrisers Hyderabad takes on Delhi Daredevils in their next game on May 5.


Here is how DD and SRH compare head to head in IPL matches played so far:



Matches played: 11

Sunrisers Hyderabad won: 7

Delhi Daredevils won: 4

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