Answers to The Strategist Quiz (#546)

1. This firm was formed as a conglomerate in the 1920s. Its name when translated meant “Community of Interests” and its supervisory board was in a lighter vein called “The council of gods”. Name the firm.

IG Farben, the German chemical and pharmaceutical industry conglomerate. Nobel laureate Carl Bosch, the nephew of Robert Bosch, was instrumental in its formation

2. What is the term to describe an unusually low sale price, typically offered by a retailer on a limited number of items for a limited time, often on prominent shopping days, such as the day after Thanksgiving in the US?


3. Connect illusionist Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin and the brand Cartier and what do your arrive at?

The mystery clock. It was invented Houdin and later developed exclusively for Cartier by the watchmaker Maurice Couët. It is a fascinating object in which the hands appear to float like magic within the crystal, unconnected to any mechanism

4. This biologist first published an article in 1997 in a journal called Perspectives in Biology and Medicine titled “Towards an Understanding of Intuition and its Importance in Scientific Endeavor”. The author used a metaphor that explores the science and experience of intuition. Unfortunately before this biologist could publish a book on this topic, a popular author capitalised on it. State the metaphor and the person who originally coined it and also the author who used this metaphor and created a business bestseller.

Lois Isenman, a biologist first coined the metaphor Blink. Malcolm Gladwell wrote on the same subject in his best-seller titled Blink

5 This person was the youngest VP in Westinghouse’s history. He was fired from that job and every job thereafter. He bragged about his getting fired from his jobs and then in the early 60s founded a management consultancy which is one of the top global firms even today.

Bruce Doolin Henderson. He founded the Boston Consulting Group in 1963

6. This 120-plus-years-old firm started when its founder modernised an ancient process. Its baseline reads “We invented the ___ machine, then just kept going”. Name the company and its founder.

Cretors, the first large-scale commercial popcorn making machine company founded by Charles Cretors in 1885

7. Whose TV commercial is titled “Party at home? Not without us”?


8. What is term used to describe the human brain behind all the software, hardware, vapourware etc. that it helps create?


9. This brand was launched in the mid-1990s.Time magazine profiled it as “the first consumer digital camera”. It, however, failed in the market. Name the brand and its manufacturer.

The Apple Quick Take. It was a consumer digital camera that was launched by Apple in 1994 and discontinued in 1997

10. Name the brand from the image. Looks like  Stratton Oakmont’s lion opening its mouth.

Netplay, the men’s apparel brand from Reliance Trends

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