The Strategist Quiz #669

The Strategist Quiz #669
1. Connect over a century-old brand, a famous minstrel star from early 1900s, trademark precedent and the current Black Lives Matter protests and what do you arrive at?

2. Thanks to Covid-19, the demand for this product that was registered as a brand by a German company in the early 1930s is soaring. It was born out of an accident when a sample of a monomer was stored in a bottle placed by a window in this company’s labs. A polymerisation reaction was triggered as daylight hit the bottle and destroyed it, leaving behind a block made of an interpenetrating polymer. The new material was named ____and sold in form of panels. Name the company and the brand. 

3. Connect a ruler who was called the Lord of the Atlas and a French brand that he inspired.

4. This Chinese e-commerce giant started as a chain of small bricks and mortar retail shops with 10-plus stores in Beijing. After SARS outbreak in 2003 its sales plummeted as customers were confined to their homes. It was forced to close all its stores except one. Seeing this, the founder shifted to selling his goods through digital platforms. Name this approximately $56-billion company. 

5. Many companies in the US have announced that they will recognise Juneteenth as a paid holiday as support for the Black community. What is Juneteenth?

6. Name the brand that has in a way relaunched itself with the ad lines “India se Duniya tak”.

7. The idea for this brand was conceived by the wife of the founder of this brand when she suffered from an Urinary Tract Infection in India during a road trip. After this personal experience, the couple came upon the idea of a sanitisation spray, which was then created and used within their social groups, family and friends. Now it is a growing hygiene brand. Name it. 

8. Connect the Caribbean islands of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Désirade, Martinique, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélemy and St Lucia with Tamil Nadu.

9. Name the brand that has launched an ad campaign called “Reverse the Khata (account).”

10. Connect the Images.

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