Flows into India's equity mutual funds nearly treble throughout 2017

Money was pouring in for India's equity mutual funds (MFs) through 2017. Domestic investors pumped in Rs 1.5 trillion in equity-related MF schemes during the year, making it the best in the sector's history.

Large-scale participation from small investors, with systematic investments reaching Rs 60 billion a month, not only helped fund managers counter the selling by foreign investors in stock markets. But it also underlined that domestic investors were clearly shifting from physical assets to financial savings. And, MFs emerged as one of the biggest beneficiaries of this change.

The months of August and November need special mention, as inflows surpassed the Rs 200 billion mark — a milestone in itself.

It is worth noting that total equity assets with India's MF houses, which had dipped below Rs 2 trillion after the 2008 global crisis, now stands at about 
Rs 8.75 trillion.