From Infosys to Tata Steel, hot stocks to watch on Thursday

Photo: Kamlesh Pednekar


Current: 10,792  (fut: 10,825)


Target: NA


Stop-long positions at 10,745. Stop-short positions at 10,905. Big moves could go till 10,950, 10,700. A long  10700p (137), short 10600p (105) could gain 15-20 if the futures drops below 10,725.


Bank Nifty


Current: 27,174   (futures: 27,275)


Target: NA 


Stop-long positions at 27,125. Stop-short positions at 27,425. Big moves could go till 27,650, 26,875. Trend could stay negative.




Current price: Rs 669


Target price: Rs 680


Keep a stop at 664 and go long. Add to the position between 676-678.  Book profits at 680. 


Tata Steel    


Current price: Rs 494


Target price: Rs 486


Keep a stop at 498 and go short. Add to the position between 488-490.  Book profits at 486.




Current price: Rs 7,268   


Target price: Rs 7,150


Keep a stop at 7320 and go short . Add to the position between 7170-7200.  Book profits at 7150.

Target prices, projected movements in terms of next session, unless otherwise stated