Today's picks: Bharti Infra to Power Grid, hot stocks to watch on Wednesday


Current: 11,287  (fut: 11,331) 

Target: NA
Stop-long positions at 11,245. Stop-short positions at 114,10. Big moves could go till 11,450, 11,175. A long 11,200p (84), short 11,100p (58) could gain 10-15 if the index falls below 11,200. 

Bank Nifty       

Current: 26,807  (futures: 26,930) 
Target: NA  
Stop-long positions at 26,775. Stop-short positions at 27,025. Big moves could go till 26,500, 27,350. Downtrend may continue. 

Bharti Infratel         
Current price: Rs 270
Target price: Rs 266
Keep a stop at Rs 272 and go short. Add to the position between Rs 267 and Rs 268. 
Book profits at Rs 266. 

Power Grid      

Current price: Rs 187 
Target price: Rs 183
Keep a stop at Rs 189 and go short. Add to 
the position between Rs 184 and Rs 185. 
Book profits at Rs 183.

/> Target prices, projected movements in terms of next session, unless otherwise stated.