MP: Two girls strip searched by teachers on theft suspicion

In the tribal-dominated area of Madhya Pradesh's Alirajpur district, two girl students of a government school were allegedly strip-searched by two woman teachers on the suspicion of stealing Rs 1,000 from a classmate.

The teachers had allegedly conducted the search under the supervision of school management on January 8.

Both the Class 11 students alleged that at first there was a general checking but later they were taken to a separate room where they were made to undress.

However, no money was found, they said.

The victims' families have filed a complaint with the Jobat police on Tuesday night in this connection.

The girls said that all their pleas before the teachers went to deaf ears as the latter harassed them to undress.

"During the lunch break, I and my friend were eating in the classroom only. One of our classmates found her money missing from her bag and as there was no one else in the class except both of us, she put the blame on us. Then out two teachers came and checked the bags of both of us but could not find anything. She took us to a room and told us to remove our uniform. We pleaded but they did not listen to us," one of the victims told ANI.

However, school principal Prabhu Pawar has denied the allegations.

Police said they are investigating the matter from both the angles.

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