Vijay Group brings sky saver to India

Vijay Group, a leading manufacturer and exporter of passive fire protection systems is all set to launch a revolutionary life saving kit - Sky Saver in India. The Sky Saver backpack is a sturdy, durable, and comfortable Controlled Descent Device (CDD). This device allows you to safely and securely descend to safety.

It is capable of securely lowering anyone to the ground who weighs between 66 and 264 pounds at a safe speed of three to six feet per second. It is incredibly durable, able to withstand heat, cold, oil, dust, and extreme tension.

Speaking about the product, Mr. Rajesh Salot, Director-Owner, Vijay Group said, "Emergency rescue from sky-touchingbuilding may take a very long time or sometimes it may become more impossible. At this stage 'Sky Saver' can play a pivotal role in saving our lives. There was an immense amount of research and development put into its design and functionality. With this revolutionary backpack, we ensure your safety as well as your comfort as you are lowered out of harm's way."

"More than a thousand fire related incidents were witnessed, claiming hundreds of lives over the past few years. Besides, properties worth crores of rupees have been destroyed in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata. Fire incidents become particularly difficult to handle in the metros with it's high rises and access restrictions. Fire, if started on a higher floor, becomes challenging to control and put out. Therefore, the government and the builders are becoming increasingly cautious of the fire protection systems that they install," added Mr. Salot.

The Sky Saver is a product that educates the masses on how to escape fire-flame and warn us about possible fire-related incidents. Apart from adopting other preventive measures like Fire Protection System, the use of Sky Saver Rescue Backpack,may prove to be a life saving kit for one and all. Sky Saver also comes with an option to descend from the windows of the building to safety. After the jacket is worn and hooked, Sky Saver gradually drops one from top floors to the ground with a speed of 5 Meter per second.

In above mentioned situations device like Sky Saver is incredibly useful. Practically, the use of Sky Saver is so easy that it does not require special training. Just like a back-pack, it is easy to put on. So far as the product credibility is concerned, holds the certifications from the highest international safety standards including CE, TUV, SII, ASTM and ANSI.

If we are prepared with the proper fire safety precautions in our high-rise buildings of homes and offices, it can make our life easier by pulling us from an unfortunate accident. It may be our offices, residents or under construction site, possibilities of such incidents cannot be ruled out. So like life insurances, we should take such kind of steps to save our life. The Sky Saver hope to have revolutionized the massive public awareness and understanding of the need for self-evacuation devices. It offers better fire safety and rescue procedures, apart from proper knowledge of its utility in private sector and government organizations in present time.

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