33 injured after loss of cabin pressure forces emergency landing in Germany

Thirty-three people were injured after the cabin of a Ryanair flight depressurized, leading the plane to plunge 9,000 meters and forcing an emergency landing at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Germany's Federal Police said on Saturday.

Ryanair flight FR7312, which was carrying 189 passengers, was headed from Dublin to the Croatian city of Zadar on Friday when it suffered a sudden "in-flight depressurization", forcing the crew to carry out an emergency landing, Efe quoted a Ryanair spokesperson as saying.

"The passengers complained of severe headaches and ear pain, as well as nausea," a spokesman of Germany's Federal Police said, adding that some of the passengers were left bleeding from the ears.

The "Flightradar24" webpage, a service that shows real-time flight information from around the world, registered how the Ryanair plane plunged from an altitude of 12,000 meters (more than 39,000 ft) to 3,000 meters (under 10,000 ft) in a matter of minutes.

The airline has not yet announced the cause of the loss of cabin pressure.



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