Haryana justifies waste management plant in Gurugram district

The Haryana government on Friday justified the setting up of a Rs 502 crore Integrated Solid Waste ManagementApower plant in Gurugram district saying that it will not only generate electricity but also help in keeping the area clean.

The justification came in view of opposition to the plant by residents of Bandhwari village in district to its setting up.

To be set up by August 2019, the plant would generate 25 MW of electricity.

"Many residents of Bandhwari village have met me asking for such plant," he said.

In order to study the working of the plant, Municipal Corporation Councillor Mahesh Dayma, along with two educated youths of the village, would visit China, a state government spokesman said here.

"Final decision on the plant would be taken only after their return from China," the spokesman said.

Khattar said a Lichen Treatment Plant was being constructed here to stop the underground water from getting contaminated. The plant would be functional by the end of April.



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