Housemaid's murder: Amnesty asks government to act

Rights group Amnesty International India on Monday asked the government to investigate and prosecute the accused in the gruesome murder case of the 16-year-old maid by her employer here, while calling for "progressive legislation" to protect rights of workers in the unorganised sector.

The maid was killed, over two weeks back, after she demanded her salary from the person who brought her from Jharkhand to get her employed as a domestic help in Delhi. Later, her body was chopped into three parts and dumped into a drain, from where they were found.

"This individual case points to an endemic problem of girls, particularly underage girls from rural areas being brought to cities for domestic work, and kept in inhuman conditions.

"Human trafficking for domestic work can only be stopped when the government investigates and prosecutes traffickers, who pose as placement agencies to lure young girls and boys from poverty to a promised better life," Asmita Basu, Programmes Director, Amnesty International India said in a statement.

She added that the government must undertake measures to protect domestic workers from all forms of abuse, harassment and violence, "by adopting progressive legislation that protects the rights of workers in unorganised sectors".

"An essential step to safeguarding the rights of domestic workers is recognising them as labourers and ensuring they have a safe working environment," she said.



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