Kolkata Metro train halted after smoke in coach

An air-conditioned rake of the Kolkata Metro Railway saw its journey disrupted twice after smoke was seen coming out from one of the coaches following a technical snag, an official said.

Around 3 p.m, the AC rake from Dumdum station had to halt at Belgachia station and the passengers had to de-board as smoke was seen in the coach.

"The problem was with the motoring of the coach and the passengers had to de-board. They boarded again because nothing was found and the train moved on," said the metro railway's CPRO, Indrani Banerjee.

"Once again this happened at Central station and the passengers were actually told to get off the train and take the next train, she added.

According to her, the passengers were asked to get down but they refused to do so.

"Finally the train reached Kavi Subhash, its destination and we are no longer plying that train today (Tuesday)," she added.



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