Best of BS Opinion: New revenue information, economic slowdown, and more

Reform does not always mean being merely futuristic. Extrapolating past experience can be an advance. The Constituent Assembly debated the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Gleanings from that can be useful. And how we handle the tax structure can test the strength of our fiscal federalism. Small steps can help arrest the slowdown we are in. Uddalok Bhattacharya sums up

It would be more instructive to reduce tax pressure rather than tax rates. Parthasarathi Shome explores

Letting go of appellate jurisdiction in ordinary matters and staying restricted to constitutional questions will improve the performance of the Supreme Court. M J Antony gives a perspective

A crisis of confidence does not always mean throwing money. Reassuring words help, says Jigar Mistry

A way to cope with floods, etc is to see how our ancestors coped with them, say Manu Gupta and Anshu Sharma. That way there can be long-term risk management.


"Everyone must imbibe values from the Ramayana and strive to become an ideal human being"

-- Union Home Minister and BJP President Amit Shah