BJP should stop drama of having dinner at Dalit homes: Savitri Bai Phule

Fallout of extended hours

Market participants are fretting over the negative fallout of the decision to keep stock markets open till midnight. While the move is expected to create more jobs as manpower requirement will go up, many are joking it will also create more opportunities for divorce lawyers and doctors, as those addicted to trading will have 15 hours instead of just eight. The move triggered a barrage of stock market jokes. “All bachelors in stock market should forget about marriage. Married people can now happily expect divorce,” went one tweet. Some see the popular stock market lexicon BTST — buy today, sell tomorrow — changing to BSST or buy in sunlight and sell in tube light.

Phule’s anger

Rebel Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Bahraich, Savitri Bai Phule, has made common cause against party lawmakers who have been inviting themselves at Dalit homes for a meal. She accused them of “ridiculing and insulting” Dalits by carrying pre-cooked meals to their homes and eating there “in the name of breaking the caste barrier”. They were, in fact, reinforcing caste-based divisions, she told reporters. Her protests against her own party are becoming common. Only last month she said she would fight all efforts to end reservation or amend the Constitution and that she didn't care if she was denied a party ticket in 2019.

Bollywood to the rescue