Letter to BS: Modi needs a trouble shooter to push forward reforms

The government has unveiled a hefty revival package in an unconducive economic environment. What is of concern is that the government has chosen to push major reforms concurrently with this magnitude of deficit financing when economic wheels are stuck deep. A number of enabling legislations would need to be enacted to prop up the proposed reforms that touch practically every sector. In fact, even to push the stimulus, we need quite a few Ordinances. A multi-faceted stimulus is now to be steered through a clutch of 53 ministries. We have had a few capable analyst-administrators in the economic portfolios but this challenge will be the most daunting yet. It would entail grasping the gist, sifting the relevant matter and pursuing goals with clarity and grit. The need is for a master trouble shooter with skills of prescience, persuasion and possessing skills of sure footed navigation. Former prime minister P V Narasimha Rao’s reforms of the 1990s had Manmohan Singh executing them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's reforms today would be better served by the gift of insight and pervasive intermediation of the likes of an Arun Jaitley. The grander the vision for reform, greater the need for the man Friday. 

R Narayanan  Navi Mumbai
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