Letter to BS: Stephen Hawking, you will be missed

This refers to “Stephen Hawking, you will be missed” (April 11). The world cannot be fully rational and scientific; numbers have unsolved mysteries that even a hard core rationalist has no knowledge of. The celestial and the earthly have equal significance and some of the concepts of the former have yet to be scientifically proven in toto. It is this ignorance that transcends rationality and binds it with religion. Religion and imagination does not negate the scientific principles and discoveries that make worldly life to go on. The bifurcation of rational learning into spheres of science, arts and commerce is purely governed by social norms. Further, human beings have diverse personalities and individual outlook cannot be strictly bound by such definitions. Education has to be more broadbased to ensure a superior culture and connect the rational with the infinite.


C Gopinath Nair  Kochi