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Chase the adrenaline rush by travelling solo to these destinations

Henry Miller once said, "One's destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things." Similarly, travelling for adventures and seeking thrilling experiences has become the new way of exploring. 


What is interesting is that the trend of travelling alone is becoming more popular among Indians. "The trend is growing mainly among the youngsters – people in the 18-35-year age group. Most of the solo travellers prefer active and experiential journeys," says Karan Anand, head of relations, Cox and Kings.


According to data shared by Cleartrip and Cox & Kings, their overall bookings for solo travellers, both in the domestic and international segments, is growing at a rate of 15 per cent year-on-year. Balu Ramachandran, head of air and distribution, Cleartrip, says: "Both men and women are showing an enhanced proclivity towards solo travel. We have also found out that solo bookings from Tier-II cities have increased by 42 per cent." If money is no boundary and you are also planning to travel solo to experience the thrill of new adventures, don't miss out on these destinations:
2 > Ecuador
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The small country of Ecuador is for the wild adventure seekers. You can travel to the Amazon Basin and, en route, to the jungle town of Tena. You can go whitewater rafting in the Amazon, and mountain biking around Cotopaxi Volcano. 


Vivek Sethi, 32 who recently went on this Ecuadorian quest, covering Quito, Baños, Tena, Otavalo, says: "Speed is the watchword for the high-adrenaline-active tour around Ecuador. If you are among those who never pass up an opportunity to plunge into new adventures, Ecuador is where you should visit." A seven-day package to Ecuador can cost you Rs 44,863 per person (without airfare). 

2 > Livingstone, Zambia
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Livingstone is a playground for the adventurous. This place is famous for the Victoria Falls, but many activities revolve around this waterfall. For instance, you can hang from the edge of the Devil’s Pool. You can also go for bungee jumping and canyon swing from the bridge that stretches across the canyon between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Devil's Pool is usually open between mid-August and mid-January, depending on Zambezi water levels. A six-day package can cost you Rs 70,000 per person (without airfare).

2 > Cape Town, South Africa
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Cape Town has a peaceful facade from the outside, but there is also a wild side to it that challenges the adrenaline junkies. The waters of Cape Town are known to have the highest population of white sharks in the world, and cage diving with great white sharks is what the place is famous for. Here you get the chance to swim with these beasts. You can either get into a steel cage and swim, or, if you are a risk taker, even go surfing on those waters. Other than the water experiences, you can also go for abseiling from the flat-topped Table Mountain. A seven-day package to Cape Town can cost you Rs 181,344 per person (with airfare). 

2 > Leon, Nicaragua
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Nicaragua, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is a Central American nation known for its terrain of lakes, volcanoes, and beaches. Other than water surfing, volcano boarding is what this place is famous for. Volcano boarding is performed on volcano slopes and Cerro Negro, an active volcano range near Leon in western Nicaragua, is where it all happens. To experience this sport, you have to hike up the volcano and slide down on metal boards. This sport in the black sand volcano draws adrenaline junkies to this Central American town. A six-day package to Nicaragua can cost you Rs 118,000 per person (with airfare).

2 > Iceland
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Iceland is famous for its volcanic and temperamental landscapes. Most people that visit Iceland go in the summers, but there is another side to this place in the months of winters. You can raft through the rivers and valleys of central Iceland, whale-watching in Akureyri, the lava formations of Dimmuborgir, fjords and glaciers near Höfn, and the hot springs and waterfalls of the Golden Circle. Seals at the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon are also easily visible sunbathing. You can also go for glacier hiking. A five-day package, covering Iceland Northern Lights, Reykjavik, álftröð & Golden Circle, can cost you Rs 99,079 per person (without airfare).

2 > Antarctic Peninsula
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The Antarctic Peninsula is a world of white desolation. And going camping there is a completely different experience. This place provides special tents that are heated naturally by 24-hour sunlight. You can see huge icebergs, encounter whales, enormous rookeries of penguins, and stunning landscapes. A 10-day package, covering Ushuaia, Drake Passage, and the South Shetland Islands, can cost you Rs 431,900 per person (without airfare).












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