Tipping Point: When should you take multi-trip travel insurance?

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When should you take multi-trip travel insurance?

Other than frequent travellers, if you holiday with your family abroad two-three times a year, annual multi-trip travel (AMT) insurance will work out to be cheaper than buying a policy every time you travel. The premium varies, depending on the number of days a traveller stays abroad. Some insurers may impose a 30-day limit for each trip. 

What are the exclusions in an AMT?

The features offered in AMT travel insurance are the same as those provided in one-time travel insurance plans. It may not cover pre-existing illnesses and other conditions that may arise due to a pre-existing disease. If a person has hypertension and gets a stroke, the insurer may not cover it. Insurers may even refute claim if a doctor has advised the insured against travelling. However, some insurers may cover pre-existing diseases if they become life threatening.