Need to look beyond Congress, BJP to end default politics: Telangana CM KCR

Questioning the idea of a Congress-led political front at the national level, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Friday said the country will have to put an end to the 'by default politics' where Congress party gets power when people are angry with BJP and vice versa.

"Both these parties ruled the country for over 60 years. What have we achieved under them? Nothing. Where is China, which was far behind India in 1947, now and where are we today? This alone will tell you how they failed the people of this country," Rao said at the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party's annual plenary on the 17 the foundation day.

A special resolution was adopted by the plenary endorsing chief minister Rao's plan to work for a federal front opposing Congress and BJP in order to take the country on an alternate path of development.

He said India was blessed with around 70,000 tmcft of water, while all that the entire 400 million acres of cultivable land requires 40,000 tmcft of water to get fully irrigated. "I am asking both the present Prime Minister and the former Prime Minister to anwer if what I have said is a fact or not. Instead of devising programmes to utilise these abundant water resources, their governments have kept playing with the sentiments of people leading to water wars between the states," Rao criticised.

KCR, as he is popularly called, has announced that the proposed federal front would come out with a plan to bring the country's entire cultivable land under irrigation in 6-7 years time. He also said big steps should be made to utilise India's vast coast line, and strengthen roads and other infrastructure for a better and faster economic growth of the country.

When one national party replaces the other existing national party in power, the names of the schemes and scams would change, while everything else will remain the same, he said while referring to the recent bank fraud cases. 

Rao said his government had implemented several initiatives that were being replicated in other states. "As a part of this country, Telangana will have to contribute to this alternate political discourse and I will put all my energies to make it a reality,"he said.