Clean-shaven Henry Cavill says will remember his moustache

When Henry Cavill is not busy saving the world as the Superman, he likes to talk to his fans about important things like the demise of his moustache.

The actor took to Instagram to share a moving tribute to his "king stache" which he said may be gone but will never be forgotten.

In a funny video that has gone viral on the internet and is responsible for countless memes, Cavill chronicled the brief life of his moustache with Sarah McLachlan's famous soppy number "I Will Remember You".

"But now, completely clean shaven. I know. It's hard to recognise me without king stache. Sometimes, I even have trouble recognising myself. It's hard for me to admit... this is not CGI. He's really gone," the actor said, referring to the problem it had created between Warner Bros and Paramount.

"I can tell you this though. I will remember him. Always," he added.

He ended the video with a photo montage of his moustachioed-self, set to the score of 'I Will Remember You'.

According to Independent, the actor had grown the moustache for his role in "Mission: Impossible" but he was required to be clean shaven for "Justice League" reshoots.

Paramount said it could not be shaven as per the contract after which Warner Bros was forced to digitally remove the facial hair in post-production, results of which were not always good.

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